Ice Cream Sandwich’s Google Plus App Renames Messenger ‘Chords’


When Google unleashes Ice Cream Sandwich, a slew of updated core applications will come along with it. The folks at Android Police have managed to get their paws on the goods, extracted directly from the Nexus Prime. Of note is an overhauled version of Google Plus for Android, listed as version 2.0. The version number shows a significant update can be expected. One of the immediately noticeable changes is the decision to change the name of the service’s group messaging functionality. Once huddles, group chat will be known simply as “Chords” moving forward.

We expect to see significantly revamped version of many of the apps included in Google’s Mobile Suite when Ice Cream Sandwich launches, but unfortunately the postponement of next week’s CTIA event leaves the timing of the reveal up in the air.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. you guys with all these nexus updates. killing me

  2. So they get there hands on the .apks and this is the info we get. I call a giant “**** you!” We want some to hear and know about some REAL stuff. not this crap

    1. Did Phandroid or Google make you cry?
      I will send you a tissue via a chord.

      1. IC what you did there! :P

        1. :)

  3. Anyone else hate that name? I think “huddle” was a perfect name and that’s probably the name I’ll continue to say. “Chord” sounds stupid.

    I’m not going to say to a friend “I sent you a message on chord”, that sounds weird. “I sent you a huddle” or “I sent you a message on huddle” sounds WAY better.

    1. huddle was great.. perfect…

      1. Agree.. but G can’t use it… already registered…

    2. Circles, chord…I don’t get the geometry allusions

    3. I agree Chord sounds dumb

  4. So, who wants to guess what they call the messenger function in November/December?

    1. tangent?

  5. What’s wrong with Messenger? Google+ Messenger? At least that describes the function. Chords is just weird.

  6. Updated my Google+ app and my contact list kept force closing, installed and now works fine

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