BREAKING: Steve Jobs Has Passed Away 1955-2011


We have just found out moments ago via Bloomberg and the Associated Press that the man behind the iPhone revolution, Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs, has passed away at the age of 56. Details are scarce at the moment but to say I’m in total shock would be an understatement. He had publicly been battling pancreatic cancer since 2004. Say what you will about his business practices, Steve was almost single-handedly responsible for pushing the entire mobile industry forward. RIP, Steve.

Update: Apple has released this statement on their website:

“Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being,” the company said in a statement. “Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know and work with Steve have lost a dear friend and an inspiring mentor. Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built an this spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple.”

Google co-founder Sergey Brin made this statement on his Google+ page:

From the earliest days of Google, whenever Larry and I sought inspiration for vision and leadership, we needed to look no farther than Cupertino. Steve, your passion for excellence is felt by anyone who has ever touched an Apple product (including the macbook I am writing this on right now). And I have witnessed it in person the few times we have met.

On behalf of all of us at Google and more broadly in technology, you will be missed very much. My condolences to family, friends, and colleagues at Apple.

The other Google co-founder, Larry Page, also issued his condolences via his Google+ page:

I am very, very sad to hear the news about Steve. He was a great man with incredible achievements and amazing brilliance. He always seemed to be able to say in very few words what you actually should have been thinking before you thought it. His focus on the user experience above all else has always been an inspiration to me. He was very kind to reach out to me as I became CEO of Google and spend time offering his advice and knowledge even though he was not at all well. My thoughts and Google’s are with his family and the whole Apple family.

Before I go, I would like to post a truly moving speech given by Steve Jobs at Standford University’s Commencement Address back in 2005. “Love what you do.” (Steve enters the stage at 7:30)

If anyone would like to share your condolences, feel free to send an e-mail to [email protected]

[Via Apple]

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  1. Enough of the hate for this guy, he was an innovator and did a lot for Apple and the tech world overall. I know he will be missed…

    1. What hate? Shut the fuck up.

      1. lol , classic !

      2. The same hate, when you just said shut the fuck up… We aren’t here to fight or throw around crap like that.

  2. RIP Steve Jobs. No doubt a brilliant man who greatly impacted the tech community.

  3. Very sad day. He was a great innovator who built the most powerful tech company. I may not like it, but I have to accept the power of Apple.

  4. sad

  5. Hasnt this happend before? new outlets report of his death and ends up being alive around a media event. If it is true, RIP Steve Jobs

  6. Deny this all you want but Steve and the iOS made Android the juggernaut it is today! RIP Steve!

    1. No one is denying what you are stating. Everyone knows that without Steve and his revolutionary step into the phone business, Android would not be what it is today. RIP Steve.

      1. A modern day Leonardo Da Vinci

        1. lets not get carried away

        2. May he RIP.

          I do take issue with people saying “Android wouldn’t be what it is today” “Smartphones wouldn’t be what they are today” etc…That’s a load of crap. How do I know this? It’s called innovation, technology, and time. Mr. Jobs did not have an exclusive lock on any of the 3.

          1. lol yes he did

            and I love both Android and iOS. It just boils down to preference. Some people prefer a simple experience where their hand is held and they are in some utopian “walled garden.” Other people prefer an open ecosystem, where there can be chaos at times, but where freedom is the ultimate priority. Neither of these are wrong. You can love him or vilify him, but you can’t deny him.

          2. “Vilify”. Hmm… I just learned a new word to add to my vocabulary. Thanks.

          3. I agree with you. Behind closed doors we really don’t know who came up with the ideas. Some were obviously borrowed. He was the front man and gets all the praise.

            He reinvigorated the market, that’s for sure but to say he changed the world, or without him Android wouldn’t be the way it is, is getting a little carried away. Trust me, without Steve Jobs the world would have been just fine.

            With all that said, the man is gone and may he rest in peace.

          4. strongly disagree. Without iOS, Android isn’t near where it is today…

            And that is just looking at smartphones. Where are we without the culmination of the personal computer? Fonts? Tablets?

            And what about films?

            Lastly, and arguably he greatest accomplishment – iTunes. Not the program, but what it meant to the music industry. Where would we be today, if the Record companies were still fighting to keep their albums (not songs, bc before Steve, you couldn’t buy a ‘song’, it was only by album or demo) off napster.

            It amazes me that his accomplishments aren’t seen for how truly revolutionary they are.

          5. @Horace

            You are nuts. Look up the history of computers and computing, no one man can claim the crown. It was the contributions of many that made computing what it is today.

            And to think differently is just naive and a slap in the face to the many others who did their part.

            Steve Jobs borrowed and copied just like many others did. But what his genius was, was Marketing and Apple did it better than anybody.

            Looked at objectively the iPhone (except for the web kit browsing) was a dud compared to other phones. It’s only after the second and third versions did it become something half way decent. What it does even today is nothing special. People are in love with its looks and aesthetics more than functions.

            Maybe Android wouldn’t LOOK as cool as it does today but I have no doubt, functionally it would have been the same.

            Apple and Jobs gave us the ‘cute’ not the function.

          6. You want to ignore the cumulative feats of one man, because ‘a lot of people do great things for technology’?

            What you call ‘cute’, I call intuitive. What I must remind those technology fans such as ourselves, is that the majority of tech users do NOT want the customization or technical prowess that Android provides.

            I am convinced that you literally know nothing about the hands-on nature of Jobs.

