Samsung Galaxy Nexus Pops Up In Verizon Device Management


I don’t know where or how rumors began swirling in regards to the possibility of the Samsung Nexus Prime (Samsung Galaxy Nexus) not arriving on Verizon’s network but it’s safe to say this new leak squashes those rumors. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has popped up in Verizon’s device management which simultaneously confirms not only that the device will be available for Big Red but it will be 4G LTE enabled and that it will be under the name “Galaxy Nexus.” Can’t say I remember where the “Prime” moniker originated from but I always liked the ring of that. Oh well — only a few more weeks, people!

[Via Droid-Life]

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    1. I don’t recall seeing ANY claims whatsoever (not even rumors) that Verizon’s version of this device would be a world phone, so this shouldn’t be any surprise to anyone. Verizon is not known to have a large selection of global devices. As bad as they are, AT&T really is the better carrier in terms of having a global presence and lots of devices capable of global roaming.

      1. nexus devices are supposed to all be world phones

        1. Well, the rumor is it’ll be CDMA/GSM like the new iPhone so they only need to make one version. But, seeing as this is the first Nexus on VZW, I wouldn’t be surprised if its a CDMA only version.

          1. yes, also thought this phone carried two antennas?

        2. Got proof to back up that statement? Sprint’s Nexus S 4G is not a world phone, last I checked. There WILL be a GSM world phone version of the Galaxy Nexus, just not on Verizon.

      2. Eh wha!? Aren’t global phones GSM? And doesn’t Tmo have GSM phones? So…

        And isn’t it like physically impossible to get the unlock code (to make your phone global without having to root) from AT&T? I mean, didn’t it cost like part of your soul to get that code, and Tmo was so willing to unlock your phone to let you use it globally?

        And AT&T is better? How was Tmo below them again? Oh yea, the iPhone. -_-

  2. This is such a relief to see. Its been quite a while since we saw VZW nexus news.

    1. Quiet a while? More like, the first time ever.

      1. sarcasm?

      1. Yeah thats kinda where the Nexus Prime name came from.

  3. If it does not come on At&t.

    I am NOT going to be interested in dumping my iPhone 4

    I really do HATE Verizon and i hope that Google will make this phone available instantly on all carriers



    Can I buy this phone unlocked and use it with At&t OR is it gonna come locked only for Verizon ?


    1. AT&T GSM Verizon CDMA. So, no.

    2. GSM version coming soon

    3. lol enjoy your shitty phone on your shitty network then…

  4. I dont like the looks of that “N” under Global Phone… Worst comes to worst, O well, Tmobile store is just down the street with a GS2

    Hopefully we get a nice surprise on Oct 18/19

    1. There is a SEPARATE gsm varient

      1. True, but if the device is exclusive to Verizon in this country, for the period of exclusivity, you may have to buy an unlocked imported version, which likely won’t have all T-Mobile bands. It should be coming to all major US carriers eventually though. And yes, there’s nothing wrong with the SGS II phone either, awesome phone. I’m sure all the SGS II phones will get upgrades to ICS, just no telling when exactly. Probably as soon as they can adapt TouchWiz to ICS.

  5. the prime name came from the rumor of the LG Nexus Prime…. see LG made a phone called the optimus …Optiumus Prime you see..

    1. Oh yeahhh I wonder why LG didn’t make it this year

  6. Calm down, people. There is a CDMA version and GSM version separately. Last week FCC approved the GSM version of Nexus so…no despair.

    1. Wasn’t the GSM version only supporting one of T-mobile’s two GSM bands?

      1. well. we dont really know the FCC doesnt really check for that band. the mytouch 4g slide didnt have that band on the FCC filing to but the final product did

  7. Aww, I was really hoping it wouldn’t be called that. I really liked Nexus Prime, although that may have been because I like abbreviating it as Nx’. :)

  8. I’ve heard of nexus prime …. I went to a verizon store the other day and the owner tried convincing me to leave my tmobile nexus and get the nexus prime with them. He said he didn’t have it yet but that they would get it before end of november and that he could send the newsletter letting me know more information about it in a few days

    1. T-mobile nexus ftw

      1. LTE ftw…

        1. What’s the point of LTE if you can only use it while your phone is on the charger? Because I’m sure that when you turn the radio on your phone is just going to die in like 3 hours.

