Motorola Droid RAZR or Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Which Do You Want More? [POLL]


Things really don’t get much more exciting for Android than they will next week. With the holiday season around the corner, manufacturers are poised to come out firing with their best offerings of the year. Things kick off in a big way next week with the announcement of the Motorola Droid RAZR and the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

The Droid RAZR (to be announced October 18) has been designed to erase all the hype of the Droid Bionic with one fell swoop. It will match or best that device in almost every area, and promises to come in a super-sleek form factor. Adding the brand-recognition of the RAZR name on top of the huge marketing power of Verizon’s Droid lineup will surely equate to some big holiday sales. But another device is headed to Verizon, one which has Android fans foaming at the mouth.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus gains a huge advantage simply on the software it runs alone. Perhaps overshadowing the announcement of the next Google flagship is the introduction of Ice Cream Sandwich, an overhauled and updated version of the Android OS that merges the Gingerbread and Honeycomb code branches. The device itself is designed to combine best-in-class specs with the updated OS to provide a one-two punch of pure Android awesomeness.

Both devices will sport dual-core processors clocked somewhere in the 1.2 to 1.5GHz range. The Droid RAZR will rock a qHD display measuring in at 4.3-inches, while the Galaxy Nexus will sport a mammoth 4.6-inch display with 720p resolution. Both devices look to feature LTE compatibility. The screen size may be a deciding factor for some, but a lack of physical buttons allows the Nexus to make more efficient use of the overall device footprint, creating a phone that shouldn’t feel as big as its screen. The real selling point will be Ice Cream Sandwich and a pure implementation of Android. It is likely the Droid RAZR will run on Android Gingerbread and feature Moto’s custom interface.

So which device has you staying up at night in eager anticipation? Sound off below in our poll! [We’ll revisit the results post-announcements and see how opinions change.]

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  1. My choice is the one that has a hardware keyboard.

    1. I hate hardware keyboards. They add thickness, weight, and require more pressure to push the key than it does to tap the screen, so typing takes longer. Also, sometimes my fingers are very sensitive from cuts, blisters, burns, etc. The extra pressure of the keys just makes me unhappy.

      1. Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean they can’t put out a nice keyboard phone. There are plenty of large screen LTE screens floating around, especially after that razr and nexus come out.

        1. Yeah, its crap that it took this long for the Stratosphere to come out to begin with. But it was worth the wait!

          I’d hit a phone like the Nexus w/ a keyboard, hands down.

        2. they should make capacitive button keyboards

          1. They should make a Nexus with a keyboard, but use customizable buttons like the Alias 2’s E-Ink physical keyboard. I’m surprised Samsung hasn’t used that in any of their smartphones.

      2. Actually, I put my new Stratosphere next to my Thunderbolt and they are about the same thickness. True, the ‘bolt was thick to begin with.

        When you are a big guy with big hands, you know what they say…. you need a bigger phone to put in those bigger hands. (What did you think I was gonna say?)

      3. What’s wrong with the added thickness and weight? The thickness helps with ergonomics (i get hand cramps from thin phones like the Galaxy S phones when using them), and the weight just makes it feel more solid. That, and you don’t have to check your pockets every two seconds whether or not you forgot your phone.

        Unless you pick the tightest jeans to wear, thickness should NEVER be an issue, with the exception if you just want to stay trendy.

        Also, I disagree about “typing takes longer” on hardware keyboards. The tiny travel distance of the keys actually help you in typing. On software keyboards, you have to tap on a glass panel and hope you’re actually tapping the key you want, whereas on a hardware keyboard, you can easily direct pressure around your thumb to type.

        For example, typing “lol”, you just press L, direct the pressure from your thumb from L to O, and then back to L. And with slightly more complex words, such as my name, you hit K with your right thumb, and in the same motion, you hit H, and your left thumb is already on A, and while you’re pressing on A, your right thumb is already moving towards L, then when hitting L, you just shift the pressure of the thumb towards I (like in the LOL example), and your left thumb is already resting on D.

        It’s really an art, and takes time to get used to, but you end up having conversations with people during a lecture without having to look down.

        Also, keyboard shortcuts, but I think I argued about that way too many times on phandroid, so i’ll leave it at that.

        On a side note, your fingers being sensitive doesn’t sound normal. Did you check with a doctor?