            Between his work on computers, media devices, motion picture, and the music industry, he was actively engaged in some of the most monumental decisions of the past 10 years for these industries.

            And to ignore the cultural impact of the iPhone would be foolish. It has been stated that only 6 people had seen the final iPhone device before it was announced. If that isn’t ‘hands on innovation’, I don’t know what is.

          7. Part of Jobs’ genius was that he recognized the importance of design. Listen to his Stanford speech. He mentions that the Mac (and Windows) likely wouldn’t have had multiple fonts if he didn’t “drop in” on a calligraphy course 10 years earlier. Lots of companies can put specs on a sheet. Not very many can make it easy to use, or predict what consumers will want before they even realize they want it. Even fewer can make that a reality. Computers, music players, mobile phones, and tablets all existed before Steve Jobs got involved. However, he had a significant hand in popularizing all of them.

          8. @Horace

            I’m convinced you are very carried away with all the hoopla surrounding Jobs and Apple and has refused to look at things objectively.

            The iPhone is just a fancy cell phone, nothing more. It’s not a revolution and the whole culture thing is just in YOUR mind.

            If the iPhone, iPod or iPad NEVER existed, we would still be using mp3 players, cell phones and laptops and no one would bat an eye. You are carried away my friend. Wake up and smell the coffee.

            And as far as Android goes, you can’t be more wrong. The people who really enjoy and use Android to its fullest tend to be more computer literate and LOVE the functionality and flexibility of the OS.

            Steve jobs was a marketing genius and to me that’s what he will always be remembered as.

          9. @kpom

            Macintosh isn’t very popular and I bet if the Mac disappears we’ll all be just fine.

            I’m sure he contributed but he did no more than the countless other players at the time.

            Because Apple sold boat loads of iPods doesn’t mean mp3 players would have been unpopular had Apple not existed. The portability of the mp3 player alone would have made it popular regardless. Same for the smart phone. Same for the Laptop.

            Also not everyone cares for Apple’s ‘design’ choices. I know I don’t and I know many other who won’t touch one.

            I didn’t buy a smart phone because of the iPhone. I bought one because of the functions (most of which existed before the iPhone). If a cute row of icons on a touchscreen didn’t exist, but was instead and ugly pixelated row of icons, I’d still be the owner of a PDA/phone because it filled a role.

            People are confusing this recent cleverly manufactured hype over touchscreen phones with the core of what the smart phone was about. Don’t get me wrong I love touch screens and prefer it over something like a Blackberry but at the end of the day, they both fulfill their core functions.

            Also because something is popular does not necessarily translate to being innovative.

          10. Dude you gotta give credit where its true. i know some might not want to admit it but without him Android will never evere have been at the stage it is in now.

        3. i don’t believe this is far fetched at all. I can’t imagine any one man today having a greater impact on our daily lives.

          It sounds silly, when referring to material goods, but revolutionized so many aspects of our lives. When I saw that 80% of doctors in hospitals are utilizing the iPad, I was stunned.

          Steve was the greatest innovator and business man of our time. hands down.

    2. I completely agree. While I prefer Android, we would not have the hardware or software we have today without the innovation from Steve and Apple.

      RIP big guy. We hope that your second coming will be just as amazing as your first. (He was Buddhist)

      1. — not to get off track, but just so u know if he was buddhist then he would wish to not be reborn at all

    3. Well said!


  7. Rest in peace Steve Jobs. Went to apples site and saw the photo. As much as i didn’t like your business practice, you did push the industry forward. Thank you

  8. Very sad to hear!I suggest everyone go watch The Pirates Of Silicon Valley. Brilliant computer guru and business man!

    RIP Mr Jobs!

    1. Agreed.

      This man’s legacy extends beyond 2007 with the iPhone. He was around when the might of IBM ruled the tech world. He was part of the group who truely felt they could change the world…and they did.


  9. His business practices I was not fond of, but the brilliance he brought to the tech world you simply can’t ignore. I am an Android fan, yes, but a tech fan more. Steve, without you, many of the things I have come to know and love would not exist. Rest in Peace, Sir.

  10. Rest in peace Mister Jobs…

  11. It’s true. From the horse’s mouth:


    May God have mercy on his soul.

    1. “May god have mercy on his soul?”

      I think I speak for a lot of people here when I say: fuck you.

      Regardless of your opinions on Apple, this man is the greatest inventor of our generation and he changed not just the tech industry, but the film and animation industries with Pixar. Android wouldn’t be as amazing and powerful as it were today if it didn’t have the iPhone to inspire and push it to innovate and change and give people what they want in a device.

      1. I think people are being a wee bit oversensitive. But with that being said as my mother always told me if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all so I have nothing to say, except rest in peace and God’s speed

        1. “May God have mercy on his soul” has no negative connotations. As a person of faith, I pray that God does have mercy on Mr. Jobs’ soul. Steve Jobs is neither an Angel nor a Demon. Despite all the good that he did in the realm of technology, he was a man with all the mortal failings that go with being human. As a Christian I believe that falling on the mercy of God is the only thing that can save us from that same God’s wrath. You are welcome to your own beliefs on the matter, but the simple statement of “may God have mercy on his soul” does not reflect judgment on Steve Jobs for any of his positive or negative contributions to humanity.

      2. Whoa, simmer down there. You took that COMPLETELY the wrong way. I may not have liked everything about the way Jobs operated, but I never wished him harm, let alone death. I would strongly challenge the claim that he was the greatest inventor, but he was very much a visionary and one of the strongest influences in the world of technology, for which I very much respect him. He made significant contributions to the industry as a whole, and will be missed.

