Cleaned-Up Render Gives Us a Better Side View of the Nexus Prime


Here is something to feast your eyes upon. Reddit member Greyhaven7 took his Photoshop skills to a frame extracted from the recent Samsung Unpacked teaser, removing the blue glow and extraneous elements to provide us with what we believe to be a pretty darn good representation of what the Nexus Prime will look like from the side. Greyhaven7 took the liberty to slightly reduce what he saw as an exaggerated curve to the device’s screen, and we tend to agree with his artistic license. What do you all think?

[vie Reddit]

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  1. I just came O_o

    1. From where?!!

      1. from your bedroom :p

  2. Whew! The curve from before made me run for the hills! This curve is even more less extreme than the disappointment known as the Nexus S.

    1. No

  3. Gimmie!

  4. if you flipped it over, it’d look like a mouse

  5. I’m just hoping it releases on all carriers at LAUNCH. FUCK VERIZON!!!
    I want choice, not high prices for a cellphone bill

    1. And you got it, the choice to have slower service and less coverage. So go get the GSII and stay out of grown folks business!

      1. lololol :rolleyes:

      2. How is leaving Verizon to get a GSII, a solution to the fact that Verizon will not be selling the next Nexus?

        1. He was talking about the guy who clearly isnt on Verizon and on a much slower prob Sprint or Tmo network.

      3. Um Sprint is up to 8 times faster in my area than Verizon… Keep things like that in mind. It is another year before LTE is scheduled to roll out in my region.

        1. Do you live in a cave? 8 times faster? Maybe when comparing Wimax to verizons 3g.

          1. He just said his area wasn’t scheduled to get Verizon 4G until next year.

          2. He never said what he was comparing. 3g-3g sprint isn’t 8 times faster.

          3. Here let me dumb it down for you so that you will understand… LTE isn’t scheduled for roll out in my area for another year for Verizon. So you have have anywhere from 4-8 megabit connection on Sprint’s WiMax network versus Verizon’s only option for this area as well as a large portion of the states being 3G running about 1 megabit at best. I know their LTE can be much faster. But my point here is that it is not available.

          4. So your comparing a 4g to a 3g network? If you only have 3g for Verizon why not compare that to Sprints 3g. Like I said comparing a 4g to a 3g network is moot.

          5. @Chris125: Because he doesn’t care WHY it’s faster. He just cares that it is. For him, Verizon isn’t all that, because it’s crawling along while Sprint is flying. LTE is vaporware for another year for him. Why should he be impressed that you’re slobbering over something that isn’t useful for him? You might as well be telling a fish how great your sandbox shovel is.

          6. Really don’t seem to get the point that Verizon’s LTE isn’t available in all areas. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t hop onto their network if it was available in my area. It’s not. End of story. You can’t compare networks like that, every area is different. Verizon and AT&T are terrible in my area, they have coverage but their network speeds just aren’t to par. You might get a megabit at midnight if you are lucky. My point is that where I am at Sprint has the better offer because they are getting into rolling WiMax out into smaller cities. I’m sure that if I move to Houston I might consider the switch to Verizon for the increase in network speed. I’m sorry but as far as I’m concerned a network is a network. 4G doesn’t mean shit to me. I work with networks all day long, and I have YET to see a wireless network that is truly “4G” and outside of a lab.

            My point is that Sprint has already reached small cities of about 30k people. At last check Verizon is still working on rolling out the new network to major cities. I don’t have access to it, so right now it means nothing to me as far as an option as a carrier. 14 more months? Maybe.

          7. ATT is terrible in every area. Consumer reports just did their yearly write up and ATT was dead last by a wide margin in every category.

          8. level headed people get what your saying im a fan of no carrier. i have sprint because its the best deal in my area and i get very good service in my city even without wimax. if verizon had a better deal id check out their devices but they dont neither does att. i also get a discount of something like 21% off my bill with sprint and its about the same with att but no discount with verizon. if theres no real reason to jump carriers for some people in some areas people need to stfu if they dont live there.

          9. I bet Chris125is the type to buy a north face jacket because it is the best jacket you can have even though he lives in Phoenix…lol.

      4. I’d like to note that although Verizon’s LTE is the fastest, their 3G is terribly slow.

        1. Agree verizons 3g is pretty slow.

        2. As always it depends on area, I’m a verizon user with an LTE phone in a 3G area, LTE is slated for late this year or early the next year.

          In any case I average 1-5 – 2 mbps down and .8 – 1.0 Mbps up, I also have a work AT&T phone and in real world usage my Verizon phone is faster, though not on speedtests.
          Sprint has no Wimax here and it’s 3G is like 800 kbps.
          In every area you have to decide among the current options in your area, so in the real world comparing 4G to 3G makes sense and you can’t really declare one carrier better than another unilaterally, the best you can do is maybe declare one provider superior for a county at best.

