Oct 5th, 2011

Another effort to bring Android to HP’s TouchPad is being made, it seems. This one has originated from Treo8, a Chinese developer forum for Palm users, and the installation method is as easy as pie – simply install the .IPK file and you can get up and running with Android. The caveat (there’s always a caveat) is that it’s very buggy.

Many apps don’t work and cause the device to freeze. It also can’t handle many of the components inside of the TouchPad at this point. For now it looks like CyanogenMod is still having the most success porting Android over.

They’ve gotten many things working, including the touchscreen, WiFi and applications launch without fail (more than they launch, they actually work very smoothly, as does the entire OS). If CM’s not your cup of tea, though (we’re not sure why it wouldn’t be) keep an eye on this project. [Pre Central]

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