Supposed Ice Cream Sandwich Bootanimation Revealed [Video]


P3Droid – a guy that’s been more than trustworthy with leaks – has gotten his hands on what he claims to be the official bootanimation for Ice Cream Sandwich. Sure, it’s only a bootanimation but at this point we’re itching for any and all Ice Cream Sandwich information we can get. We’ve already been treated to video and screenshots, and we appreciate this just the same. Watch the video above. [MyDroidWorld]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. That is beaut :)

  2. Reminiscent of the Honeycomb boot animation.

  3. very honeycomb esque with the colors and loop

  4. I think it’s annoying. I don’t care for the boot anim on my xoom either. Just too busy and flashy. And I don’t like the loop because it doesn’t give you an idea of when it’ll be done.
    Maybe just an ice cream sandwich that is melting (or being eaten). When it’s gone, the boot is complete. That would be cool.

    1. Agreed. All I see is a ghetto hooker, draped in cheap bling and yelling, “You gotta WAIT for me!”

      1. wait…what?

    2. The point of the loop is to be able to see if the device crash during boot.
      If it’s looping, it’s still booting. Even if it doesn’t tell when it’ll be done.

    3. hehe I don’t agree, but I understand. Loading bars are a thing of the past imho

    4. i would have been first to reply to this post but i just got out of the seizure i had when watching the video… there should be an attached warning

    5. You do know the boot animations without loops won’t give you an idea when it’s done either right?

      The boot animation is running completely separated from the boot itself, and if it doesn’t have a loop, it’ll just freeze at the end and wait for the phone to be done.

      1. “You do know the boot animations without loops won’t give you an idea when it’s done either right?”

        Do boots vary in time? I have never timed it to see.

        Anyway, the loop would be tolerable if it wasn’t flashing lights and colors in a fashion that is likely to cause seizures. Like I said, I would rather see a little green droid eating an ice cream sandwich. And as the sandwich gets smaller and smaller, I know the boot is nearing its end.

        Why can’t they make it easier to load a custom boot animation without rooting – like changing wallpapers.

        1. I don’t think you got his point. In your ice cream sandwich example the animation would have to end eventually because the sandwich would eventually get eaten up. But if your device is slow for whatever reason and takes longer than the duration of the animation to boot, you still wouldn’t get an indication of when the bootup was going to finish.

          That’s why boot animations are almost always looped. They give allowance for variance in boot times, and – I think, more importantly – they also let users know if their devices are still booting or frozen.

    6. In my experience the boot animation is in no way tied to when the device is ready to be used. If the animation finishes before the phone is ready it just repeats itself…so doing what you suggested might be easier said then done.

      That said, I completely agree with you. I like shiny animations, but something simple and too the point is much better for a boot animation. My rooted droid simply has the Google logo in white with a couple of gears turning under it.

      …perhaps a progress bar (like when installing a new rom) under the boot animation would be possible.

    7. But don’t different phones boot at different speeds? So what if the animation finished but the phone wasn’t done booting? Or do you think there’s some way to program it?

      To be honest dude, I have an idea on what to do, but you’d need to make the exact amount of frames it takes to boot the phone. Not every phone boots the same, so you’d have to make one for every phone, thus meaning it wouldn’t be so easy to give it to another phone.

      Though that idea sounds cool. I was thinking the same thing. Kinda hate not knowing when the phone will start.

  5. Holospiralwallpaper.apk?

  6. Ew.

  7. Go Wings! Hell yeah! XD

  8. now imagine that in HD hehe

  9. That was lametarded.

  10. I think half of the battery charge was probably used during that boot animation…

  11. Why did I just watch this lol

  12. I still prefer the N1 animation…

  13. What is that the rainbow connection bootloader? -1

  14. I’d rather the phone just started up and went straight to the home screen. All I see in this video is a Boy’s Town stoplight.

  15. I’m disappointed that the boot still takes that long.

    1. Seriously!? That’s playing on the bionic, not the nexus. It means nothing about the nexus Prime’s boot time.

  16. I am really really hating how ICS is turning out to look. REALLY hating it.

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