      4. lol. what are you on? a hardware keyboard is always way faster than an onscreen keyboard. for a start its easier to use both hands so youve doubled your speed right there. and because theyre larger its easier to hit the correct key. theres also the “feel”, an onscreen keyboard will never feel as satisying and responsive as a decent hardware keyboard. ive never noticed any significant pressure difference, u must have bleeding stumps for finger tips if the 1% of extra force required is enough to make u curl up in a ball of weeping unhappiness lol. of course the downside is a slightly thicker and heavier phone. but its a matter of millimetres and grams.

      5. I’d prefer a keyboard myself, or at least a secondary input area if were done right and not like something cheap and half-assed.
        Displays are getting more and more advanced and I’d rather be looking at the display then at the back of my fingers as I already know what my thumbs look like. Especially when gaming comes in to play as it increasingly is.

    2. That would be the Maserati: RAZR + what people are calling the best keyboard ever.

    3. I wish they would make a Nexus with a keyboard. The closest VZW came was the OG Droid. I prefer hardware keyboards as well, I can type faster, the keyboard doesn’t take up any real estate on the screen, and if you like to play games – especially emulators – a keyboard is a must for me. Having the controls laid on top of the screen that you’re playing on doesn’t cut it for me.
      I keep an old Droid 2 around for that very reason. Playing Nesoid with on-screen controls is a homicidal rage-inducing experience.

  2. Is this a joke?

    “What do you want more, a Toyota Avalon, or a Nissan GT-R?”

    1. Except the Avalon is a actually good, unlike Motorola. I think of Motorola as more of a Volkswagon. It’s always been around, it’s always had people buying them, but they never work out the flaws that everyone hates.

      1. No.

      2. IIRC, Motorola has patents and secret sauce to making their wireless hardware, often resulting in measurably improved reception and performance. In addition, their phones are usually of top notch construction unlike most of the competitors, many of whom use the cheapest plastics they can get their hands on.

        1. all cell companies claim this.

          1. Except Motorola actually was the maker of the first cell phone, and their collection of patents (which Google now owns and paid a lot of money for) really does set them apart.

      3. WTF? By Volkswagon, what do you mean: Beetle, Golf (Rabbit), Polo, Passat, Lupo, Phaeton, Jetta, Fox, EOS, Scirocco, Tauran et al? Volkswagon are renowned for making rock solid reliable cars (at least in europe). Saying you don’t like volkswagon is fine but saying they are problem cars is just stupid.

    2. Naw ill take a Shelby GT500 or Challenger SRT8

      1. so your waiting for lg or htc to make one thats almost as fast as the nexus with half the battery life?

        1. GT500 15/23 at 550 hp GTR 16/23 at 530 hp I haveto say the gt500 has a bit more power at very close gas mileage. If HTC gives me a phone that’s a tad more powerful with a bit less battery life I’ll certainly take that.

          1. but the gtr can beat the gt500 on anything but a drag race. horse(cpu)power isnt all that matters. the “handling” (gpu) matters just as much.

          2. Very true but the GT500 also costs half the price of the GTR. Performance vs price is one of the most important factors for me when it comes to both phones and cars.

          3. I’ll take the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. Mileage be damned! That’s what extra batteries are for!

      2. American cars are shit.

        1. Best cars are ITALIAN :

          FERRARI, LAMBORGHINI, PAGANI, BUGATTI (yep it’s half italian!)

          1. Lamborghini is technically German now!

          2. The best cars are Toyota (except Prius) and Turbo-Diesel European sport sedans (Audi/Mercedez-Benz)!

            Those italian cars are just decadent show pieces.

      3. Give me a Lexus LF-H

    3. Also, why GT-R? Lame sauce

      1. Says the anonymous man using the idiom “lame sauce”

        … Irony fatigue.

      2. Actually, it’s one of THE best cars on the planet. It can take more G force then most supercars, at over 1. G. It accelorates faster then Lamborghini’s flagship, and it’s cheaper then the Chevy Corvette ZR1.

