Hit 60GB of Data On Your Unlimited Verizon Data Plan and You May be Throttled – Even On 4G


Ever wondered what happens if you were to really test Verizon’s “unlimited data” policy? I mean, we already know T-Mobile will throttle you into oblivion once you hit your limit. Sprint? Well, supposedly Dan Hesse would never even think about “penalizing” you, no matter how much data you burn on their network. But let’s just pretend for a moment that you used, ohhhhhh… I don’t konw. Say, 60GB of data in 13 days? As we’ve learned today from one unlucky customer — Verizon will throttle the heck out of you. The don’t care how “unlimited” you are, if you’re using 4G, 3G, or PG-13. They ain’t having it.

Oh, and if you thought that was bad, check out this guy (below) who hit 120GB in 10 days. Now honestly, I don’t think I could download all the porn in the vast ocean of the internet and hit 120GB in 10 days (believe me, I’ve tried). I’m honestly at a loss for words. Look at all that data! Just take it all in, folks. Bask in the ambiance.

While we’re not sure what’s going on here with Verizon and their policies, why the would throttle one man but let the other guy go scott-free, you can be sure of this — it’s because of guys like this that Verizon started capping their data in the first place.

[Via Droid-Life]

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  1. I hate Verizon, but guys like this should be throttled on any network. I use close to 10GB of data on Sprint each month, and consider myself to be pushing the limit of my unlimited data.

    1. Thats dumb to say, pushing the limit of UNlimited data are you high?

      1. You DO GET UNLIMITED data! It’s throttled though if you hit certain thresholds.
        Why is this so hard for some of you to get through your fuckin heads?

        1. So you are saying that throttling is not a method to limit data?
          Why do they do it then? Answer: to limit your data use.

          Once a limit is imposed on your data use, you no longer have unlimited data… because it’s been limited.

          1. WOW and isnt it strange that this only affects like 5% of users who are in all likelyhood violating TOS of their service which you agreed to.

        2. Why is so Fu*king hard for you to understand that speed throttle is still considered a fu*king limit on data!

  2. Oh don’t get it twisted thinking verizon had noo thoughts of putting on caps before anyone started having 4G the introduction of 4G was simpl an excuse but these people who hit 60 and 120gb’s? how? I’m guessing streaming pandora, watching a couple videos maybe rooting the phone having to reinstall apps after a rom change, using gps to travel cross country could be porn but unlimited is unlimited if you claim to offer it you gotta stand by even if a person hit a terabyte of data used.

    1. my guess is hes using it as his primary home internet connection via root and tether.

      1. And letting the neighbors use it too. O_o

        1. Pron, that is all.

      2. That too, still wrong to throttle even at this amount of usage sure its a lots but same happened with text messages years ago if i remember correctly.

      3. Wouldn’t be surprised. My thunderbolt hits 30mb/s often and hovers around 22mb/s at my house. I don’t even switch to wifi any more, it will slow me down!

        What I don’t understand is how these phones above can handle the heat. I used mine for tethering to my laptop on vacation last month. My kids were using it for their personal devices at the same time as well. My phone got supper hot after a few hours of constant ususage.

        1. I used mine when I was in the hospital for a week, used it to stream netflix and play WoW, In that week I used 14GB. This guy was doing some serious shit.

    2. most of what i do is streaming pandora and DI Radio with some youtube usage sprinkled in. i’m at 3.127 gb 15 days in to my bill cycle

  3. Holy cow that’s a lot I “Stream” music from my computer using Subsonic and I don’t hit that type of level. Given I have 5gb saved worth a of music and sometimes listen to a album downloaded already and also to be a good little boy and use wifi when possible for the fear I get a letter in the mail or a email saying ill lose unlimited status. Now I see 120gb is not going to get my unlimited data plan taken away. For I honestly have to say these are the guys that need to have that right stripped cause there more then using it as just a phone no way I’m a heavy phone user and data hog but at present I use no more then 10gb after tier pricing kicked in and pre tiered pricing about 12gb.

