Huawei Sonic Makes Its Way To T-Mobile – Boasts 42Mbps Down and an Affordable Price Tag


In case you missed it, the Huawei Sonic launched in Turkey sometime last month and is one of the only Android handsets you can find equipped with full NFC capabilities and priced below 200 Euros. According to a recent FCC filing, many websites have been reporting that the smartphone will be hitting T-Mobile here in the states.

If you look at the pic, the “phone” will be branded as the T-Mobile Sonic and in an unlikely turn of events, will be compatible with both T-Mobile’s and AT&T’s 3G network (future proof?). This will also be T-Mobile’s first phone to take full advantage of their 42Mbps down HSPA+ 4G network. Currently, T-Mobile’s 4G phones max out at 21Mbps down.

While the Huawei Sonic in Turkey is an NFC packing, Android 2.3 smartphone could this recent FCC filing be something else? Thanks to one of our comments, it looks as if this could in fact be a mobile hotspot. That would explain the screaming 42Mbps download speeds for the device. Also in the pic is a complete absence of the 3.2MP camera found in Huawei’s Turkish smartphone. Same name, completely different devices?

We’ll continue to keep you guys updates as we find more. Until then, here’s a nice little preview video of the Huawei Sonic (smartphone) released in Turkey.

[Via Engadget]

Chris Chavez
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  1. NFC, how widely is this really used in the US?!? I haven’t seen a single place to use this so far in my travels around the US.

    1. It is the Near “Field of Dreams” Connection. If you build it, they will come.

  2. Wow, no journalism goes into some articles. The T-mobile sonic is a mobile hotspot. Not the same as the Turkish model. You don’t see a camera on the picture, and Tge model # aren’t the same. Btw I read and like your articles Chris.

    1. LOL

    2. Holy crap. You may be right.. I updated the post. Every website so far has reported this as the smartphone released in Turkey with the SAME name made by the SAME manufacturer.

  3. oh god, it’s like a fusion of touchwiz, ios, and sense. ugh. couldn’t just keep it stock?

    at least the phone looks different from every other huawei phone. that’s gotta count for something.

  4. and my sensation has 14.4 mbps ……….bullshit

  5. the ui just copies the old ui from the htc touch and touch wiz.

  6. it’s cheap Chinese crap, someone please put a stop to their buying the world

    1. Sure when american businesses stop using sweat shops that can happen

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