        1. Incorrect. The 2012 GT-R has a 0-60 time of 2.9 seconds – an improvement over the 2011 version’s already speedy 3.2 seconds – and completes the quarter mile in 11.1 seconds and a top speed of 196mph.
          The Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 has a 0-60 time of 2.8 seconds with the quarter mile finishing in 10.7 seconds and a top speed of 217 mph.
          Of course, the Aventador has an msrp of USD$379,000 while the GT-R can be had for under $100,000.
          The GT-R is a spectacular car, and in October 2010 had a lap time of 7:24.2 in wet conditions at the Nurburgring – a tenth of a second faster than a Maserati MC12 in dry conditions – an astonishing feat for a car that costs so little (comparatively speaking).

          1. Too bad it’s only made with an automatic transmission thus making it a snorefest to drive. Give me a manual transmission vehicle any day. More fun on track day and more fun for day-to-day.

            Manuals are for the driving enthusiast. Automatics are for the stat-racers and people who don’t have a passion.

          2. Agreed 100%.

          3. why you guys suddenly talk about cars? :

    4. man, u r so right! i want a really tough phone and not a old version of a good mobile phone!
      i read here: http://goo.gl/6NxYW the specs of the Galaxy Prime – and i want it!!!

    5. Price of Google Nexus Prime is leaked!
      read more: http://goo.gl/aY0f7

    6. Toyata and nissan both suck. Motorola is far better than Samsung. Samsungs are the worst phones that i have ever delt with. I do not know anyone who has owned one that has lasted longer then 3 months before hiving all kinds of hardware issues. I had the captivate and traded it in 3 times because they had issues. The 4th one i tried to sell for over a month and kept on dropping the price. I best offer I got on the the thing was $50 and I took it. Best phones I have owned include the original Razor, W490, and my current Atrix, all motorola. Granted, blur sucks, but the phone it self is great.

  3. I’m gonna wait and see. Oh and don’t forget about the HTC Rezound that’s out soon. That one is right up there with those two as well.

    1. I think the vigor won’t be released for a couple months like december

      1. Rumors actually said next week last I heard. I’m doubting that, but I’d put the release sometime around the RAZR and Nexus. A trio of Android superphones, all king in one aspect or another.

  4. If that is really the RAZR – it is ugly as sin!

    1. WTF? It looks like almost every other phone on the market. It’s a black slab with capacitive buttons. It’s no prettier or uglier than just about any other modern phone. If you notice a difference, you’re trying waaaay too hard dude.

      1. No – “almost every other phone on the market” looks sleek and modern. The way this phone points inward at the tops and bottom really makes it look bad. Looks like something you’d see a klingon using. http://www.ex-astris-scientia.org/gallery/artoftrek/st3-klingon-comm.jpg

        1. So since you know that, I would think you would like that a klingon would use it.

  5. PRIME!!!

  6. the RAZR name is carrying nothing more than its weight from the original. agreed the specs are on par….but the original RAZR was completely groundbreaking in design and function. don’t see that here.

    1. It will be the slimmest 4g lte phone ever created for verizon

  7. Im not going to buy something until I know exactly what I’m buying…..I hold it in my hand and use it then I will decide…..how can you decide to buy something and not see it or hoold it

    1. I agree with you 100%, but a LOT of people do. The Bionic looked great on paper spec-wise, but out of the four people I know personally who bought one, all of them had issues of some sort, and three sent them back for a refund.
      It’s a lot like when someone buys a BMW, and you ask them what they like about it, and they say, “German engineering”. Then, when asked what aspect of the German engineering they like, 90% of them will look at you with a blank stare because they have no idea what “German engineering” even is; it’s just something they heard, sounded good, and they parrot it – much like people who think that cores and megapixels tell the whole story.

      1. It’s reputation.. Just like “made in America” used to be.. or “cheap Chinese crap”.. They are generalities with little to define.. Each of these countries have different education systems, business practices and quality control standards… It all used to mean more than it does now, as technology and manufacturing techniques used to be more guarded.. A global economy has changed that a bit, but some generalities remain.. I think I would still prefer a German made car over a Chinese made car. I think Germans are more proud to preserve their reputation, than the Chinese are motivated to improve theirs.. one is a given, the other a gamble.