  4. Second one isn’t a guy its a girl… Her name is Heather. ;)

  5. Ah!! They did a full backup of their computer to the cloud using their phone!! Got it!!

    When Tmo wasn’t throttling me for those 2 months, weird I know, I got up to 30GB streaming NetFlix from the Wii, internet for 2 laptops and an iPhone since AT&T didn’t have coverage in that side of Houston. And let’s not forget my phone. Facebook when my laptop was too far for my arm to reach. LoL!!

    And I’m not going to lie, since I wasn’t getting throttled, I was literally trying to see how high I could go. They cheated!! LoL!!

    1. I bet you steal movies too? Steal songs? The rest of us pay.

      1. -_-
        I just told u I used NetFlix. And it actually involved me downloading ROMs and backing up my files using GMusic and flashing my phone and redownloading apps.

        Yea all that illegal stuff. U kaught me.

          You are the PERFECT EXAMPLE of someone who ABUSES a network causing the rest of us to PAY MORE.
          DOUCHBAG. Streaming Netflix throught your WII LOL. Cheap ass get home internet you cheap bastard.

          1. Actually I’m one of the select few that pays the extra to tether legally. You were saying?

          2. Get home internet you cheap bastard.

          3. LoL!! Now ur trollin for sure. Yea. I kan take my home internet where ever I go. I’ll take it with me on the bus and when I’m cruising in a car. The time I used that 30GB was just that month. Other than that I use an average of 3-5GB.

            LoL!! I have home internet thank u. And the fact that I’m paying for tethering doesn’t make me cheap. Also the fact that home internet that’s just as good will STILL cost the same as an unlimited data plan on Tmo.
            Got something else to say? LoL!! Of course not. All ur arguments have become null and voided. Get better at trollin. Then maybe u KAN be funny.

          4. Like yo ok man like yo so got mes i donts knows whats to says.
            mez outtie you kan like ya man

          5. I bought the tether plan way before I even rooted because I NEEDED it for my laptop at the time. Now I don’t need it, but I just leave it on to shut idiots like u up. Since I’m paying the extra for tethering, I’m in no violation. Oh and thanks for kalling me a douche for actually doing something legally.

            Got something else to say?

          6. I bet you would take it up the you know where if it was in the fine print of your contract. You can go ahead and be apart of those that follow things that are clearly wrong but whats right is not charging extra for the same data to tether, throttling unlimited data but of course you clearly don’t understand what unlimited. It must be easy having your parents pay your way… One day you will learn, hopefully. Till then do everyone a favor and STFU

  6. First guy probably slept with someone’s wife somewhere along the line in Verizon. “NYAH…..you slept with my wife?!…Well prepare for your data connection to be measured in BITS”

  7. how badly was it throttled? Is there a forum post that accompanies this story?

  8. Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought 4G was “unlimited” only using the handset and if you used WiFi tethering the limit was 2 or 5 GB. I know if you root you can get WiFi to look like it’s not tethering.
    I tested to see how much data I could use in a month and the most I’ve been able to get is about 10GB without WiFi tethering.

    1. There is a 30 dollar tehering plan which is unlimited on Verizon.

  9. Those are the idiots the fuck US out of use. I use 16 a month on my thunderbolt on 3g but that’s ridiculous no call for that. They need to boot those people off Verizon. These people need to go over to AT&T

    1. The DumbA$$e$ that actually want limited data should go to at&t and stop complaining about people who aren’t doing anything out of the means of their unlimited contract.


        1. Why is this r*tard even replying to me? you aren’t even worth the time, clearly you don’t pay your own way so you aren’t worth the time nor explanation.

  10. It’s not wrong to throttle data, it slows it down and makes service real bad when people use it like that. Does anyone remember what happened to Att when the iPhone came out, dropping calls and real slow data speeds.