        I meant no resentment whatsoever in my comment. I simply believe what the Bible says regarding our options for life after death, and since I don’t know where he stood on the matter, I was expressing my desire for him to be in the best place possible.

        And now, since I have no intention to turn this into a heated religious debate, I am ending the conversation. I apologize for any misconceptions caused by my initial comment, and for what apparently was a poor choice of words.

  12. Sad isn’t the word, you feel remorse especially if anyone followed his legacy with his iPhone. Each year you can see his health slipping now it caught up to him, I respect his creation to bad he wont be around to help the wanna b’s over at apple to push the envelope

  13. Steve Jobs, you were a pioneer in technology! Prayers to the Jobs family…Requiescat in Pacem

  14. Sad sad sad…tech world will never be the same.

  15. It was a joke, lighten up. RIP, you truly did have a hand in changing the world.

  16. We’re not exactly apple fans over here but I think we can all agree… this sucks

    1. i’m so sad right now. The world will always be different and better because of Steve Jobs.

  17. Why should this matter to an Android blog? I’m not disrespecting the man, but I came here for Android/Google news, not something that has nothing to do with it. Yes, Stevo has been what many of us view as a “villain” in the Android world, he and his company changed the mobile industry, and I suppose you could argue this has something to do with android, but I’m disappointed to know that I can’t go anywhere without hearing about his passing.

    1. Wow you really are a heartless ssɐ aren’t you? You’re dissapointed that you can’t go a website about a mobile OS that wouldn’t be where it was today if not for SJ pushing innovation forward? How do you keep your blood from freezing; and how do you circulate it without a heart? I’m not joking, I really just want to know.

      1. Cry me a river, why don’t you? I really don’t care about Mr. Jobs, sure it’s bad that he’s gone, but if he wasn’t there someone else would have came up with it. Maybe not as good or in the way that it is, but eventually the wheel would have been invented by some other cave man.

        1. But you do care…deep down. Otherwise you would not have read the article or the various posts and then finally posted yourself. Move along troll.

        2. despite how small-minded and ignorant your comments are, Andy Rubin once worked at Apple, as did countless other Google/Android employees.

          The fact that Google.com currently has more letters devoted to steve than in ‘google’ itself goes to show the impact he has had on the world.

          What Steve did for computers/smartphones/film, etc. goes so far beyond anyone else in the world. I strongly disagree that ‘someone else would have eventually done it’

          1. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but without Palm OS, Windows CE and LG for Apple to ‘borrow’ from, they wouldn’t be where they are today. In terms technology Steve Jobs’ contribution was a fly on an elephants butt. Think about it, what did he really contribute? A cute looking phone with a touch screen? Functionally, an iPhone is not very different from the Palm and Windows CE phones that predates it. Yeah they’ve gotten sleeker, smoother and we could browse on them but it is nothing new.

            Steve jobs was a great salesman and knew how to appeal to the average Joe.

          2. What you are ‘downplaying’ as insignificant is also the best celling cell phone of all time…

            What Steve created wasn’t a piece of hardware, it was a whole new way to consume information/entertainment. Steve may not have invented the smartphone, but made it so that everyone in the US (or the world) wanted one.

            Shall we move on to any of the other industries he has his mark all over? Films? Computers (read: laptops, desktops, accessories – all of the above)? Music? Retail?

            Take your pick – you could write a book about any of those individual topics, and how Steve had a significant impact.

          3. Agreed ! while its sad for anyone to pass I agree that Apples only appeal is through marketing. Only with that can they continue to sell marginally more advanced models of the same phone year after year for outrageous prices, that counts for the mac as well….extreme price for something my HP can do for half the price, yet the idiots keep buying them….great salesman for a horrible phone.

          4. what exactly did he do for film ? Even if youre referring to PIXAR, its not like he revolutionized film like LUCAS did. Even though he was a pioneer in marketing, he and his lawyers sallied poor Apple’s name and reputation with all these lawsuits over patents….if anything that is why there is more hatred for him then there would have been otherwise…sad that he just couldnt accept that once again a competitor took something he thought up and made it better. i guess he was having PC vs MAC nightmares.

          5. Please read the history of Pixar. I am not trying to discredit Lucas, but the history of Pixar from Lucas to Disney is very significant.

            Lucas was no where NEAR Toy Story, and many of the main players at Pixar were hired by Steve. The whole project was funded by Steve. and the negotiations with Disney were all handled by Steve.

            Steve took a small portion of Lucas Films and turned it into one of the largest film houses in the world.

    2. Mainly because his influence forced Android to even exist. If you can’t see the interrelation of these things…well…I can’t think of what to say about that.

      1. I might be able to fill a pool in you fanboys’ tears and swim in it. Android existed before iOS did, and if it wasn’t for Apple, we might be having a an experience similar to BB OS. Still, I don’t really care whether he’s dead or not, I’m quite indifferent. Besides, you people take my comment too seriously. Relax, go outside, enjoy the weather – I’ll be doing the latter.

        1. Well said!

          1. agreed. I really appreciate how he was able to capture literally nothing of significance in so many words.

            LarryT, I commend you for the ability to continue to ignore the impact that Steve has had on your life.

            I hope the next time you use a mouse to click play on a song on your computer, you recognize the impact that Steve had on that 2-second chain of events.

