HTC’s Q3 Net Profit Grows by 68%


HTC is reporting a 68% year-over-year increase in net profit for Q3 2011, despite a 34% drop-off in stock value since July 1st. The company’s revenue grew by 79% to 135.82 billion New Taiwan dollars. Profits increased to NT$18.64 billion (US$615.3 million) from NT$11.1 billion for the same period during the previous year.

Shrinking margins and concerns over HTC’s competitiveness in the market in the midst of an Apple lawsuit and the pending release of the iPhone 4S have raised questions, but overall Q3 figures read as analysts expected they would. HTC shares saw a 1.6 percent increase on Tuesday.

[via WSJ]

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  1. basically that’s good news

  2. When the Vigor comes out me and my crew are going to BUY BUY BUY…

  3. “Shrinking margins” seems like a BS excuse that Wall Street came up with. It’s hard to say their margins are shrinking with this kind of growth. Then again the stock market is the only thing that’s based on subjective assumptions and treated as if it’s some sort of science.

  4. Notice, HTC users arent Kool-Aid drinking, ball washing, excuse makers like the wannabe apple company’s users are.

    HTC just keep cranking it…while the other one keeps dropping eff you press releases, phones that don’t update (uh huh, just blame the carriers) and that go tier 2 one month after their US release.

    Yeah, you know who you are.

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