Swiftkey X 2.1 for Android Handsets and Tablets Now Available


Our friends at TouchType have launched version 2.1 of their SwiftKey X alternate keyboard. The keyboard (which specializes in innovative text correction and prediction) adds a new visual heat map that you can share with friends for fun.

They’ve added blog personalization so the app can learn your typing habits from more than just social networks, new languages and localization and a lot more. Take a look at the full feature set below. We can’t find the updated paid version for phones in the Android market just yet but we’ll be on the lookout. For now, try out the free version here. The paid tablet version can be had here  with the free trial here.

September 30, 2011The TouchType team’s been busy listening and taking feedback from its more than 25,000 VIP members since its public launch. They’re excited to tell you some of the company’s new updates going live today, Friday 9/30.

These updates include a robust number of new features that VIP members clamored for, as well as fixing a number of bugs. The latest version of SwiftKey X for Android Smartphones and Android Tablets will be available today, Friday 9/30.

New Features with Clear Benefits:

– Blog Personalization: In addition to support for Facebook, Twitter and Gmail, SwiftKey X can now intuitively learn your typing style from your blog posts
– New Insights Into Your Typing: Track how you type, keystrokes saved, words completed and typos/words corrected with SwiftKey X, then share your results with your friends via links.
– Heat-Map Visualization: See how SwiftKey models your typing accuracy to help tailor predictions more effectively. Share your visual results on how you use your keyboard.
– New Localization: Fully localized app support for more than 20 languages, including — French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.
– New Languages: Support for predictions in five new languages; Bulgarian, Finnish, Greek, Slovenian and Ukrainian. This brings the app’s support to 33 total languages supported.
– Language Switching: Transition between two language keyboards by simply gesturing to the right or left on the spacebar.
– Autocaps Toggle: Now you can choose whether your sentences automatically begin with a capital letter or not.

And More Improvements:

– Alternative character selection: Now select special characters with a slide rather than a new tap (works for smileys too).
– Instant language updates: Refresh your language list to see new languages and new updates as soon as they are ready.
– Various layout and user interface usability improvements.
– General performance and memory usage improvements.

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  1. Swiftkey is so awesome, it’s the only keyboard for Android that I really enjoy using.

    1. I agree. It kicks Swype right in the nuts! Best keyboard out there!

  2. I use it exclusively on my Thunderbolt…

  3. SwiftKey X is awesome! Just curious, though… I’m not seeing the update on my OG DINC. Hmm…

    *Edit* I’m an idiot. The story clearly says the paid app apparently isn’t updated yet. Doof.

  4. I don’t see it in Market (Europe), I am a paid customer using Nexus S.

  5. I have been with Swiftkey since the beginning but lately have been using A.I.type. Its a worthy competitor though I have not picked a favorite. I think i am still leaning towards Swiftkey.

  6. no matter how fast or wrong i type, it gave me the correct word. BEST KB EVEr!!!!

  7. Anyone know if it fixed the “cannot find dynamic language pack” or something error?

  8. IMHO this is about equal to Swype.
    One of the OBNOXIOUS things this developer does is they will get a lot of people into the VIP community due to it being free but than they release a market only version and than they go back to releasing it to the VIP community.
    So you have to go back and forth downloading each version.
    Friggin obnoxious.

  9. Anyone knows how to disable the added space after a word I picked from prediction?

  10. I bought the tablet version through amazon… no update available yet #fail for #amazon

  11. i ttup3d thod emtire messahw usinf th9is keyvolafd!

    *Sent from my phone using SwiftKey X

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