First Look: Motorola Atrix 2 at CTIA


Though the Motorola Atrix is less than a year old, Motorola and AT&T are poised to drop an updated sequel to the handset in the coming weeks. What you can expect is a refined experience, with superfluous features such as the fingerprint scanner trimmed away to bring the handset to retail for the low price of $99. Key upgrades include an 8MP camera and the doing away with of PenTile Matrix screen technology. Is it enough to warrant an upgrade so soon? Decide for yourself after watching our video hands-on captured on the show floor at CTIA.

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  1. so its a little bit better in some ways, great job moto.

    1. Works for Crapple….

      1. Moto aint capple they can pull it off. lol

      2. Works for HTC and Samsung too….lol

        Lets not forget about the TBolt and Charge that came AFTER the Atrix 1. Yea they’re not sequels but still. Only thing that had going for them was LTE…while the Atrix was a game changer.

        I think Moto deserves to slack off a bit..besides….their phone on Verizon is probably gonna be the bigger upgrade…and will probably piss off Bionic owners.

  2. This is what the Atrix should have been. Not that the original Atrix is a bad phone. Unlike the video’s statement, this does NOT have LTE. I have an Atrix, and this does look good enough for upgrade.

    1. What don’t you like about the Atrix? Bad phone? It still beats the shit out of most things on the market despite its age.

      1. Yea…I think the Atrix doesnt get enough credit. Ppl call higher res screens and 1.x Ghz cpu’s game changers…

        I call the laptop dock that the Atrix introduced a game changer.

  3. It is slightly better, don’t know how this can the successor of the original atrix. might as well call it the atrix 1.1

  4. like it allot this kills the stupid old atrix and gives real competition to galaxy s2 ad nexus prime and btw phandroid phonearena claims that the processor has been replaced by a one from TI OMAP is that true please confirm this will be good too

  5. Superfluous fingerprint scanner? I’ve had the Atrix since Day 1, and the fingerprint scanner is by far the best feature on the phone. Pattern locks or PIN codes seem archaic after owning this phone.

  6. I am not to worried about the fingerprint scanner not being on the phone. I never really used that feature. I am really liking the dedicated camera button, the camera upgrade is really nice. But am I going to run out and buy one when they are released…. No I love my OG Atrix and honestly they really didn’t do enough for me to fun out and buy the Atrix 2 if there’s an Atrix 3 maybe. But until then im completely happy with my Atrix.

  7. Isn’t it a bigger screen too? 4″-4.3″?

  8. The fingerprint scanner is a must havefeature for me now, I can see why most don’t need the feature but i definantly keeping this phone for the long haul. I can’t see an easier way to secure your phone (retina scanner?)

  9. Is the bootloader going to be unlocked? If not I’ll stick to my og atrix running cm7 and blazing 4700 consistently on quadrant. The og atrix never got the respect it deserved in my opinion. The only phone out right now that can really compete with it is the sgs2, my atrix is just as smooth operating as the sgs2. Sure it may not have a 3d screen:-) but who cares, its a party trick anyway. I will admit I like the non pentile screen on the new atrix.
    If they promise to unlock the bootloader on it soon I’ll be buying one and giving the old atrix to the wife so I can have her captivate to play with for my backup’s backup.
    Its a great year to be a cellphone geek although if you call me a geek I’ll kick your freakin neck off;-) .

  10. 1. no lte on this device
    2. it does have a microsd slot, up to 32 gb
    3. 8gb internal memory

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