Minecraft – Pocket Edition Launching Today in the Android Market!


Finally, Minecraft will soon come to all Android handsets as one of their developers have mentioned on Twitter that it will be out today in the Android market. It was previously only available for the Xperia Play as a timed exclusive, but now we will all get to build, build and build to our hearts’ content. Take a look at some of our hands-on footage of the game from E3 earlier this year. We’ll be on the lookout for it in the market but send us an email if you find it and don’t see a post about it. [Thanks Aaron!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Actually, it’s out.

    Edit: Spoke to soon. That’s the Xperia one.

  2. Does anyone know if I Minecraft Pocket Edition can sign into our existing servers? I dont think i would care for it much if it didnt allow that.

  3. It’s not out yet.

  4. POS spammer…

  5. Ladies, it’s out on Market. Listed as compatible with the original Droid (what I have).

  6. yep downloading to my NS as I type this

  7. Can anyone else confirm that its available.

  8. um…. no

  9. Confirmed, out and working on LG G2X

  10. Confirmed for HTC EVO 4G been playing a lot of it since purchase

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