Best Buy Drops 16GB HTC Flyer to $100


After dropping the price of the HTC Flyer to $300, Best Buy has slashed off a couple hundred more, now offering the 16GB version of the Android slate for a mere $99.99. Of course, Best Buy’s inventory dropped just as quickly and the tablet is currently sold out for those ordering online. Not sure if the deal holds up in-store, but it is worth investigating. The Flyer might not have made the biggest splash upon its release, but it still features a high build quality and comes from a manufacturer with a proven track record in terms of Android devices. Besides, $100 is a steal for a tablet that once cost five times that much.

[via Best Buy | Thanks, Mike!]

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  1. If only it was a 10 inch tablet and had a sd slot.

    1. It does have a micro sd, but you need to remove the left side cover.

  2. do you have to buy a contract with it or is this the Wifi only one?

  3. Holy crap! Someone loan me $100

  4. If this had come out during the time of the TouchPad firesale, I would have picked this up instead. No need to have to worry about hacking to have a true Android ecosystem.

  5. Steal if you can get one.

  6. I’ll be heading down to my local BB when they open. I hope that they honor the web price in store!

  7. I am thinking I will roll over to my local BB store and see if I can pick one up when they open at 10AM.

  8. i just bought the archos tab….i would have bought this and saved a few dollars…still considering sending the archos back!

  9. Anyone know if Best Buy will do phone orders for later pickup?

    1. I don’t think they normally do, but you may get someone who is willing.

  10. sold out online :(

  11. To bad this didn’t happen around the touchpad sales I would have bought this instead. Oh well the tp isn’t bad. it shows what these tablets should be priced at.

  12. If only it had honeycomb

  13. Now if only I can find one, I will definitely be going to Best Buy on my break.

  14. Bestbuy has a sign on the door saying the price online was a mistake and is still 299 in store.

  15. not $99 in stores. they said it was a misprint on the website and are not honoring that price.

    1. Seriously? That sucks. :/

  16. Just called my local Best Buy and they told me that was a misprint and it is actually $299. I don’t know if they were feeding me a line but that’s what they said.

  17. went to best buy they are NOT given tab for $100.00

  18. just called BB and they said the price was incorrect. The price is $299, not $99. Not sure if this was a mistake or if the sale price was online only.

  19. I wonder if those price match stores would honor the online price, might be worth a shot! Since it states its available in store.

  20. Called. Was told that an email was received that this was an error and they will not be selling any at $99.

  21. Just called and they said it was incorrectly priced…im in dallas

  22. Yeah i just talked to a sales rep, confirmed misprint online… all online sales are being cancelled.

  23. Just left BB. Sign on door saying online pricing error. Mgr there to meet about 20 of us who were waiting for opening. Sold remaining stock to a few who still wanted it @ $299. Lame.

  24. Yup, here too. The manager pretty much told us all with Flyer in hand to eff off. For anyone that may have gotten that price, you got lucky. :(

  25. Well, I got to my local BB right at open (10am) and bought it right away. Right when I walked in, I noticed a manager pull the price tag (and they were also looking at removing the demo model from the floor). Still got it for $100!

    1. Good Job! They really should honor their advertised price :)

    2. Lucky. The manager told us that there was no way they would honor that price and if we had a problem we could take it up with corperate :|

  26. Just came back from Best Buy in Jersey City (close to Newport Mall). The guy in the blue shirt said that it was a mistake on the website and that they were told from corp to not sell it for that price. It’s still $299. I think for that price I’m going to wait for the Kindle Fire.

  27. I went to Best Buy at 10am EST and picked up 4 of these. I asked the clerk in the computer area if they had any in stock and he said they did. As he was walking to the back, I quickly asked for all of the HTC Flyers and he was oblivious to the $99 pricing. He came back with 4 HTC Flyers and rang me up at the register. I swiped my debit card and right when the transaction was complete, the floor manager came out and said it was not priced correctly. Kid you not! Fortunately, they let me have them for $99!!! I am so stoked! These will be Christmas gifts and this is an excellent tablet!

    1. Thats epic dude…

      1. Yep, here is the receipt for proof. Some people sent me personal messages asking for proof. LOL Here it is :)

        1. you sir are a mothafucking BOSS

  28. I went to my local best buy and got mine for 99.00.

  29. I have had a few people ask for a receipt. I replied to Spencer Mead and attached a jpeg (which is a few down from this posting). I was fortunate to obtain 4 of them and will give them away as gifts.

  30. Yes they did that same thing during the HP Touchpad firesale. They wouldn’t honor the price either at first. I got screwed that time too. They refused this morning to honor their price as well. God BestBuy sucks, I can’t believe the disregard they have for their customers, if you make a mistake own it. It is not my fault that you messed up, it is yours and yours alone. No accountability anymore in this world.

  31. Went to my local BB and there was a line of probably 10 people. They did not honor the price but I went ahead and bought 2 anyway. I am predicting that they were planning to drop the price soon but some webmaster flipped the switch too early. Hopefully they will drop the price within 14 days and I can get a price adjustment or I will just return them.

    This was the same thing they did with the HP Touchpads. I called BB and they said they weren’t dropping the price and then they did the next day. Caused me to miss out!

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