Oct 11th, 2011

BlueStacks weren’t lying when they said you’d be able to run a fully virtual implementation of Android on your Windows machine in order to use Android apps on them. They’ve released their client for Windows PCs as a user-friendly way to use your apps without having to use your phone.

It comes preinstalled with several apps and gives you the ability to add up to 26 more. Lance Whitney from CNET said the client and apps ran very smoothly on his PC, though using apps designed for smartphones and tablets on a traditional PC was a bit odd. I am unable to try it for myself as I am a Mac user.

A premium version of this is said to be on its way that will let you install unlimited apps as well as giving you the ability to play games. While this doesn’t seem like much more than an emulator at first glance, reports of its polish and speed make it so much more. Grab the Alpha build here and let us know what you think about it!