          2. LOL, so whenever you click or play a song you think about Jobs? You might need some therapy.

          3. if i were attempting to deflect from the actual point at hand, i guess making an irrational correlation would be one way to do it.

            well played /sarcasm

          4. Your ‘point’ has little basis in reality. And your lack of attempt to at least support your statements with some facts make them laughable and open to ridicule.

          5. which part ? the song or the mouse ? if the only music u play comes from itunes and u actually pay for music then yes that would be jobs….but i get my music for free and play it on a PC in Windows Media Player, through altec lansing speakers…none of which were invented by steve jobs…besides the mouse was made by Bill Gates, who improved on the poor Apple design when he licensed all that great stuff that Jobs never saw the need to…..although in retrospect thats prob the reason Apple is so closed door, he didnt want anything stolen ever again…. Android did to Apple what the PC did to the MAC….it took something mediocre and made it better… but I wont mock a dead man….. RIP

          6. i think you may want to revisit the history – Steve did not steal the mouse, and was the first to understand how it could be incorporated into consumer technology.

            Steve did not invent the mouse, but he revolutionized how we utilize it. Steve did not invent digital music, but was the first the convince the record industry to sell it by the song, instead of the album.

            Bill Gates did not invent the mouse, Apple (Steve) did. Steve was quoted as knowing exactly how important it was.

            So when you put your hands on the mouse, you can think Apple. and when you click to play one song, you can Steve for the idea of singular consumption, because otherwise we would be listening to the Record companies vs Napster

    3. Take your head out of your ass fandroid…..it matters bcuz without Steve Jobs you wouldn’t have an Android blog to post on

      1. Dude stfu for once. This isn’t AppleInsider. You can go there an join the usual circle jerk. Next you’ll be telling us Steve Jobs invented the earth, moon and sky. If Steve wasn’t there someone else would have. I know that hurts but it’s the truth. And he’s no innovator, just a re-packager and sales genius.

        What the iPhone did when it came out, other phones did before it (except for the web kit browser). Yes Apple sparked a race but no one can say for sure it would not have occurred without the iPhone.

        1. this is a technology blog, yes? I don’t see how it would be out of context to honor one of most significant figures in modern technology

          you are so small minded it is frightening.

          1. Honor is one thing, blind, naive worship is another.

          2. speaking as an Android, Linux user, I do not have a blind, naive worship.

            but I can not think of a single person on this planet that had a greater impact on our daily lives.

          3. @Horace

            I can think of many and none would be Jobs.

          4. …… care to name any of them?

    4. Short reply: Get out.
      Long reply: Get The Fxxk Out!

    5. Read a different article then…not like it is the only one posted. Its all about choice isn’t it?

    6. Unlike everyone else, I actually somewhat agree with you post. How many other times do we get postings about former or current CEOs of any company dying?

      The fact that this much homage is paid to this one man is pathetic.

  18. As much as I LOATHE the iPhone and iOS products in general, no one can deny that the smartphone industry would not be where it is today without Steve’s vision of the iPhone. We owe Apple a lot for the Android that we enjoy today, prior to the iPhone’s release it was much closer to Blackberry than its current form. The world has lost the Da Vinci of his time and a great man. RIP Steve Jobs

  19. RIP Steve Jobs. You were a tough fighter and you kept Android on its toes more than any other competitor.

  20. no way….i cant believe he was really that sick.. i feel like this came out of no where..

  21. Sad! He wasn’t that old either. :'(

    1. 56. That’s what cancer does to ya.. =(

      1. That’s about how old my wife’s grandma is and she was just recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, just like Steve. She probably won’t make it til the end of the week. :-(

        1. I’m sorry to hear that, man. I’ll be praying for her and your family.

        2. Wife’s grandma is under 60? Biological Grandma? That’s like 3 generations of married/childbirth at age 20…

          1. I was a bit wrong on the age. I guess she’s about 65. I had a dyslexic moment. She’s not her biological grandma, but she’s seen as her grandma regardless because of all that she’s done for her in the past. It’s a bit more complicated than that, actually, it’s a really complicated story. Even I have a hard time with it. o.O

          2. Ha ha fair enough I was giving you a hard time more than anything :-)

      2. Cancer…one of the true enemies of all.

  22. WOW, very sorry to hear this. RIP Steve Jobs, Thank you for your contribution to the tech world

  23. Rest in Peace, Steve. Sobering to say the least.

  24. God bless you Steve.


    1. With grammar like yours I wish he would have inspired you to stay in school.

  26. It must have been the iphone 4s announcement that did it to him.
    All joking aside without this man cell phones would not be where they are today. he will be missed and will always be remembered for his great products that he produced and the advances his company made with him at the helm.

  27. Android would be nothing without Steve Jobs, truly one of the most brilliant minds of our generation. R.I.P.

  28. Goodbye Apple….

  29. Not to be a dick but single-handedly? I think that’s a bit disrespectful to the other employees. I guess if you want Apple products, you better get what they have now as no one else will ever be able to design and build another one.

  30. For anyone doubting this its true actually why would they fake his death knowing he’s ill to begin with. I hope it wasn’t a corporate scam to make sure stocks didn’t drop cause its ironic the news dropped now not during stock market opening.

    1. if it was that would be the end of apple

  31. And how is this related to Android?

    1. Because Android and all the bad ass Android phones would not exist without him. And yes, while owning every iPhone from V1 through 3Gs I am in love with my DInc2.

    2. In some respects Android owns its current form to iOS which owns its current form to Steve Jobs. Thats how it is related.

