This LG QWERTY Has a Secondary Display Between the Keys


Say what you want about these whacky devices coming out lately, you can’t refute they’re unique and interesting. The latest is another dual-screen device, but not in the way you’d expect. It’s a slide-out physical QWERTY by LG without a name and with a secondary display between two sets of 4-row, 5-column keys.

At first glance, Pocket-lint, the gents who had the pleasure of taking the device for a quick spin, says the secondary display was primarily used as an apps shortcut tray, however they note that they don’t know if this is the only functionality granted by it.

The screen looks small enough where it wouldn’t be ideal for full-sized applications, but we wouldn’t be mad with an API for developers to feed additional content to that screen while their applications are running. It has a camera with flash on the back, is fairly thick and looks like it’ll ultimately be a phone headed for the mid-range crowd, coming in at $100 or lower on-contract.

The version Pocket-Lint played with was T-Mobile (UK) branded, but it’s possible the phone could make its way to other carriers, including some here in the US. In particular, Sprint is said to be bringing us an “LG Optimus Slider”, a phone that naturally sounds like it will have a QWERTY keyboard.

We can’t say for sure this is the same device, though, so we won’t. In any case, it’s an interesting looking phone and we are eager for more details from LG, whenever that may come. Find more photos and details at the source link. [Pocket-Lint]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Its a DS!

  2. This is actually a pretty sweet concept, but like the Kyocera Echo this will most likely be a huge flop.

  3. Uuugh… an entire phone based on a gimmick, why not just add 3Ds and some weird flip mechanism. If LG teamed up with Motorola they could possibly make the ugliest phone in the world.

    1. i love my htc vision and it has a flip mechanism thats different. htc ftw!!!

    2. At least Android phones are trying to up the innovation. Even if it seems stupid…lol

  4. This is why I don’t want LG to have anything to do with the next Google phone.

    1. A manufacturer who’s willing to experiment with their devices > a manufacturer that just takes what worked and never tries to do anything new/unconventional with it.

  5. Whoever designed this phone probably forgot about application keyboard shortcuts. What use is there to put a freaking secondary display just as a “quick access” to different apps when there’s a keyboard staring at your face, ready to do any shortcut you want? Though I guess it would be sweet if one can put widgets down there.

    However, the lack of a 5th row on the keyboard instantly makes it “shit” in my book.

  6. Like Kagnon, I was thinking DS also! lol

    Good to see new things tried – if LG makes good use of the icon / shortcuts, then maybe. I would like to see an icon, that shows you more keyboard options, that would work in conjunction with the physical keyboard.


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    also like Starbucks App!

  7. Like the kyocera echo, I admire manufacturers who take risk. I am so tired of black slab(yeah that is what she said lol) and i think phones like these are unique and creative.

    This is another take on what the Samsung Continuum came with.

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