Oct 7th, 2011

Ever wondered what happens if you were to really test Verizon’s “unlimited data” policy? I mean, we already know T-Mobile will throttle you into oblivion once you hit your limit. Sprint? Well, supposedly Dan Hesse would never even think about “penalizing” you, no matter how much data you burn on their network. But let’s just pretend for a moment that you used, ohhhhhh… I don’t konw. Say, 60GB of data in 13 days? As we’ve learned today from one unlucky customer — Verizon will throttle the heck out of you. The don’t care how “unlimited” you are, if you’re using 4G, 3G, or PG-13. They ain’t having it.

Oh, and if you thought that was bad, check out this guy (below) who hit 120GB in 10 days. Now honestly, I don’t think I could download all the porn in the vast ocean of the internet and hit 120GB in 10 days (believe me, I’ve tried). I’m honestly at a loss for words. Look at all that data! Just take it all in, folks. Bask in the ambiance.

While we’re not sure what’s going on here with Verizon and their policies, why the would throttle one man but let the other guy go scott-free, you can be sure of this — it’s because of guys like this that Verizon started capping their data in the first place.

[Via Droid-Life]

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