New PowerAMP Beta Brings UI Improvements [Video]


A new beta version of PowerAMP – the popular music player – has been released. It brings with it new UI improvements that make things less cluttered and more user friendly. For starters, the lockscreen widget now adds controls for ratings, shuffles and repeats. The main application moves certain elements around to give it a cleaner look, one that isn’t overwhelming to a new user. We’re not exactly sure how much more is new right now but take a look yourself by downloading the .APK here. [Thanks Murray!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Doesn’t look bad at all, maybe I’ll have to try it again.

  2. What happened to the volume control???

  3. I sent this in a few days ago, where is my thanks?

    1. Thank you.

  4. I like it because of its unique features which makes it awesome.

  5. The old interface was ugly as sin. I’ll be using this app a lot more now that it is cleaner and sleeker. Still no beating the audio quality either.

    1. I agree (except I didn’t have a problem with the old interface), though I’ve noticed that the volume in this beta is a tad low compared with other players like doubleTwist and PlayerPro.

      I’m using the latter as my main media app given it’s ability to do pretty much everything PowerAmp does with the addition of a video player. But depending on how the final release of of PA 2 goes, I’m might switch over completely.

      I’m really liking the new lockscreen widget and the overall UI refresh.

  6. What about users that have the paid version we goin to be able to get this upgrade once out of beta or force to pay again

    1. I certainly hope so… I haven’t seen anything to suggest that you’ll have to repurchase the new version anyway.

      EDIT: Once I installed the beta it said “Thank you for installing PowerAMP Update (2.0-build-430 Full Version)”. That implies it’s recognising the full version unlock app from the market just fine.

    2. The beta recognises your paid license

  7. can someone plz make a zip ???

    1. What would you need a .zip for?

      Just put the file on your sdcard and open it with a file manager such as Astro and it will install it for you.

  8. This is trash. I used it for five minutes then revertedback to the old version. This has horrible sound quality and didn’t know how to find my music.

    1. Its a BETA…..

  9. Took a look at this when it was first in beta… wasn’t impressed. I have a Samsung Galaxy S and the equalizer in the Touchwiz music player couldn’t be beat. I’ve tried Amazon MP3, Google music, DoubleTwist, WinAmp, every popular one but the sound from the Touchwiz player was untouchable… until now. No matter how hard I tried, i just couldn’t match the sound using power amps equalizer, as it appeared to change from song to song, especially different genres. My music taste ranges from reggae right through punk and even into classical, and I am very picky about how it sounds! This new beta allows me to set different equalizers to each individual artist/music sound, and even has separate ones for headphones/Bluetooth/speakerphone! Not to mention cross-fade between tracks, something I’ve been missing since WinAmp on windows! Maybe it was always there, I dunno. What I do know is I will be purchasing the full version of this app, and it will now become my default music player!

    1. The more recent stable version allowed you to independently set eqs for artists/genres/songs. Btw if you think your galaxy s sounded good before and even bettee now well you have no idea how good it can sound…. just download voodoo control from the market (4 bucks + need root) and you will be blown away. I used to own the galaxy s epic 4g and had the poweramp voodoo sound combo and it was epic indeed.

  10. Thanx to those that answered my question I’m on my phone or personally reply but thanx you going to download to try it out

  11. <3 this app, can't wait to try the beta!

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