  8. I’m Prime, oh yea!

  9. It feels like I’ve had this Moto Droid for 6 years. Its been fun but its time to give Sammy a chance.

    1. Amen, I presume you’re rocking the og Droid like me?

      I’m so stoked for the Nexus Prime. (I still hope they call it that)

      1. First phone I’ve considered worthy enough to replace my OG Droid.

        1. Looks like everyone still has OG Droid. Same here; My OG Droid is rooted and works perfectly.

        2. I’m in the same boat… OD… i just don’t know if Nexus is going to be too big. Razr might be the wife’s first smartphone (shhhh, i think i have her convinced since she use to have a pink razr.).. I’m hoping Nexus is a manageable size for me.

          1. If it’s too be to be a phone just think of it as a small tablet and you’ll be set. ;)

      2. The best thing is they will come out with something better 2 months after this and everyone will be selling their Nexus Prime on Ebay.

    2. 6 years was hyperbole right?

  10. Forget about the blur, Motorola needs to hire some new people to design the damn hardware! Stop making new phones every other month and take your time to make one good one even if it takes a whole damn year!

  11. I need a pure google device that I know will be one of the first to be updated. I have an Incredible now and if I didn’t root it, I’d suffocate from holding my breath waiting for an OTA. update.

    1. I’m in the same place exactly!!!

  12. Why the does Motorola make all these phones for Verizon why can’t they make more phones for sprint or at&t or even any at all for Tmobile I don’t understand it

    1. It reminds me of HTC releasing all their good phones to T-Mobile 6 months before launching it onto a carrier that doesn’t suck balls in my area. …That is if they decide to launch it elsewhere at all! I would have loved to have a G2esque phone on Verizon… Nope, we get stuck with an EVO knockoff instead of newer hardware. >.<

      1. Not to mention the purple Incredible 2 aka Rhyme. Wtf is HTC thinking?

        1. They were thinking to target females which is a largely untapped market for Android.
          It worked on my gf. She saw the color and the little light-up charm and well, guess who’ll be getting an HTC Rhyme for the holidays….

  13. I’m still using my OG although its running better than ever on 2.3.5. I voted for the Nexus. I have concerns… I need Gorrila Glass, I carry my phone in my pocket and accidently stick things in there with it. There hasn’t been a LTE phone released yet that has “good” battery life. I don’t want to have the pressure not to use my phone when I am not close to a charger.

    That said. I want NFC, LTE and ICS!

  14. For me it’s between the prime or wait around for the galaxy note! Now that’s a hard choice especially if the note comes to verizon.

    1. Me too! I love huge screens.

      1. alas another sane voice in the wilderness LOL, I think I’m going to hold out for the Note. Been looking at some pics of it over at gsmarena and fell in love all over again. Check it out – http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_note-pictures-4135.php

  15. Have you forgotten about the HTC Vigor/Rezound/IncHD?

    1. Yeah they should have included the HTC Vigor/Rezound in this poll. The specs of the Droid Razr aren’t that impressive. For me it’s between the HTC Vigor/Rezound and Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

      1. Ditto. If they Nexus turns out to be a 1.2, my answer is HTC with a 1.5. The Exynos is tempting and all, as are early upgrades, but the raw power and beauty of a flagship HTC phone is almost too much to pass up.

        1. 1.5 qualcomm will MB at best be just as powerful as the map 1.2..map is built on a9 and with that will be better in a number of categories

  16. I think that the form factor of the RAZR is ugly, plus I’m not a huge Motorola fan. I have an Incredible and waiting for gingerbread has me never want a non-Nexus device ever again.

    1. me too i had motorola phones before but i hated them for some reason so i stop using them and went with Samsung and HTC but i’m little disappointed by HTC

  17. Don’t see anyone getting too excited for the RAZR. Same specs as plenty of other phones already on the market.

  18. Can’t imagine considering something without stock android as long as there isnt much of a difference in hardware. Actually I don’t see any reason to go with the motorola. What kind of question is this anyway. I don’t see anything about the Motorola that is attractive over this nexus. Is this question some kind of marketing technique designed to get the Motorola some attention?

  19. I’m gonna get all 3, Vigor/Rezound,Nexus Prime/Galaxy Nexus, and Droid HD/Droid Razor. That’s the beauty of 5 lines and an outrageous phone bill……Multiple Upgrades.

