Google Gives Buzz the Boot, Focuses on Google+


Many would say Google Buzz was an experiment that lasted just a bit too long, and Google today announced it will finally pull the plug on one of its first forays into social networking. For all of its initial buzz (too easy), Buzz never caught on with the masses. Along the way it created a real headache for Google when privacy concerns relating to pose warranted a much harder look at how Google uses user data.

With the launch of Google+, Buzz became superfluous at best, and as part of an effort to refocus and streamline certain Google products, the social update service will be shut down for good come “in a few weeks.” Efforts will be shifted to developing and enhancing Google+ as the technology giant’s sole social platform.

Other services to get the axe in Google’s recent house cleaning include Code Search, Jaiku, iGoogle’s social elements, and the University Research Program for Google Search.

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  1. Buzz….I won’t miss it, but I won;t forget it either…thanks to buzz I got into the closed G+ beta……but basically that was all the use it had for me…..Ciao Buzz!

  2. Doesn’t seem like anyone is using Plus. In the first week several peeps joined but there are hardly any posts. sad…

    1. Maybe nobody you know is using it but I know plenty of people who are. I think it has gained support much quicker that facebook it’s just compared to facebook now it’s small fry but that doesn’t mean it always will be.

  3. On noes. I used Google Buzz once a year ago!

  4. i only know one type of buzz that feels good

  5. Nothing can stop Facebook!

  6. Google+ is great for me ester to control contacts. Facebook has a lot of people I don’t want to see. Also on G+ I can escape the drama. Let the teens keep facebook like their myspace. G+ is more mature.

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