Motorola Sending Out Invites for 10/18 Media Event, Droid RAZR Launch? [Update: Teaser Video Added]


Motorola is sending out invites to a media event to be held in New York City on October 18th, and the contents of their message are giving us plenty of clues on what to expect. The invites touts “Faster. Thinner. Smarter. Stronger.” Aside from sounding like a lyric from a Daft Punk song, it also conjures up images of a super sleek Android smartphone. Add in the fact that the image file name mentions a “spyderlaunch” and we have a pretty good idea of what Motorola will be showing off. You will recall that the Spyder codename has been closely linked to the rumored Motorola Droid RAZR. It is also possible that Motorola will launch the device as the Droid HD, but a recent flare-up in RAZR related activity and an emphasis on a “thinner” device suggests the RAZR is indeed what we will see. We are also hearing multiple devices could make an appearance, including an update to Motorola’s XOOM tablet. We’ll have the scoop live from the event, but feel free to add your own speculation below.

Update: Motorola reuses the copy from their invite in the above teaser video, which again mentions the October 18th date. Notice the image of an actual razor appearing around the 14 second mark. Any doubt that we will see a new Motorola RAZR is all about gone at this point.


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  1. I question whether the Droid RAZR will be able to come in thinner than the SGSII’s 9mm.

    1. That’s going to be a tough one to beat. I hope they won’t make it thinner at some parts of the device, and advertise it as being thinner.

    2. Why would these companies want to make these devices thinner!?? Hell next thing you know there gonna be as thin as the ipod touch and I have a hell of a time holding that thing without dropping it…

  2. Too close to the Bionic, I think this is the Xoom 2.

  3. The bullet passes behind the 10.18.11, and it falls apart along the bullet path, not as if it were shot with a bullet(with the destruction that the bullet would cause), but as if it were sliced with something razor sharp… hmm…

  4. Jeeeeez….so close to the Bionic! I will not be getting this either way, still no update in site for the laggggggging auto focus on my Bionics Camera. Nexus Prime please

  5. I love that when it says smarter, it says 42. >.>

  6. My money is on the announcement of the Xoom 2. It will have to be thinner because it can’t get any THICKER than the OG Xoom.

  7. Seems like its 3 devices. One that is faster (than a previous model [xoom 2?]), one that is thinner (razr), and one that is stronger (some update to the V750 mil-spec phone).

  8. 4.2″ screen Razor would be nice & maybe a 4″screen Atrix 2 aswell would be nice too.

  9. It will probably be tapered so the thinnest part is less than 9mm. I can see it looking very similar to the LG Optimus Black to be honest.

  10. Who cares, Moto is officially the worst! Droid bionic, Fail!!!

    1. That was a biased post. Fail!

      1. Umm. isn’t every post biased. They are your own opinions. Can you name a Moto smartphone without some sort of problem (large problem, that is).

        1. i can name one..milestone 2.. had it 11months.. no problem whatsoever, rock solid, responsive and a delight to use. i went nearly 6months without restarting it once. (unlike my xperia X2 which needed two restarts a day lol) was gutted when the battery ran out and it reset the timer. the only negative thing i can think about is the battery life but its about average for a modern day smartphone.

          8 phones in 6 months..thats 3 weeks a phone?? sounds like someone gets bored very quickly.

        2. Can you name ANY recent smartphone without some sort of problem (large problem, that is)?

          I dont think you or anyone can. International GS2 probably had the least amount of bugs and not any major bugs at launch off the top of me head.

          Anandtech did go into detail about the poor audio quality of the international GS2 tho..and the Epic Touch 4G has some major bug(s) right now.

          1. I have that phone and it could do no harm I sometimes question if all those complaints are real issues or if they are all user caused errors… I’ve worked for Sprint and ATT and trust me me they all are ID-10T errors

    2. The Bionic is one of the smoothest android phones out there…

      1. You must not have owned many phones, your talking to someone who literally had 8 phones in the last six months.

        1. ive owned 13 so whats your point?..it is the smoothest and you you owned 8 and still know nothing..

        2. Well I guess that makes you the god of phones!! LMAO!! Your an idiot!!

    3. you sir or her or it failed big time by that remark…no way you ever touched a bionic and if you did you would have made a smarter remark such as…it is the smoothest vzw has and the best droid..

      1. Maybe you should make more intelligent comments actually based on something, why don’t you lookup droid Bionic bug report and see that long ass list, oh and I did have the Bionic and since it lost conncetion to the internet everyday for no reason I decided to change it. Lastly since you had 13 maybe you wouldn’t mind naming them for the class.

        1. I have the Bionic right now and havent had that problem at all.. This thing is lighning quick and buttery smooth.

    1. Just before that shot of the coin in the hand (13 sec mark where I caught it in the frames)….looks like a razor blade to me, shown from the top down

    2. You’re right. The 13 second mark IS a razor. Looks like a razor blade. It’s simply trying to say that it’s thin, like a razor. Not trying to tell us that it’s the RAZR at all…

      1. Okay, and the fact that after the razor blade is shown the date and other items get cut in half as if by a razor. No there is to much razor in that video for it not to be a RAZR teaser.

  11. any possible way of watching it live? is there an app like samsung’s??

  12. What would an Android razer look like

  13. I want to go but I know I won’t be invited

  14. I’m guessing by the image at 0:20 (Moto logo on a carbon fiber background) and the term stronger we might be looking at a carbon fiber shell. Cool.

  15. Wheres the blasted announcement from Samsung? Freaking A!!! I have waited months for that stupid phone. Now Motorola is announcing something else already?

  16. I hope there’s a GSM flavoured RAZR in the pipeline for us over the pond…

  17. 42?! Does no one else recognize this as something..? 42mbps? T-mo? HSPA+? DUH?

    1. lol, the answer to life, the universe and everything! xD

  18. 42?! Does no one else recognize this as something..? 42mbps? T-mo? HSPA+? DUH?

    1. wishful thinking..

      1. What else could it mean?

        1. Well I dont really know I guess. But seeing how this phone as coming to Verizon it obviously means something else..

          1. Didnt even look at the Verizon thing ha!

        2. how do you not know about the number 42? its the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything. not mbps. although it is the answer to HSPA+ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/42_(number)

  19. 18/10/11 They are using a proper Universal date format, cant wait.

  20. I believe it to be the RAZR. It is said to have a carbon fiber/kevlar body (Stronger). Faster can lead to be the 1.2GHz dual core. Smarter could mean it is coming with a newer OS (Ice Cream maybe).

  21. I agree with Big R – the supposed Droid RAZR specs are as follows:

    Faster: 1.2 (rumored to be 1.5 also) ghz dual-core TI processor, 4G LTE
    Thinner: It’s definitely thinner than the Bionic (http://www.engadget.com/photos/droid-bionic-and-droid-hd-leaked-pictures-0/#4371525)
    Smarter: No physical buttons (see above link) means ICS, plus WebTop/LapDock functionality
    Stronger: Kevlar frame (ties in with the bulletproof vest from the video) and gorilla glass

    Note:Specs pulled from http://www.gsmarena.com/motorola_droid_razr_with_qhd_super_amoled_display_surfaces-news-3175.php

    1. i see a razor in the tease video…

  22. Bionic just came out. No way they launch another phone the 18th. This is a xoom 2 announcement for sure. Lame!

  23. Droid RAZR HD would entice people just with the name.

  24. ooohh Nexus Droid will be come

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