India’s $35 Android Tablet Actually $50, Still A Crummy Tablet


Remember that $35 Android tablet that was going to change the world of technology forever or something like that? Welp, we’ve gotten another look at it thanks to NDTV and it’s actually now more expensive with less features. The tablet will now cost $50 after figuring in transportation and warranty costs. Still cheap, but you always have to consider what you’re getting inside.

We have a 7 inch capacitive screen, a 366MHz processor with a dedicated HD video processor, 2 full-sized USB ports and a microSD card slot. We also imagine there’s some form of WiFi in here somewhere. For what its worth, that video processor supposedly plays 1080p HD YouTube videos smoothly.

With its 2,100 mAh battery, you can only muster about about 1.5-2 hours watching that YouTube video, or 3 hours during regular use. This one has Android 2.2, but considering we can’t even get a single-core 1GHz processor inside we’re not even mad at that.

Not quite the tablet we’d want to get our hands on but we’re sure there is a market somewhere in India for these. We can’t imagine schools would be opposed to picking these up to “advance” their teaching tools. In any case, this is probably one cheap Android you’ll forget about within the next 24 hours or so. [NDTV]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. eww… I just threw up a little

    1. you know this is an aim at you. This is for a developing country so please STFU

      1. India is not a “developing country.” It’s emerging as one of the most powerful countries in the world.

        1. Which is why the people of India (including the extremely large poor population) needs to be able to get on the web to be constantly connected.

        2. Average income in the US is 30 times that of India. And yes it is still not yet a middle income country.

        3. India a powerful country? ha ha in your dreams.

  2. Jesus, does the author of this post know anything about countries outside the first world? It’s not aimed at us. The average Indian salary is $480 per month. It’s remarkable that anything can be sold at that price.

    1. I never said it was aimed at the US or anyone outside of India.

      1. If you don’t know about third world country and their economy and their privileged to get their hand on this tech for educational purpose then you should not even write about it. Shame on you.

  3. This is actually pretty good for countries with low income. Get your head out of your ass and realize there is actually a world outside the U.S.

    1. I never said it was aimed at the US or anyone outside of India.

  4. I dont mind it, but the sentence “We can’t imagine schools would be opposed to picking these up to “advance” their teaching tools” makes me nervous! I would hate being forced to use this thing…

    1. Jackass! there are places outside of the US who would be happy to get these for their school. you know there are places in the world there is no electricity and no pen and paper to study? ppl like YOU guys are the worst. Forced to use? some students will be more than happy to use it and get hands on this kind of tech.
      I feel sorry for this Author and people like YOU who take things for granted.

      1. “you know there are places in the world there is no electricity…”

        Not exactly a good place for technology that only has 1.5-3 hours battery life then is it?

        1. Hehe. It seems like they would have made it last longer considering that in some places electricity is hard to come by. Unless it comes with some kind of solar or wind-up charger.

        2. Such an ignorant.. don’t even know what to respond here. That was just an example to let you know there are other places in the world with little to none privilege compare to you. If you can’t appreciate the innovation then don’t comment on it. What have you done to make the world a better place or even your community.
          At least in some part of the world, these innovations are well appreciated and make a good use of it unlike y’all who takes your life for granted.
          Y’all really should see the world news more and try to expand your horizon.

  5. Allow me to clarify – I know this isn’t aimed at the US market. I know which market it’s aimed at. Doesn’t change the fact that the tablet is bad. Kudos for them getting it to that price point, though. -Quentyn

  6. Why would they sell this in the U.S.? There are so many other better tablets out there even with this cheap price.

    1. Which one at that price and which one can play HD videos at that price.

  7. This kind of tablets its not certified by google and officially dont have google market because this kind of tablets ruin the user experience.

    1. Licensing the Google API would double it’s price. There are a lot of tablets such as the Coby sold in the US that don’t have the Google API. Neither does the coming Kindle Fire.

    2. How can it ruin the user experience when they never used anything like it before? This would be true to someone that used android device and has experience with some sort of touch screen device but someone going into with without any experience i don’t think i would ruin anything

  8. Give quentyn a break man, its a crappy tablet

  9. @Author Can you make a $50 tablet with better specs than this? They want everyone to use and explore the technology… Its not a bad tablet ,,, Its innovation..

  10. YAWN, slow news day..Its for kids, THE KIDS in a relatively poor country still for the most part…mind you kids who still write on a piece of rectangular wood with black ink all day and they have to wipe it clean the next days class. USER EXP. Give me a break. Take some time off and step out of the states and than come back and you would never make a lame statement like that. You dont have to go far. Just down to San Diego and walk across to TJ dude..

    1. Exactly- Quentyn, appreciate the potential. This tablet might change more lives than any zoom or fire or flyer or whatever else. Go Android!
      Though i have a sinking feeling that it might have so many problems that a poor child might still prefer a slateboard and chalk in the end.


    Here is the link to more info

  12. People sure cry a lot. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and to share it, if you don’t like it move to Antarctica where you can be alone and die in the cold, thanks.

  13. As much as I don’t care about tablets, I really don’t mind buying one of those at its full price. Controlling my desktop remotely via VNC or Teamviewer sounds nice with this.

  14. Id wanna live in antartica lol

  15. And that’s my opinion deal with it…LOL

  16. So they invested in HD video, but not processing speed? I can still make out faces with 360p. Geez.


  17. PRI’s “The World” reported on this table yesterday, and they said that it had a RESISTIVE screen, not a capacitive screen. They said that you had to hit it pretty hard to get it to register the “touch”, and that it took a few seconds for the touch to be registered. They also said that it will come with a hand crank for charging.

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