    3. Basically, if it wasn’t for his innovation with apple, android would not have existed. if it wasn’t for his business practices and level of competition, android (and iphone as well as windows whether you want to admit it or not) wouldn’t be the powerhouses that they are today. Regardless to his questionable tactics, I’m grateful for the mark that he left on the techworld with his innovation. and I’m an android diehard, love my epic touch 4g. But I know to give credit where it’s due, as should the rest of us who loves technology. He is pretty much the Anakin skywalker of tech.

      R.I.P Steve jobs… and thank you

      1. Steve was great, but you give him too much credit.
        Android, Inc. was founded two years before Apple began working on the iPhone. The Android OS was unveiled two months before Apple announced the original iPhone.
        Android would have existed without the iPhone. Did iPhone and Steve Jobs have a hand in steering Android to be what it is today? Certainly… but Android has had an affect on iPhone as well.
        Steve’s greatest achievement was not innovation in the field of technology. Steve’s greatest achievement was evangelism. His presentations, like a good preacher, made people believe in something and made them want to be a part of that something.

        1. Please keep in mind that you are referencing one item in 30 years of innovation. The iPhone is one chapter of Steve’s life, and to say ‘not innovation in the field of technology’ is simply not true.

          1. No. I’m not referencing just “one item in 30 years of innovation.” What I’m saying is that whatever innovation in technology Steve was responsible for pales in comparison to his evangelism.
            Really. What innovation was Steve directly responsible for?
            The Apple II? No… Steve Wosniak designed the Apple I. Steve Jobs’ had the vision to market it and the collaboration between Wosniak (the inventor) and Jobs (the marketer) resulted in the Apple II.
            The Macintosh? No… Steve came to that party late.
            The GUI? No… they borrowed the concept from Xerox.
            The iPod? No… MP3 players were already on the market.
            Go down the list. Jobs was good at taking ideas and products and evangelizing people into believing in those things.

    4. Seriously? Are you that ignorant and small minded?

    5. Really?

  32. RIP Mr. jobs your hillarious adobe rants will be missed :/

    1. Lmfao! So true..literaly LMFAO!

  33. Fukc life is too short

  34. Although I’m not an iPhone fan, I have a lot of fond memories playing games on an AppleII when I was a kid, and will never forget the day when my uncle brought home a bunch of circuit boards, wires, etc. (one of only about 500 Apple Is). I still play around with old Apple II games from time to time.
    Whatever your feelings about him or Apple, the tech world has lost one of the truly great ones. Without him, the tech world wouldn’t be what it is today.
    So long, Steve. RIP

    1. It is often overlooked that, in 1986, Jobs bought Graphics Group from George Lucas – which he later renamed Pixar.

  35. RIP Steve.
    I personally don’t like him, but without this great person, Android could have not been this good OS.
    What a sad day…

  36. looks like android won the war….

    is it too early?

    1. (smirk)..but yes..too early.

  37. What a great loss to the world. What he has done with Apple will be studied forever yet not able to be duplicated.

    1. You mean take other’s ideas and make a fortune? It’s being duplicated all the time.

      1. nobody is jumping out and claim apple took their designs. ppl in the world flocking into the shop buying idevices.

        u must be jobless to hate these kind of successful ppl.

        keep it up, u’ll remain in hunger.

      2. You mean make things a success by giving people what they want and be able to use it.

  38. Sad. This guy contributed a lot to technology and the way we interact with it.

  39. To all the lowlifes who find it funny to make jokes about someones death like this, take your bilge somewhere else, granted i found his business practices loathsome and I am a die hard Android phone owner…it is quite telling when you consider we have gotten to the point that we have to make jokes about such a sobering affair how desensitized do you have to be?! Get a life

  40. A sad day indeed. One of the smartest ever to walk earth. His products seemed to be something out of a science fiction novel. If it weren’t for the iPod, we would probably be stuck is Sony’s crappy mini disc.

    Its sad that a person who was so smart and and rich…you would think he would make a clone or leave planet earth or something

    1. I actually liked mini-discs…. It just sucks that Sony was so restrictive with what you could do with them, kinda like the i….p..hone……………………….

  41. Steve Jobs was a big inspiration to me. A go getter and the ultimate entrepreneur. Growing up in a PC vs Mac world since my childhood is one reason why I’m such a techno geek at heart. In an honest way I’m actually sad. He was a part of my geeky life through and through. Thanks for all the good you brought to technology and to those you’ve inspired in your lifetime. Wish I could have met ya Stevo. Hope you didn’t forget your iPod on your way to iHeaven! :)

  42. Rest in Peace Mr. Jobs :-‘(

  43. Rip Steve

  44. Steve Jobs was a great innovator, he will be greatly missed

  45. R.I.P. to Steve

  46. Even though I love my Droid. I’m also a Mac Head. RIP Mr. Jobs.

  47. Whoever is leaving anything but condolences you need to check yourself and look in the mirror because you have issue. I am a huge Android fan and not crazy about apple. But seriously this guy was a marketing God. Save your hatred for other blogs and posts not for a man’s life. RIP Jobs

  48. Very sad to see this. I know many of you don’t like Apple or iOS, but they kinda made the smartphone what it is today. I know their was Windows Mobile, but without the iPhone it wouldn’t have gotten anywhere.