          1. I hate to say it but your right. That has been holding me back. Most have the ability to turn 4g off so you only use it when you need it ala SGSII etc. I am up for renewal with my Droid1 soon but I am wanting to wait for the new 28nm chips to come out Q1/Q2 of next year. Hopefully should increase the battery life a bit and make them more usable.

            I really don’t want to wait that long though as my droid is very very long in the tooth.

          2. Simply not true. My Thunderbolt has no problems going 16-20 hours on a full charge with the standard battery. I’m on 4G all day and stream music for 9 hours straight at work. If you don’t have an LTE device, I don’t see how you can comment on it’s battery life. The nexus will be that much better with dual core. Besides, the biggest battery suck on any phone is the screen, turn the brightness down, keep it off when you don’t need it and it’s a non issue.

          3. 20 hours with 4G on all day and streaming 9 hours STARIGHT? ……………AAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! Good one dude, I really needed a laugh

          4. @ HalwayCrook- Not sure why it’s so hard for you to believe. I’m rooted, running CM7, custom kernel that is OC and extremely undervolted. I loose about ~5% battery/hour on AVERAGE which equals 20hours on a full charge….as stated above, the longer the screen is on the more drain i get, 5%/hour is an average, sometimes i use it more, and obviously 7-8 hours of that i’m sleeping.

  9. Are you serious at&t sucks remember everyone’s wish back in the day was iPhone going to Verizon. At&t is the worst service in the US

    1. WRONG

      1. No your wrong AT&t is horrible dummy remember people wanted iPhone on Verizon there complaints were at&t service is so bad I hope your not that dumb object wait u own an iPhone u must be no flash player on your iPhone so go to your apple web sight and look into your new iPhone 4s with your old update that android has had for awhile. Vlingo look it up

        1. Dude. Mix in a period every once in a while. Also, maybe learn how to type sentences that don’t run on for hours. It just makes you look “dumb”.

          1. you are correct.and i have same problems..but really dont play teacher ok ,i understood it,even if it ran for days.

    2. are you friggin that moronic..i have att and sprint…and tmo for work…att sucks?you are a dumbass braindead i think what sucks is your brain.

  10. Chillax, there will probably be multiple versions of the galaxy nexus for multiple carriers, even if one of them gets it first.

  11. i won’t believe anything until Google makes it official…. i just cant imagine Google making their Nexus line of phones to be in one freaking carrier as exclusive…. and plus calling it Galaxy Nexus! what that hell is that. they’re going from: Google Nexus One, Google Nexus S to Samsung Galaxy Nexus? i refuse to believe that this will be the case.. this is not the Nexus from Google, and the Nexus phone that will be on http://www.google.com/nexus to replace the Nexus S will be another phone then………. this is just like Google did with the original Droid and Android 2.0 eclair! so the Nexus3 will come with 4.1 …..i hope

    but like i said…. i will wait until Google make things official

    1. Only one carrier has has yet to carry a nexus and only one carrier has the network to make it shine! I’m not saying Verizon is perfect (I’d never!) but it sure is fast :)

    2. Google has launched each Nexus on just one carrier initially.. but then opened it to more later. So, yes I do see Verizon having a possible exclusive for a short time.

      Also, don’t forget that the Nexus S was named that because Samsung refused to use Nexus 2. So, Google caves in on the names — which means Samsung may have yet again demanded Galaxy Nexus and Google agreed.

      1. Nexus S 4G is exclusive to Sprint.

  12. If you like the new Ice Cream Sandwich wallpapers I found a cool site that has them and is formatted for mobile so it’s easy to install them. http://www.freedroidwallpaper.com

  13. What’s so hard to understand? Galaxy Nexus = Verizon exclusive, Nexus Prime = everyone else with pure Google.

    1. actually makes sense lol

    2. I Hope so

    3. It’s possible there could be a difference in name, and even slight differences in hardware. However, there are reports from more than one source that say this phone will be pure ICS even on Verizon. This will be the first ICS device, and it’s a Nexus device, so there should NOT be any bloatware or skins on it, not even on Verizon. And it’s such an awesome phone, even if it does, I will weep openly, but will still buy it. =D

      1. yeah. until version 4.1 when verizon pushes an update with more bloatware and shit than you can shake a stick at.