  20. Those capacitive hardware buttons are so outdated.

  21. I own a DROID x and I love my phone. Motor does a good job rolling out updates and I’ve grown accustomed to the UI. However I think pure google sounds awesome and would definitely buy the prime. Only thing that bothers me is that when they post specs they rarely shed light on mega pixels. All my picture taking is on my phone and I want my memories clear. I already got a 8 mp camera on my phone and it seems that’s where we’re stuck at. I really want the 1.5 GHz, 4.7″, dualcore, 13 mp Sharp Phone

    1. not on my end… i think motorola only supports verizon phones i used to have Motorola Cliq and CLiq XT and they are still not updated!! i’m going for Nexus baby WOOT WOOT!!

    2. “Pixels does not a great Camera Make” – Yoda. It’s all about the sensor, baby. At least in phones.

  22. Its hard.. after the instinct I have a very very hard time ever wanting a Samsung phone. I never owned one, I had the touch pro / touch pro2 but at that time vowed never to purchase a Samsung phone. Motorola phones are so ugly, often bulky, locked, and after motoblur… ugh, I’ve had 4 HTCs now and I’m accustomed, bring on the Vigor/rebound/incHD.

    1. The razor will be thinner than most phones including iPhone and sgs2 and it will have lte….HTC has big phones thunderbolt was a tank

  23. Happy with my Dinc 2, but I would take the unlocked phone over the moto

  24. Can you add a ‘waiting for the Galaxy 3’ option please ;-P

    1. Having been using HTC sense and Touchwiz I decree that nothing (NOTHING) comes close to a Nexus only branded phone. The experience is undisputed. I’ve seen first hand how the likes of Sense and Touchwiz sit there and cripple Android Gingerbread.

  25. Won’t be eligible for a little while yet, so I think whichever I go with will be based partly on the ease of gaining root access. I absolutely loved my Incredible when I got it, but was positively blown away by the increased performance (in speed, added features, and battery life) when I rooted and flashed CM7 and Incredikernel. While it would be a while before any extra speed performance would be needed, the difference in battery life has me 100% sold on rooting whatever device I DO end up going with next.

    Given Moto’s locked bootloader policy, I’ll probably go Prime.

  26. The phone that gives me the better reception and battery life. Since that has historically been Motorola in Android land….looks like the RAZR for me.

  27. …the GALAXY NEXUS has that SUPER AMOLED HD so thats a BIG PLUS from my point of view.

  28. what are the chances of rooting and s-off on the razr?

  29. you forgot either THEY ARE WAY BETTTERTHAN IP4S

  30. The one thing I don’t get is, if Verizon stated they didn’t want Galaxy SII and are holding out for something better, than how come the Nexus Prime’s specs are less than the Galaxy SII. Prime’s 5MP/1.5MP camera compared to 8MP/2MP camera on Galaxy SII. Everything else being the same (i.e. 1.2GHz Dual core) except that Prime as a better screen. All the other specs are either the same as the Galaxy SII or worse.

    1. The processor you won’t know the difference and no one is sure about it being 5mp or 8mp….at the same time tho MP really don’t mean shit

      1. Also, the Galaxy S II has a microsd slot. The Nexus is rumored not to have one. That’s a huge difference for people that use their phone as an all-in-one media player/phone.

  31. Thing with Motorola is that although their equipment is dog-butt ugly, and they use Pentile LCD screens, their call quality and speaker phones are second to none. Their over-all build quality is generally pretty good, as well. With that being said, I’m going to have to wait until the phones are actually released so I can test them out and run some comparisons. I’m losing my hearing and eyesight, so good call quality and displays are important to me. Spec-sheets don’t tell the whole story.

    1. The droid rzor don’t use pentile…

  32. The Nexus looks great, but I use the search button too much to get it.

  33. in all honesty, the galaxy s2 shows that you can run perfectly smooth with a custom ui. it adds a few nice touches you wont get with vanilla android. on top of that, i would rather wait a few months to get the newest version of android, after they work out all the problems. look at all the updates they installed for the nexus s due to software issues.

  34. The Nexus looks great, but I use the search button way too much to get it. Most apps you have to go thru screens to get to the search, idk if they will change that for ICS. Im not going thru extra steps just because Samsung and Google removed that button probably for no good reason.

    1. Really? The search button has always seemed somewhat useless to me. When the power button on my old Nexus One started acting up I remapped the search to be my power button and never even once missed the search function.

