Oct 7th, 2011

Greetings, late night and overseas Phandroids! It’s time for another episode of the Android Overload. For those of you that are still hungry for more Android/carrier/Google related news, we pooled all the stories we weren’t able to get to throughout our day and placed them here. For you to nibble, snack or gorge upon. Are any of you counting down the days until the Nexus Prime is announced? I know I am! Oct. 11th is the day!

  • HTC Scribe Pen now half off at Best Buy for $40 (still too expensive). [BestBuy]
  • How long does it take to fix Google Maps? Fast than you think. [RWW]
  • Intellectual Ventures suing Motorola Mobility for — you guessed it — patent infringement. [BGR]
  • Samsung’s quarterly reports are better than estimated, thanks largely to Galaxy S II. [Reuters]