        I’m also gonna lose my mind if samsung tries to touchwiz ICS.

    4. I’m sorry, but this is a dumb statement. No phone in the world is going to be released with ICS before the Nexus, therefore Verizon’s version will be “pure Google” as well. Idiot.

      1. “Pure Google” to me means no bloatware, not just stock. I don’t think VZW would allow for that. Hence why there are two different models. Take for example the Droid OG. It launched with a stock OS (the first with 2.0), but it was far from “pure”. My G1 was pure; my G2, although stock, was not. I think this is completly plausable to have two variants once you consider VZW’s draconian stance on putting their own applications(bloat) on phones.

  14. Yeeeeah…No global may be a no go for me. May need to find something else. Verizon, why are you such a mess?

  15. While I like the Nexus Prime name too, It just came to me that them naming it the Galaxy Nexus is smart from an advertisement standpoint. The Galaxy SII is what is really hot now, so the Galaxy name must live on I’m guessing.

  16. Mine as soon as at&t gets their slow hands on it.

  17. I swear I read a few comments and couldn’t bare to read anymore. People really need to stop being idiots and pay attention. THERE WILL BE A GSM VERSION FOR THE OTHER CARRIERS VERIZON JUST MADE A DEAL TO SKIP THE SG2 FOR FIRST DIBS ON THE NEXUS FOR A SHORT TIME. Therefore it is a TIMED exclusive and will be available to the other carriers shortly after it is on Verizon. People, really read up and pay attention before you stop ranting about it being VZW exclusive.

    1. This.

  18. OMG who gives a sh*+ about the name just give me the phone already!

    1. I can’t afford the phone, GIMMMEEEE the SDK, GOOGLE!!!

  19. Why is the fact that Verizon getting this first a problem to some people? Tmo got both Nexus…sis…..sis? o.O
    before any other carrier, and there didn’t seem to be any problem then.

    So the thing is Verizon is getting it first. I think the real thing is, is that Google doesn’t know what’s going to happen to Tmo, so they don’t want a brand new phone coming out on it, and then they get bought out. So they’re just giving it to another carrier that isn’t affiliating with the buyout.

  20. *Sigh*
    The Waiting Game Starts.

  21. *Sigh*
    The Waiting Game Starts.

  22. Who cares about the exclusive? Haven’t all Nexus phones been like this basically? They get released on one carrier first and then after a while they come out on other carriers.

    1. This is true.

    2. Let’s hope so.
      The problem I see is that not all Galaxy phones (i & ii) are the same. I know they are not Google’s or bare the Nexus name, so there is hope. But ….

  23. Still kind of bummed out about the battery life claims for the Prime. Starting to lean towards the Razr. If the Razr comes with ICS and has a good battery, then it’s mine. Was thinking about the Vigor but HTC doesn’t seem to care about battery life.

  24. Hopefully they announce the GSM (world version) at the launch on the 19th and we won’t have to wait too long to get it on AT&T!

  25. Really Really glad to see Nexus in the name. I really thought Verizon would give us the bloated locked version called the Droid Prime or something. Kudos to Verizon when this hits the stores and the phone we want is for sale.

  26. Okay, let’s look at El Goog’s past history. 1. T-Mo G1 (Original Dev Phone) was a T-MO EXCLUSIVE, as was the N1 initially. Only after several months and a very quiet release was it available on AT&T. 2. Verizon was slated to carry a CDMA version of the N1 but instead opted for an altogether different device from HTC. 3. Or, how about the original Droid which had Moto and Google working hand-in-hand on?

    The point is, Google is going to do whatever they’re going to do. It could be release for 1 carrier and only 1 (OG Droid), or initially released for 1 carrier and then trickled out to others (ENTIRE Nexus line thus far).

  27. I’m thinking the Galaxy Nexus will have the ICS version of touchwiz. Then the other GSM version will be straight good old fashioned but absolutely amazing Vanilla Android (MMmmMMMm Vanilla Ice Scream Sandwich). Also, with touchwiz comes the verzion bloat. THIS IS NOT FACT…just a thought I had.

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