  49. RIP jobs!

  50. Now maybe apple can get flash and other things it lacks. He was smart but he made devices that are useless to me.

    1. i hear ya… the personal computer bugs the heck out of me


  51. Mr Jobs and the iphone played a huge role in spurring and giving direction to this mobile revolution we are reaping the benefits of. I’ve never owned an iphone, but I’m grateful to Mr Jobs for it all the same.

  52. iRip

  53. I never agreed with your culture or arrogant attitude, but as a software engineer my career wouldnt be what it is without your presence in this world. RIP bud.

  54. Wow, Now that he’s dead people defennd him? Yes the jokes are in bad taste but so is the comedy of 99% of comedians. Jeez man… but seriously sad news

  55. To all the douchebags posting shit here piss off and show some respect. Your lack of acknowledgment of the innovation he gave us and close mindlessness only shows your ignorance.

  56. I am still feeling shock at what has happened… RIP Steve Jobs. Though I may not be the biggest fan of Apple, there is no denying that you have changed the course of the world. You will be missed.

  57. Wow :/ This is…really shocking, to say the least. I wasn’t expecting this. RIP Steve Jobs. He is a legend in the tech world, and he will be missed.

  58. Android die hard here…and I thank Steve Jobs for changing the world as we know it. On man did so much and we are on this site because of him.

    RIP Mr. Jobs – and THANK YOU!

  59. Of course Chris would be the one reporting on this.

      1. It’s just typically whenever I see a post that gives Apple a little credit it’s usually your name on it. So when I read the praises about Jobs I thought to myself, “I bet Chris Chavez wrote this.” And when I checked I was right. Not that it’s a bad thing. Your posts tend to be more objective than most which is nice, but I expect a fan site to be a little unfair to the competition. Though, I suppose this situation might call for the high ground. Still love you guys.

  60. Its no secret – I hate apple. But even for me, this is sad news.

    Steve Jobs is the heart and soul of apple. I see this like a sports team – your team is one of the top of them all, and your most hated opponent, and also your toughest opponent, the one you have the most fun challenging, is now gone. I’m sad because Apple, the one who makes competition in computers actually happen just won’t be the same after this.

    Its also sad to me on a more personal note, because I have lost multiple family members to cancer. However, one good thing will come of this: you can fully expect to see apple’s huge reserves of money fueling the fight against cancer, and this means that more lives will be saved.

    So, for the first time ever, I sincerely say thank you, Steve Jobs, for being the most worthwhile opponent Microsoft and Google have ever seen. And thank you for all that you will continue to do, even after you’re gone. You will be missed – and Apple will never be the same without your inspiration, and your legendary Reality Distortion Field.

    Rest In Peace.

    1. It’s no secret? Who are you anyway? Tool

  61. Sorry to hear that! I never made a joke about his sickness because at the end of the day you only have one life to live. So R.I.P Mr jobs and may God have mercy on your soul.

  62. Steve Jobs, a true innovator and marketing genius. In the 80’s he revolutionized computing in the early 2000s he revolutionized the way we listen to music with the iPod and in 2007 he revolutionized the smart phone with the iPhone. This man was a genius and although I prefer Windows and Android I can’t deny that he innovated the way the world works. None of the great devices like Windows 7, The iPod touch, Android would’ve ever been created without him taking the first steps. Although I don’t personally believe that he made the best products, he sure did innovate and the world is thankful for that. Rest in peace Mr. Jobs, rest in peace.

  63. Because of you I have Windows 7.. Maybe I still have Windows 98 if Mac wasn’t there.

    Because of you I have an Android phone.. I still probably have the Windows CE T-mobile MDA if the iPhone didn’t change the game.


  64. So sad to hear about Steve Jobs passing. I use both Apple, Windows, Linux, and Android products, and Steve was a huge influence in the tech world. His visionary insite has helped ALL technology over many years.

  65. I am truely thankful for your innovations. RIP Mr. Jobs.

  66. I will miss you with all my heart Mr. Jobs…

  67. I’m a proud Android fan but lets give credit where it’s do!

    Steve Jobs was incredible visionary, he brought and contributed so much to the computer industry and most important devices such as the iPod and iPhone that spawn the competitive market that we are in now. I hate to admit but, I would not have my Nexus S if wasn’t for Steve Jobs vision and genius!

    R.I.P. You will always be remembered as one of the best CEO in the world.

  68. Rest in peace to Steve Jobs 1955-2011. This world wasn’t enough for your Greatness! You were truly a visionary. 2007 came and you conquered with the iPhone. You turned the Mobile Industry on it’s back. You’ve influenced Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and every major phone manufacturer directly or indirectly. You took back the reigns at Apple, The company you founded and created a cult. You are probably the greatest CEO of my Generation. As a Tech Geek Myself and from all the Tech Geeks you will truly be missed. Long live STEVE JOBS…

  69. I don’t like Apple but my heart goes out to his family, he was a mastermind. And I think everyone should take a 10 minute break from

  70. Take a 10 minute break from gadgets in respect to Steve Jobs and his family.

  71. As much as we all said we disliked him we all still respected him, and im hardcore Andriod fan but it’s true MR JOBS was the start of the whole new smartphone phase and a very smart guy. He will be missed by all. We love you for making cellphones and tech what it is today. And wish you were still here with us to guide the new phase of the market, but there is part.of.you in everyones home.

  72. You were an obnoxiously arrogant man, but also a visionary and genius worthy of respect.

    Have a peaceful rest, Mr. Jobs, you’ve done well.