    2. Its on the top left of the scren I believe like honeycomb is

      1. Well as long as the search button is elsewhere them I guess I’m good. Excuse my ignorance :)

  35. Man I really HATE the name Galaxy Nexus. Nexus Prime FTW. That said, my vote goes to stock Android every time.

  36. That razr is going to be a non factor. Motor has it released way to close to the Nexus.

    1. Depends on the marketing. Which one will have a Droid name attached to it? If they both do it will be interesting.

  37. I don’t care for Samsung Products so i’d definitely go with
    the Droid Razr

  38. Protip: 4.65″ screen – .35″ for the software ICS controls = 4.3″ effective display size

    1. I would assume you get to use the whole 4.65″ when watching video, playing games, surfing the web, etc. When viewing the home screen, you may be correct.

  39. I will wait for the superior specs AT&T/Tmo/World Nexus GT-i9250 and bypass the cheap specs Verizon Nexus SCH-i515 since it could be more that 2 versions of the Nexus Phone.

  40. I will just compare the Rezound, Nexus, and Razr side by side to make my decision. Most likely it will be the Nexus.

  41. One of em has a Kevlar/metal case, better radios and better audio. That phone was designed in America!

  42. 4.3″ would be better on the nexus prime or whatever it is called. Had a couple of mm on the nexus prime with hard case. Now that’s a novel you are holding. So I am guess next phones are going to be average 4.5 and higher. Omg.

  43. Between the two phones I’d go for the Nexus all the way but just give me Ice Cream Sandwich for my Samsung Epic 4G and I’ll forgive them for giving everyone else Gingerbread and not us Epic 4G users!

  44. If you like the Ice Cream Sandwich wallpapers I found a cool site that has them. It is formatted for mobile so they are easy to install and it has a ton of other free wallpapers to. http://Www.freedroidwallpaper.com

  45. Any ideas on what kind of phones could run ICS? My dinc2 would love some cold dessert.

  46. As somebody who has owned both Moto and Samsung phones, I have zero doubt which one is better in quality (Motorola). But which one would I take if I were to take one? Easily the Nexus. 720p screen, possibly Exynos processor, completely stock ICS with the first to updates/Google experience. Is this one debatable?

  47. When did cars get into a phone discussion? Nobody cares about which car is better. Hello.. this is phandroid not topgear. Lol. Please don’t get butt hurt.

  48. This is a tough choice. I want the Nexus because of the pure vanilla Android ICS, but I have small hands, and the screen might be too big foot me. I currently have a Droid X, and the 4.3 inch screen on that is a tough stretch to the opposite top corner when I’m one handing it, so 4.65 might be too big. The RAZR has a better sized screen for me, and similar hardware, but not a Nexus. Give me a Nexus with a 4.3 inch screen on Verizon, please!

    1. The 4.65″ is said to include the almost-always-on soft buttons so subtracting the dedicated soft button area you probably wind up back at a4.3″ display size.

  49. None. I’m not impressed with the rumored specs of the first Nexus. I’d rather have the other set of specs that are floating around, which I’m assuming will be for the other carriers’ version of the Nexus after Verizon’s exclusive period ends. Unfortunately, I’m stuck with Verizon because my girlfriend works there and gets a good discount. The Rezound and Razr already seem outdated with the physical buttons and gingerbread. I’ll be waiting for the next phone that runs ICS. I’m surprised we haven’t heard any other company working on an ICS phone.

  50. LOL Seriously!? What a bunch of spoiled @$$ tech-junkies! How can any one of us claim that the Droid RAZR is a stinkin’ pile of crap when none of us has ever handled one yet? Watch! In the next few months, you’ll all be bitchin’ and whinin’ about what a piece of $#it the Galaxy Nexus is and how you wish you can get your paws one of those (whatever the next best thing is by then). :-/ That being said… I believe that these two devices have the potential to be delightfully awesome in their own right and will definitely be future-proof enough to hold anyone down for a full two-year contract. End rant…

    1. Experience.

      I just claimed my 3rd Droid X on warranty issues related to defective screens.

      I was a Xoom owner.

      Believe me, I know that the moto phone will be crap.

      1. “Believe me, I know that the moto phone will be crap.”

