HTC Rezound Reziliently Rezurfaces In Verizon’s System


The HTC Rezound name has been softly tossed around for the last couple months, but with all this talk about the Samsung Nexus Prime and the Motorola Droid RAZR, not too many people are paying attention. But they should: the device specs are pretty sweet and the latest leak points to the Rezound name sticking.

This will be one of HTC’s Beats phones- to see what we mean check out our hands-on with the HTC Sensation XL from CTIA. It’ll also come with dual-core processor, HD screen, and have 4G LTE connectivity.

With Samsung bringing the Nexus Prime to Verizon, Motorola bringing the Droid RAZR to Verizon, and HTC bringing the Rezound to Verizon, it sounds like three homerun phones for Big Red by the top Android manufacturers. The question is, Verizoners, which one will you snag?

[Via DroidLife]

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  1. I was a fan of this considering I have the original Incredible and this should have been the Incredible 2.
    If this thing comes with ICS then I will see, but leaks point to 2.3 therefore it will be between RAZR (or HD) or Prime.
    I cannot wait.

  2. I pray they do not use this crap name…

    1. I don’t even care about the names anymore. They can name all the Android phones Poop Shoot 1 through 1000 respectivley for all I care. Just give me good specs, LTE with great battery life, a sexy form factor and no crappy manufacturer overlay. Just pure Android.

  3. I originally always leaning towards the Vigor for it’s specs, but with the Galaxy Nexus appearing to have the same specs, it’s more of a toss up. I prefer HTC Sense, but it’d be nice to start off on ICS and get quicker updates. The design of the SGN also looks intriguing and I’d like to try out.

    It may just end up coming down to if they really do try and use that stupid Rezound name:)

  4. Coming from a Droid Incredible I would love another HTC… but considering I use CM7 or MIUI 90% of the time I might have to hit up the Nexus. So glad Verizon finally gets some Nexus love.

  5. Let me make this easy for you guys.

    Sensation exterior, 1ghz dual core processor, beats audio 768mb RAM and LTE.

    $99 on contract.

    I will bet money on this.

    1. Verizon will definitely not release a dual core phone at $99

    2. Specs for this phone have already popped up at FCC, you are completely wrong on the specs ;)

  6. I am torn between the choices coming. I am also fed up with Samsung always having some excuse for their product releases being delayed. My decision will be based on a couple of key factors beginning with specs. I am leaning towards the phones released with ICS (Nexus Prime and now there is rumor that the Motorola Razr/Spyder will also come with ICS). I set a deadline for Samsung to release the Prime by October 27th or I will choose another phone. If the Razr doesn’t come with ICS my second choice is the HTC Rezound based on the superior specs that have been leaked, but it remains to be seen what each phone will sport upon release.

    1. Samsung every phone manufacturer has delays nature of the business

  7. “Not Paying Attention” !!!!! I’ve been hitting refresh on my computer every second for the last three weeks. I was praying for the 13th release date. Now i have to pray for the 20th which won’t happen either. this is the phone. I could care less about a Samdung Nexus. Who cares what version android it has if it’s on the worse phone manufacturer in the world. Not only have we been paying attention but we are dying here. No news for three weeks. I can’t even use my current phone anymore waiting for this thing. I have never wanted a phone this bad. again, this is the phone. you guys waiting for your Samdung will be sorry shortly after you get it. trust me !!!!!!

    1. I won’t trust you….HTC battery sucks, using an older processor, sense sucks and is way to big, and no ics

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