  73. RIP Turtle Necks(wasn’t my favorite piece of clothing, but hey, he was pretty OG)

    The man was a genius
    May he be in heaven, riding atop a MacBook air
    (if anybody was offended,i’m sorry. I didn’t intend to)

  74. I never jumped on the iwagon. However I have no doubt that this man SHOULD and WILL go down in history with the likes of great innovators like Da Vinci and Henry Ford as well as businessmen like Walk Disney and Rockefeller. Thank you for your contributions to the tech world and may you R.I.P.

  75. I thought he was a egotistical meglomanic, devoid of any compassion.

  76. The mobile market is driven by competition. Its Microsoft, Apple and Google competing that make or devices better. A strong Apple means a better Google and Android. My thoughts are with his family and thanks for the competition.

  77. Fare thee well, Mr. Jobs. Safe journey.

  78. Not since Henry Ford has one man revolutionized an industry so entirely. The truly amazing thing is that not only did he do it once, he did it four times.Apple revolutionized personal computers, Pixar revolutionized animation, the iPod revolutionized the music industry and the iPhone revolutionized smartphones.

    Just like Henry Ford was not the first to build an automobile, Jobs was not the first to build a computer, make an animated feature film, build a personal musical player or a smartphone. However, he was the one that figured out a way to convince everyone that they wanted one.

    His brilliance and creativity will be missed by every techie around the world.

    1. very nicely put… :)

  79. even though I don’t think he was as great an innovator as apple praises him to be, he did single-handedly ressurrect apple. He was an amazing salesman, and that is what saved apple and made it what it is today. even though he was frowned upon by the open source community, he did work wonders for his company. as much hate as there is for him, lets at least praise him for what he did for his company. let’s also hope that maybe apple may find ways to stay competative without all the suing. R.I.P. Steve…. though I frowned upon how you acted with other companies, I still respect and admire your ability to sell your products. You are a true marketing genious!

  80. Now we know what the 4S stands for. For Steve

  81. Though I’ve never owned an Apple product, and never will, your competition has made every piece of tech I own better. Thanks for joining us, Steve. You’ll be missed.

  82. I’m sad that Steve Jobs died before the Nexus Prime announcement he would have been so proud.

  83. RIP Steve…

    Now… about that iPhone 5?

  84. A true pioneer. He will be missed.

  85. Never was much of a apple person; but i can say this. Today the world has lost a great man, one of the best entrepreneurs, and a true visionary. May you rest in peace. Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

  86. Not to undermine his death or legacy by any means, but people forget Steve Jobs BOUGHT pixar from george lucas…So it wasn’t all Steve..He took what George started, many of the key members and parts and just gave it more attention, money and life, then george could at the time..

  87. This isn’t time for fanboyism. Steve Jobs was a pioneer in technology. I am no fan of Apple, but I’ll never forget my fam’s Apple IIC at home and using the IIE at school all the time, playing %$@*($ Oregon Trail and starving to death most the time. He was a true visionary and because of him, Apple is revered in the tech world. My preference is Android and PCs, but that doesn’t change his genius. RIP

    1. I remember the clunky IIc,e… I could not wait to get on my C64 that was superior. :P

  88. R.I.P……

  89. You know, A few months ago I created a post that included statements about how Apple and Steve were to be respected and admired. I was flamed hardcore for it. It’s funny how so many of you can write kindly about this man and his company after his passing but refused to give him the credit he deserved when he was alive because you hate apple. Shame.

  90. R.I.P Mr. Steve Jobs :'(

  91. Fare thee well Mr. Jobs, we will all miss you and your genius…requiescat in pace.

  92. Amazing… I counted more than half a dozen times the word “hate” till the moment I am writing this. I can’t believe he or his products deserve hatred ! One may dislike,… but hate ? Strange & perhaps queer!

    Steve Jobs was a unique innovator and not necessarily an inventor. (An impression on which I guess he is getting bashed unfairly!) And, our lives usually got better with each of his ideas. Period. Hope people give his due, atleast after his death.

    May his soul rest in peace.

  93. A serious blow today to the black turtleneck society.

  94. Three Apples changed the world

    (1) Adam’s Apple
    (2) Newton’s Apple
    (3) Steve Job’s Apple
    though i hate apple products but no can deny the fact that he was the one who revolutionized the smartphone market..
    great man..love you Steve

  95. Steve Jobs – 1955-2011
    Yes, Jobs always seemed like a cool mannered guy. His creativity and genius is what led other competitors to stay up at night working on a competitive product (next iphone killer, next apple blah, blah killer). The tech industry has lost one of its giants. I just hope that apple is able to continue deploying good products in order to keep the competitors delivering excellent/better ones(HTC Evo4g, Asus Transformer).
    Without Steve we would still be rocking pagers and a pocket full of quarters :)
    My prayers go out to Steve’s family.

  96. R.I.P Michael Jackson

  97. Steve Jobs was passionate, dedicated, inspirational, visionary, and a perfectionist. He changed the world for the better. My sympathies to his family.

  98. R.I.P Steve Jobs. You will be missed both as an innovator and worthy adversary to those who enjoyed competing against you.

  99. You know Jobs and Apple got a lot of their “innovation” from Xerox…..Jobs did not invent anything….

  100. some android fans are so narrow minded. just because you choose android doesnt mean you have to hate a man. Android OS was there before iphone launched, yes, you are right.

    But can you please enlighten me on how do you launch an OS before you have any hardware? lol. hhahahahahahahahahahahahha, they launched a concept, before ppl launched a working unit, won by 2 months. lol. hahahaha. android fan sure are shallow. read this, if you have stomach to learn new things.