        And you know this based on your “Experience!?” And I suppose you speak on behalf of ALL Motorola device owners on the planet. How very pretentious of you. :-/

      2. My experience with Samsung phones, dating back to the old Win Mo days, should tell me the GS2 is some garbage.

        From the Motorola E815 to the Droid 1 to the Droid X1…my experience with Motorola would say they are probably on of the best phone manufactures out. No replacements needed on the Android phones that wasnt due to misuse, E815 the charging port broke. And that was its only consistent fatal flaw cuz every one I got the exact same thing happened.

        See how experience works out? It does make me a lil cautious about Samsung phones tho. So I get what you mean by experience. But there are millions of happy GS2 owners out there, and there were alot of happy GS1 owners last year. Like there are millions of happy Droid X1 owners out there.

  51. I’m not a Motorola person. I’ll take the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

  52. I am never even considering, or suggesting another motorola device to ANYONE. hopefully google will buy moto and the’ll improve the quality, but untill then…..

    i’ve used almost every mainstream moto device, and they’re buggy, laggy, and have seriously hardware flaws.

    so, in answer to the poll. gimme the nexus. moto is dead to me.

  53. I am wondering if the Nexus Prime on Verizon will get it’s updates from Google.
    On another note, If they actually call this thing the “Galaxy Prime”, I am going to find out who was responsible for that, and kick him in the balls with steel-toe boots so hard, he’ll need open heart surgery to masturbate.

    1. I’m worried about it coming preloaded with Verizon bloatware. Everywhere else it seems to be branded a Google phone but loses that moniker at Big Red. Wouldn’t it be a shame to power up a Nexus and see Bing and V Cast?

      I guess that might also explain the different sources citing different processors. Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus gets one processor, and the rest of the world with Google Nexus Prime get the other processor.

  54. I’ve never had a phone that could get me laid but I think the nexus could be the one.

  55. Was this a question

  56. 4.6″ 720p Super AMOLED = Damn near sold for me. Add in ICS and it’s practically a done deal. Let’s just hope the battery life isn’t horrid.

  57. either way it sucks because its for vzw hopefully tmo or at&t gets it to

  58. This poll without the HTC Rezound (Vigor) option is not worthy of a vote.
    Anyone who believes they know what these new phones will actually be is just dreaming.

  59. I am rock hard for whatever the final name that is given to the next Nexus phone is. My N1 is still the best Android device I ever had. And Motorola tends to just make lackluster stuff. The only reason anyone bought a Droid was because it had commercials. My Xoom needs replacing!

  60. Nexus is ugly with max specs. RAZR is OK-looking with lesser specs. Both are cramming bleeding edge tech into any old form factor that will fit in your pocket. Will be so relieved when we move beyond the prototype phase and finally get an elegant solution. IP5 is likely to deliver next year. Until then, all these fat phones make me think of overstuffed burritos. I want a moderate screen size, killer clarity on phone calls, solid voice commands, free voice turn-by-turn navigation, 4G speed, and a slender, elegant package. I may settle for one of these offerings, but for me neither is totally there yet.

  61. I like this name Nexus Prime better, but either way it better have a NOTIFICATION LIGHT.. this has been a life saver for me when i am in meetings i am not sure why samsung has a stick up there ass about this.

  62. I like the look of the razor, and up until now i’ve been a motorola fanboy ( OG Droid, Droid X, and a Xoom in the stable) and in all honesty, I’d have the razor if not for the fact that motorola finds it necessary to smother ICS in a fat suit made of blur (or whatever they call it now).

    There’s a reason 2/3 of my android devices are flagships (Ok I know the G1 was technically the android flagship, but come on, the OG Droid was truly the springboard from which android lept into the public eye), I want to be the one who makes the final decision of how my phone’s interface looks. Isn’t that why we all chose android? the ability to choose?

    I’m not saying blur or any of the other manufacturer skins shouldn’t exist, for some people it works ( blur’s newer iterations are FAR more palatable than the fledgling ones) but I would much rather choose which interface I wanted, than have a company who doesn’t even know what I want slap one on and call it good. So when I see the option of having a vanilla version of ICS with all the technology that Google and one of the better hardware makers out there can cram in it, I have to say I am more than tempted.

  63. This whole poll should have had one more option, and no not anything about the iPhone.
    Ask me when both are fully announced.

    But yeah probably the Nexus.

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