Oct 4th, 2011 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:40 pm

A leaked T-Mobile roadmap found its way online today outing a plethora of Android smartphones and tablets headed for the #4 carrier in October and November. First off, you should keep in mind that the dates in this leak are tentative and should only be used as a general timeline of what to expect from T-Mobile in the coming weeks. Let’s get this party started!

There’s not too many surprises left in October with everything either being leaked or officially announced (HTC Amaze, Samsung Hercules). One item of notice is the 42Mbps 4G Huawei [Lil’] Wayne device for release on October 19th. This could be the Huawei Sonic we saw pass through the FCC back in July.

November is where things really start heating up, specifically on November 2nd where we see a handful of Android releases. T-Mobile’s leaked Mytouch devices are revealed as the LG Maxx Touch and LG Maxx QWERTY with a $130 price tag. We’d expect these devices to become official any day now with T-Mobile already uploading tutorial videos for the devices onto their YouTube page. More than likely we’re looking at a pair of mid-end Android devices.

LG is finally releasing the “Flip II,” a mysterious dual-screen slider we saw back in June. The device was heading to T-Mobile in the UK but now it looks like it will also see a US release. Another mid-end device judging by its $150 price sticker.

Rounding up the budget smartphones is the Samsung Ancora for a $100 and a budget Android tablet from Huawei called the Talisome(?). On November 9th we see the leaked Samsung Robin better known as the Galaxy Tab Plus, finally giving us the pricing on the Galaxy Tab revamp at $300.

While I wouldn’t say anything here could be considered jaw dropping, it does show us that T-Mobile is getting ready to flood this holiday season with a wide range of Android devices all across the board. Seeing how the leaked roadmap left off on November 9th, T-Mobile could still have something up their sleeves for the rest of the month. What do you guys think? Excited about what’s coming around the bend from ‘ol T-Mo or did these leaked devices leave you wanting more?

[Via TmoNews]