    1. It is not the *customer’s* fault that the network’s infrastructure can’t handle what they sold to said customer. If the provider couldn’t afford to let people use unlimited data, they *SHOULD NOT* have sold it to them in the first place! Stop protecting those who are truly at fault here!

      1. But the network also sells wifi tethering plans at an extra cost to people who want to use their phone as a mobile hotspot. Its pretty obvious these 2 have rooted their phones and using unauthorized wifi tether. Assholes like these 2 are the reason why carriers went to capped data. I would like to switch to VZW, but I’m not willing to give up the unlimited data I have now for a tiered plan

        1. And this is the kind of thing that will vanish thanks to fcc enforcing net neutrality.

        2. It isn’t “obvious”. Heck, with the video streaming apps *included by Verizon on my Droid Bionic*, I could hit those numbers in a few days, easy. As it is, I’m on target to hit over 5 gigs traffic with what I would call light to moderate use – and I only streamed 1/2 of a movie during that time just to see what it would look like. I can just imagine what my usage would look like if I used it to the degree they advertise you can.

      2. While I definitely agree with your sentiment, it states very specifically in Verizon’s LTE “unlimited” contract that they throttle the “top 5%” (whatever that is) of users. If over 55GB and 120GB aren’t in the top 5%, I can’t imagine what the top 5% are. Do they download exabytes of data?
        I often root phones for my friends, but I refused a few people who had it in their heads that they were going to get rid of Comcast (or whatever their home ISP may be) and use their LTE phones to tether their PC, laptop, xbox360, PS3, blu-ray player to stream Netflix, etc. I had no pity for the ones that bricked their phones. It’s nice to have “unlimited”, but 120GB of data?! That’s outright abuse. They were probably tethering everything they could find. Hell, they probably even tried to tether the toaster.

  11. Im jealous as hell. Tmo throttles me into oblivion after 5gbs. Shits horrible. Im really thinking of hop skipping and jumping to sprint.

    1. Stop being a tightwad and get home internet service

        1. He’s not a troll but he is equally as stupid as one maybe even dumber than that.

          1. I know the truth hurts.
            You use your cell phone internet as home internet which goes against your TOS WHICH YOU FUCKIN AGREED TO and then you get all butt hurt because companies are forced to throttle based on the actions of a few.
            Fuck off its called a business making a reasonable business decision.

          2. What truth? you mean the one about how stupid you are? that actually doesn’t hurt me in any way. Never once did i state that i used my cellphone as a router for my home but you know what thats the type of thing i’ll be able to do legally if the fcc enforces their new rules and regulation. Companies shouldn’t offer unlimited if they can’t afford to offer unlimited. Reasonable business decision my a$$. I don’t care if you put it in fine print if its not unlimited you shouldn’t call it that as its misleading advertisement. You Fu*K off.

  12. wtffffffffff
    im a heavyyy heavy user and i barley hit 5 gb

  13. I have no sympathy for anyone facing the consequences of hitting 120GB is 10 days, or 56GB in 13 days, for that matter. Users like this may not be the reason for throttling or data caps, but they sure do provide carriers with the ammunition they need to publicly defend both. I don’t see how anyone can consider this level of usage to be reasonable.

    That said, I think caps are unnecessary, and unlimited should be just that – unlimited. However, I think that limiting users bandwidth to their “fair share” on congested cell sites, while the site is actually congested, is a good thing. Customers like this shouldn’t be allowed to adversely affect another customer’s experience.

    1. Reasonable isn’t the question, if its unlimited data there should be no limits and speed is a limit on data.

  14. 55 gigs….ummm My limit is 5 gigs a month on Rogers and I pay a crap load for that…

  15. If i replaced my home internet service with my Bionic (like the above two users did), i would simply sign up for the $20 unlimited tethering package…. I understand that the current plan they have is “Unlimited” but come on!!

  16. that is why we need government to intervene ( FCC ) with these funking companies, if you selling unlimited should be unlimited period.

