Patent Trolls Target Amazon Kindle Fire


You had to expect it to happen, right? Acacia Research – a patent troll (we refuse to describe them as anything more) – are suing Amazon for patents they allegedly infringe on. Here are the groundbreaking and innovative </sarcasm> features that they want Amazon to pay for: a touchscreen that responds when a user writes on that screen and a system for handling multiple calendars on a personal digital assistant.

Seriously, these patent trolls should be banned, if not thrown to the bottom of river Styx or brutally maimed by killer rabbits. There should be some sort of clause for those who own patents that forces them to make an attempt to actually implement the technology into at least prototypical form.

Maybe even that would be too nice – force them to make a B2B or a consumer-ready device with the features they “own.” This whole patent issue is beginning to get annoying not only for the OEMs and Google, but for consumers as well. We wish Amazon all the best in defending themselves here. [via, source]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. sigh…greedy mofos

  2. I can’t STAND patent trolls >:(

  3. How about production of their patent. Then they’d go out of business hopefully

  4. Sorry John but I have a patent on “greedy mofos”. I also have patented the ability to post your opinion anywhere on the net. You owe me $5 or we can go to court and I will sue you for damages in the amount of $2 billion.

  5. What a wonderful world we live in. :/

  6. I like this article :) Oh, Apple is a patent troll too.

    1. No, they’re not. Patent trolls make a living solely by collecting patents from others and suing people. That’s their business model.

      Apple is a sue-happy corporation who overzealously “protects” patents that are obvious. That’s not the same thing.

  7. This is all getting too nuts…

  8. we all owe the Phoenicians a lot of money for using the alphabet on these forums. everyone just create video responses & we’ll be ok.

  9. What is wrong in being a patent troll as long one can make money from it legally?? The main problem is that first such patents are awarded for obvious progress in technology and simple actions. Secondly in the court don’t throw out such cases and instead spend time on it.

    If anything needs to change is then it is the patent system and courts so that there is no incentive to file such frivolous cases.

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