      5. Actually not in my area. I get on average 5 to 6mbps speeds and pretty good coverage with my Nexus S on T-mo. Also the $60 per month doesn’t hurt either. My main problem with Verizon is that while on LTE your phone uses more battery and if you decide to turn it off then you only get 1mbps speeds on their 3G, so to me in my area those things don’t justify their high prices. Oh and did I forget to mention that T-mo lets me tether for free.

    2. My understanding is that this is launching on all carriers. It is just that VZW will have it by a different name: Droid Prime maybe?

      1. No other carrier is showing any leaked roadmaps of any kind of Nexus device… It might not be until early January 2012 till we see it on a GSM version

        1. I don’t think there was ever a Sprint roadmap that leaked so far… so I’m hopeful…

        2. The leaked T-Mobile roadmap only goes up to November 9th.

          1. it wouldn’t be on any carriers roadmap if it is sold by google or a store like best buy only.

          2. Ok that’s true; however, the Nexus S wasn’t released to AT&T and Sprint until nearly half a year later.. so I’m thinking the same will be true with the Nexus Prime

        3. That is easy because the Nexus One was Nexus S was never leaked for T-mobile or AT&T because they don’t officially carry those phones in stores and Verizon will be.

          The difference between buying your Nexus at Best Buy for T-mo & AT&T and buying it on contract from Sprint & Verizon is that when a carrier sells it then you aren’t allowed to have free tethering.

    3. If the nexus prime doesn’t come out on all carriers in a short amount of time then Google will be losing a bit of my loyalty. At this point in the game with even GSII coming out on all carriers the expectation is there. However, T-Mobile/ATT got the nexus one, T-Mobile the nexus s, Sprint the Nexus S 4G. It is time for Google to show Verizon some love. Even though they are the king of control and nickel and diming on services. Good luck getting free tethering capabilities. “It’s your data plan but if we think we can sell tethering we’re not going to give it to you free”. Old business models and pricing need to die and T-Mobile and Sprint are leading the way.

      1. What are you talking about? I have unlimited everything for $84 a month T-Mobile including access to 42 Mbps data speeds and free tethering. Unlike you, I know what I’m talking about from first hand experience.

        1. He was praising Tmo and Sprint. Smh at people who can’t comprehend what is being said.

        2. T-Mobile is only 42mbps in theory… Verizon’s LTE network consistently pushes out speeds of up to 5-32mbps n tha Cleveland area. witch is staggering on my droid bionic. i will b getting tha nexus prime or (droid prime) whatever they call it nd im sure it will drop on other carriers soon if this is a Verizon exclusive. with that being said T-Mobile 4G network is far faster then that sprint Wi-Max network and at&t 4G network. from personal speed test and experience T-Mobile steadily pushes out speeds of up to 4-6/7mbps witch 2x faster then wi-max nd at&t

    4. From what I understand, it is only a timed exclusive for Verizon kind of like the original Nexus One only being available on T-Mo’s 3g network at the start.

    5. i compared individual plan on 4 carriers and i found Verizon arent the most expensive one.

      1. If you intend to use a Nexus on all four networks then you need to know this:

        Verizon, tethering = $30/month
        Sprint, tethering = $30/month

        T-mobile, tethering = $0/month
        AT&T = $0/month (for now)

        I pay $60/month on T-mo because of my Nexus but if I try to match that almost same plan on Verizon then it goes up to $115/month. I do check on other prices because I’m using T-mo’s Even More Plus plan and I’m not on contract because of it. So if you take this info into account then the cheapest would be in this order:

        1. T-mobile
        2. AT&T
        3. Sprint
        4. Verizon

    6. Quit your whining … EVERY carrier BUT VZW has a Nexus so just because the current Nexus is going to VZW most likely isn’t anything to get your panties in a bunch over. Just wait for the next one and it might hit the low cost carrier you’re on … might be paygo so slobs like you can get one. :P

      1. I wouldn’t doubt if it is at least available on Verizon in stores and at Best Buy for T-mobile on day one.

    1. I think this is upside down. ;)

      1. It is! That image would put the power button on the bottom left on the phone instead of the upper right

        1. The designed it for people who fancy shutting off their phone with their pinky finger. :P

    2. They shaved too much off the back. Looks weird o_O

      1. Not the back, the front. They just removed the blue curve.
        Btw, this device matches the description made by the 4Chan user you quoted in one of your articles… so, like him, we should start calling it the Galaxy Nexus instead of the Nexus Prime.

    3. Wow. It looks better with the hump on top! But doesn’t make sense because the lock button would be at the bottom left!

      Come to think of it.. I always have my fingers caressing the charging port to my thunderbolt.. which is at the bottom left. :)

    It’s so much more ergonomic than the top…
    My only concern is that bottom bump, but if this thing is as thin as a GSII that bump would be just fine :)

    1. i agree with u top lock button is so stupid!! (i’m having lots of difficulties with this stupid Sensation 4g coming from Vibrant of course) that bump looks like the one from SGS 1!! which i don’t miind also… this phone is SICK!! i think i’m gonna have to wait for this instead of SGS 2

    2. I don’t mind the top-lock on my og droid…and I would think that a side-lock would be annoying because I hold my phone in my left hand so my thumb would be sleeping the screen by accident all the time.

