T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S II Now Available


Alongside today’s availability of the HTC Amaze 4G, T-Mobile’s now offering their version of the Samsung Galaxy S II. As you may know, their version differs in processor type from the other carriers’ – they opted to go with a Qualcomm 1.5GHz dual-core processor instead of Samsung’s Exynos in order to provide speeds up to 42mbps on their HSPA+ network. This marks the second phone with this functionality as the Amaze has the same radios.

Aside from all that, it still looks to be a great device. It has a 4.5 inch WVGA display, an 8 megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, Android 2.3 with TouchWiz UX 4 and more. It’s even a bit cheaper than the HTC Amaze 4G at $230.

Head into a T-Mobile store to check one out today or just order one online if you don’t need hands-on time to convince you. Find it online here and be sure to leave your thoughts over at the Galaxy S II T-Mobile section of Android Forums.com.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

HTC Amaze 4G From T-Mobile Now Available

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  1. Well good for you T-Mo folks. Us at Verizon just got the rug pulled out from under us with this indefinite delay on the Galaxy Nexus. Wish we had a GS2 I could swap my ol’ OG Droid out for. Sorry, I’m just bitter. I’ll snap out of it.

    1. rumor yesterday is that we only have to wait a week, maybe 3 at the most. a google-assisted developed phone hasn’t disappointed yet. i can wait. :)

    2. What indefinite delay? AFAIK no release date has been announced yet so it can’t have been delayed. Plus every “insider’s rumor” still place the launch on november 3rd as was expected. The announcement has been delayed to either the 19th or the 27th… but a product that hasn’t been anounced can’t really be delayed can it?

      1. The delay I was referring to was the official unveiling, which was officially announced for yesterday before getting cancelled. If they really want to keep the RUMORED launch date, they need to announce it soon. I fear their failure to reschedule is indicative of something more than just mourning mr. Jobs. As far as the new rumored announcement date in hong kong, I’m not buying it. If they had a date they would announce it–they want it released just as much as we do, and they want the media to notice. I don’t know what the delay is, but I’m starting to get skeptical. It should not take this long for them arrange something that is supposedly already set.

    3. No one ever mentioned the possibility of the delay was slightly due to T-mobile’s purchase of a load of GS2’s, allowing them time to unload some before the announcement.

  2. Just played with one in a tmobile store, beautiful phone. If it weren’t for the impending nexus prime announcement I would have purchased it immediately.

  3. If no announcement of the Prime by end of month….GS2, here I come.

    1. I’ll be right there in line with you. I need to end this abusive relationship I’m in with my MT3G. Holding out hope for the Nexus…

    2. same! phone looks great, if no nexus then GS2 here i come, thankfully i can’t upgrade until 11/18 so i’ve got some time on my side (though my nexus one is at the brink!)

    3. same here

    4. I feel like Tmobile might not get their shot at the Nexus until January… not too far away!

  4. THIS PHONE IS TIIIIIIGHT!! No regrets on my decision to not wait for the Nexus. The Galaxy S II has loads of improvements over the first one so its not just a bigger Galaxy S.

    1. Any plans on going to CM?, or going to keep touchwiz?

      1. That’s a good question and to be honest… TW4.0 is so good so far that I can’t see putting any ROM on this thing. Samsung’s camera app alone keeps me from wanting to go stock.

        One small thing I like so far is the ability to turn off the lights in the capacitive buttons!

        1. You’re tempting me!

          Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! Feel free to update us as you find more useful features :) Might make me go to tmobile that minute.

          1. I’m already on the unlimited family plan so they couldn’t change anything

          2. Man there is a list of reasons to go buy this phone. There is absolutely nothing to regret about it.

        2. Hey Pimp,

          Been reading around some forums… Did T-Mo take you off your grandfathered plan (if you even had one?) and force you onto the “unlimited” data (2gb data at 4g then throttled down)

          I tried looking at wirefly, just to see, they force you to pick a new data plan :S

          check your paperwork!

  5. Waiting patiently for nexus prime announcement. If the Tmo version is further than 2 months away, I’m going with the GS2.

  6. Lovely~

  7. I just saw this thing live. Its enormous. To big for my taste.

    1. No Prime for you either =)

  8. Man I want this phone so bad but my pockets are not right. I woke up this morning feeling sad and lonely. LOL but its true! whatever phone I wanted in the pass I got. But I got a wife and two kids and one on the way so y’all get the point. So if any rich white man or women or even P diddy, feel sorry for my good fortune. Pls by all mean buy me this phone. You can email me at [email protected]. thanks for understanding my situations and why i would rather spend your money then mine:)

    P.s its for a good cause!

    1. Just name your new young-un GSII or Galaxy with S2 for a middle name,, in honor of your sacrifice.

  9. Apple: when my iphone 5 come out, it will put this crap to shame

    Samsung: and when your new ipod touch comes out right after, I still wont care

    Apple: I hope I stop all your products from selling

    Samsung: keep dreaming because I hit 10 million sales and the galaxy s2 barely crept onto American shores

    Apple: I can’t wait to stop you in your tracks

    Samsung: face it. You got competition and you can’t handle it

    Apple: I can handle anything

    Samsung: stop suing people and prove it

    Apple: stop copying me and i will

    Samsung: copying what? My phone is bigger, badder, and better

    Apple: you also copied my software too

    Samsung: my exynos processor?? Really? Look all you are going to do is put your A5 chip from your ipad into your new iphone 5 and call it majical. I don’t do that.

    Apple: how did you know?

    Samsung: stop being predictable

    1. Apple: How did you know?

      Samsung: I asked Siri.

  10. Just a question, why would US-Tmo care if they’re trying to sell their network? I mean what’s the point of making the phone capabale of reaching those speeds if they won’t even work once (or if) a merger goes through? Hmm… Or maybe I’m wrong.

    Though speeds like that sounds fun since I don’t have to turn on some battery killing 4G to not get those speeds. LoL!!

  11. Got this phone its fast nice like it better than the sprint version because it has the adreno 220 gpu instead of the mali 400 gpu in the sprint version wich is said to be fast but less compatable in games than the adreno 220gpu.

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