  17. At 20 megabits/second (and I’ve gotten over 30 in Chicago) you can download over 8 gigs an hour. So somebody that really wanted to test Verizon could exceed 100 gigs in a single day. I’ve wondered about trying to use LTE for home internet, but I wouldn’t be willing to risk my grandfathered unlimited plan. 20 megabit also means you would blow through your new 2 gig monthly allotment in 15 minutes.

  18. And your mom makes much less than that sucking cocks on the street corner.

    1. You should try too !!!!!

  19. Next time you have the urge to tell everyone about how much porn you’ve tried to download in less than a two week period, please just replace that word with something like “Anime”, “Fraiser Episodes”, “The First season of Jersey Shore”, or “Computer Viruses”.

  20. Flamingo the plan is called unlimited DATA not unlimited BANDWIDTH. Big difference, look it up. Plus the data throttling is in the contract so they have every right to do it. Not that it doesn’t sucks for that top 5% of data users but I do believe it helps out the rest of the subscribers. Leave some bandwidth for the rest of us ya know haha.

  21. And I thought my 10gbs a month was bad.

  22. Assholes like that are the reason carriers went to capped data! Verizon should just void there contract and boot them off their network. Its obvious they’re using root & wifi tether and probably using it in place of a home internet connection.

  23. Its easy enough, all u have to do is save money by getting rid of any isp plans, and use ur tethered unlimited data plan as ur home’s only internet service. I live in an area where we r 103 feet too far from being able to get dsl, and there is no cable. So my only broadband is thru my phone. If verizon wants to throttle me, they can come and run 103 feet of line so i can have dsl, if not, they can suck it.

  24. You haters are making me sick. I bet you’re the same a–holes that tell people that complain about gas prices when they’re too high, that if they can’t afford it, they shouldn’t be driving. Well F-U, u sons of bitches. I can’t find a job, with two degrees; I live in an area where I am exactly 103 feet too far for verizon to provide DSL; there is no cable; and I can’t afford directtv. So me and my wife’s only means for internet and tv are through my unlimited tethered data. I save over $250 a month, and when you don’t know how long this job market is going to suck, that’s a lot for groceries and living expenses. So once again, F-U, Jackass, SUV driving, probably capped data plan and just hating, BITCHES.

    1. Move somewhere better.

      1. find me gainful employment, so I can take my student loans out of economic deferment, move, pay for my wife’s next 4 years of pharmacy school, and then pay for cable broadband. If you can’t help me, then take the rose colored glasses off and see what is actually happening to 80% of Americans and a majority of recent college grads that can’t find gainful employment. After you do that shove your sarcasm up your ass, and go stand back in line for your iphone 4s, you self-absorbed, ignorent a–hole.

        1. Join the military and have your student loans paid off, obviously you have not exhausted all options. The world owes you nothing.

          1. im a 2 time OIF veteran. that military pays for your schooling is a crock of SHIT.

        2. Ahhh because its impossible to live without cable TV and internet.

  25. How does showing 2 user’s data usage for a given period of time prove they were being throttled? Am I missing something? I’ve read the 3 paragraph article and stared at both those screenshots and I see nothing that indicates one was throttled and one wasn’t.

  26. Thats y verizon is capped

  27. You Americans use to much data. 500mb on 02 in the uk is enough for me. I have wifi at home, in my student flat, in all of my classes so the is no need in using that much data. I honestly only use it if a away for an extended period of time and want to check my emails or update my pulse.

    1. You should check and see how much data you use. sure you say what we use is a lot now but if you took a look at the data you you in all those places i bet you will find its the same as how much we use on cell phone networks.

      1. Yea I do its about 1.5-2GB a month, way more acceptable than 60gb, This is most likely tethering.

  28. I still don’t see where they were throttled. Anyone?

  29. From what I understand, “unlimited” on Verizon’s 4g network is actually unlimited and no throttling occurs (at least not yet). The throttling happens when you go over a certain amount of data on their 3g network.

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