  101. Thank you @j. Patrick smith for explaining to that mindless guy. For me saying “may God have mercy on his soul” I glad I didn’t respond to his comment. You said everything I would had said to the guy..

  102. This is really irritating seeing how people are talking about him. I am a proud owner of my Android device. I have had two iPhones, and i couldn’t stand them. I can’t stand touching a Macbook. I think the iPad is soooooo overrated. But to deny the contributions of Steve Jobs to the industry as a whole is absolutely ignorant. This is the problem with Android fans of today, the automatic hate for anything Apple. It is embarrassing to see how Android fanboys who know nothing else will hate on one of the most impactful men of the technology revolution. It’s a lack of respect and just pure ignorance. Anything the man touched was successful. Before he got fired, Apple was one of the leading competitors, then they lost everything. He goes on to found Pixar. Don’t even get me started on how Pixar has revolutionized a whole genre of movies. Then he goes back to Apple and they instantly go back on top. He was something special, and that should never be argued. RIP Steve Jobs. Long live Google.

  103. An amazing guy. Paved the way for most things kickass in regards to pc’s, mp3 players and phones and tablets. The tablet came out multiple times with windows and failed each time.

  104. Check out the Steve Jobs Remembrance App for Android. Proceeds go to the American Cancer Society in honor of a great person, visionary, father and friend.


    1. We should donate to a charity because Jobs, who never donated to a charity died?

      1. Jobs had cancer asshole, of course he donated to charity.

      2. Dick Head

        Apple are the biggest contributing giver to HIV charities in the world.

  105. The guy was the CEO of a computer company. He didn’t develope a vaccine or find a cure for a disease and he didn’t end world hunger either. The fact people are putting his accomplishments up there with davinci and Edison is luaghable. I’m sure he’ll be referred to as saint jobs before the day is over.

  106. The way things are going we’ll be referring to him as saint Jobs by the end of the day. You people need a real hero I suggest picking up your childrens history books and start reading.

  107. Thank you Steve. You deserve nothing but respect… also Android would not even exist if it wasnt for you. Iphone needed competition so android was born.

  108. I read that Steve Jobs rode with Paul Revere

  109. i guess he didn’t have an app for that.

  110. I dont care wha you all say, but without mr. jobs we wouldnt have all these companies out doing themselfs year after year with all these cool phones. Apple started touchscreen phones and the others COPIED!

  111. You were so cool ,and my life was happier with all the cool stuff u and apple cams out with. Make sure jesus gets that iphone 5 prototype!

  112. Steve jobs for ever!

  113. People don’t understand that without this man, our computers wouldn’t be where they are today. He created one of the first successful home computers and created many other genius pieces of tech. Our phones wouldn’t be where they were today without the first iPhone. It was the first successful smartphone that drove competition. I don’t know about you, but I went straight from a CD player, to an iPod. I never even heard of another mp3 player at the time. This man invented the most successful products that drove other companies to compete, which drove the industry. Dont say our world would be the same without him. R.I.P. Steve Jobs.

  114. APPLE, proof that a company can sell a turd for outrageous prices to idiots that just dont know any better. Sorry , i just dont get the PC(no pun) love for this guy and the rediculous credit given to him for stuff he had nothing to do with….it almost sounds like it was written by Jobs himself….after all he did claim that Apple invented the smartphone, the word ‘app”, the tablet, etc….then the ridiculous claim that PIXAR is a major movie studio, not just an animation film company with some hits under their belt…tell me he founded “Dreamworks” then i might be impressed. Itunes did not single handedly make individual songs downloadable…the internet did, itunes found a way to monetize it, thats all Apple is, monetizing things that should be free…like changing your battery in your ipod, or iphone….etc…and lets be honest, what idiots actually pay for music ?? you can download paid android and iphone apps for free on the internet, and all the music you want is ripe for the taking…and its free…..if steve jobs wanted to be a pioneer he would have given away all his music and apps for free to make a point that the internet is for all and should be free. if you want to call this guy a genius, be honest, and just admit he was a marketing genius, no more, no less….he thought up stuff, had other companies provide materials(samsung, etc) and then took all the credit, anything he has made or thought of, other companies have done better. nothing has really changed since he made a basic GUI, but only Bill Gates had the foresight to improve it, license it, then market it as Windows. Just like Android took the basic idea of the iphone and improved it, since then the iphone has not innovated, its bitch, moaned, and complained about Google and Android for 3 straight years. During that time the only innovation the Iphone saw was the encasing in a shiny new rectangle called the Iphone 4…..with the iphone 4s or 5 its only new things were Android inspired, drop down notifications, voice control, all things Android has had for quite some time….

    Mourn Steve Jobs, but dont make him out to be God when he was really just Moses.

    RIP Steve Jobs

  115. nobody would have such an impact other than him/

    one day if the same thing happen to obama, bill gates, google/intel/motorola/HTC/samsung ceo or whoever, nobody cares.

    ppl from asia, europe, america,australia, all mourned in pain for Jobs death.

    who can have such an influence? who? nobody. maybe zack (facebook ceo, but maybe not, its just a waste of time playing facebook, but when i’m using Idevices, its not a waste of time, it saves my time.)

    fandroid, do you know who is htc ceo? samsung ceo? google ceo? er….make a poll then.

  116. we will all miss your ICOPY android and your innovation in MAC!

  117. The world is a better place without Jobs.

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