      But I can’t say for sure this will happen because I’ve never had a side-lock phone before…I will go into ownership of a Nexus Prime with an open mind.

  7. The color scheme makes it look like the N1 and NS got together and had a baby. That’d be fine by me.

    1. lol i agree!!! i can’t wait till oct 11th!!

    2. i was thinking the same thing

  8. omg that what i call an UPGRADE!!! good thing i waited buying on for me and wifey!!!

  9. charges from the side?

    1. It’s a 3-pin Dock Contact… the are just like the ones at the bottom of my N1. I’m pretty sure It’s for docking.

  10. Don’t like the bulge at the bottom, but then again, as if such stuff could prevent me from buying it :P

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  12. I cant wiat for this thing to come out. My Droid got broke about a month ago and I have been using a crappy fliphone. I almost went and got the Bionic, but I didnt want to kick myself in the ass for doing that if I liked this phone. This phone is stealing alotof the thunder from the Vigor..

    1. “This phone is stealing alotof the thunder from the Vigor..”

      And the precursor to the Vigor was the “Thunder”bolt, hmm….. There’s a joke in there somewhere, I can feel it. I’m just not witty enough to find it. ^_^

      1. Hey that was a pretty good one. lol!

      2. Neither am I.

        [insert witty joke about thunder-puns here]

        …problem solved.

    2. Get ready for that for the next 12 months like how the Nexus One and Nexus S did.

  13. I want to see the front!! :)

    1. Willing to bet it will look very similar to Nexus S sans the capacitive buttons.

  14. Looks thin… really thin.

    I love a thin device, but I would rather sacrifice millimeters for a larger batter

  15. Actually, I think the rendering makes it look thicker than it will be. Check androidandme for a view using only the contrast to pull out the [true] image.

    1. Who knows though. We all will in less than six days … SIX days! (trying to remain calm and realistic, failing)

    2. I wouldn’t mind it being that “thick”. Coming from an original Droid would me it would appear thinner to me, and the thicker it is, the more likely it will have a sizable battery to support all that new tech it’s sporting.

  16. Steve jod has die

  17. On a serious note Steve Jobs has passed away. My prayers goes to the family and the loyal at Apple and worldwide.


  19. I just wish that it doesn’t have that bump on one side of the phone, but a smooth back.

  20. What are the 3 copper dots on the side???

    1. Docking contact points/possible charging points

  21. Beautiful

  22. its the same shape of the nexus s just made of metal..and it looks like the first nexus because of the colors..interesting

  23. Awesome photoshop cleanup!!

  24. That curve looks much less pronounced without a blue line there.

  25. Better than the iphone 4s

  26. Just side boob. We want the full frontal.

  27. Woooh… What if this thing came in 2 different colors. The solid black versus the chromey nexus color. That would be sooo nice.

  28. Verzion will probably price this phone at 299.00.

  29. Wonder how battery life will be if its this thin with LTE.

  30. All I want to know is if this thing is going to be an LTE device? If it is, its gonna rock on vzw! If it doesn’t, it’ll be a major major let down for those that have already experienced the speed of an LTE device. I for one would not be able to switch back to a 3G device …Fingers crossed.

  31. This doesn’t look like an Ice Scream sandwich at all :P

    LOL, CoME ON OCT. 11!!!

  32. I want it.

    1. The Nexus Prime?

      1. Yes…I want the Nexus Prime. Duh, are you stupid?

  33. on this pic, the device looks better.

  34. Racist internet trolling pussy

    1. You are the racist bitch.

  35. wow arc )like sony ericsson xperia arc…))

  36. Right now my 3g is fast on sprint compare to lte or hspa+ it fairs a lot. Fuck speed the whole point is to crack the mystery of the nexus device look at that nice curve device. ICE CREAM SANDWICH IS ALMOST HERE.

  37. Hantec have spilt the beans on the Nexus Prime: http://www.handtec.co.uk/shopimages/products/normal/Google_Nexus_Prime_M.jpg

    Google Nexus Prime (SIM Free/Unlocked)

    Main Features

    Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)
    4.6-Inch SuperAmoled Screen
    1.5GHz Dual-Core Processor
    8MP Camera and Front 1MP Camera
    1GB RAM + 16GB Internal Storage
    WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth
    720p HD Resolution Display
    8.8mm Thickness

    1. You know that picture was proven to be fake, right?

  38. It’s sad that someone spent so much time anguishing over the graphic that they had to cc and edit it in Photoshop till they could see what they wanted to see. this is akin to apple fans.

  39. Looks awesome. Can’t wait.

  40. I’ll take it!!! This is gorgeous. I hope it’s true.

  41. Plastic. Ewwwwwwwww….

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