Boost Mobile Releases Samsung Transform Ultra for $229


The Samsung Transform Ultra, announced for Boost Mobile last month, is now available from the carrier. The no-contract service provider has the QWERTY slider priced at $229.99 outright, and can be combined with Boost’s Android Monthly Unlimited plan. With shrinking payments, which see the monthly price dropping by $5 each month, you can feast on all-you-can-eat data for as low as $40 per month. You can grab the handset from Boost now.

[via Boost]

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  1. I thought it dropped like every 6 months of on-time payment?

    1. Yeah it is $5 ever 6 months

  2. Nice phone for a good price on a fairly good network!

  3. 256MB RAM and Eclair, really? Really? The LG Optimus is available outright on Virgin for less money, with double the RAM and Froyo, not Eclair, an OS build that only belongs on historical archive media. This is not what you’re looking for.

    1. You are looking at the wrong specs. This is the Samsung Transform ULTRA. You were looking at the specs for the Samsung Transform. A completely different phone. This phone has Gingerbread and a 3.5 screen.

    2. As I remember, the biggest advantage of Froyo over Eclair was Flash. I would not want to try and load a web page with flash if I only had 256MB or RAM.

    3. You’re looking at the original Transform, not the new Utlra.

  4. dam and its gingerbread

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