Madden 12 Free to Download for Verizon Customers This Weekened


Have a hankering for mobile Madden but don’t want to pay for it? Verizon and the NFL are offering the game free of charge for the entire weekend (October 1st through 3rd). The game is usually $7 so you’ll be saving a pretty collection of pennies. No strings, no catches – just football. [via, Thanks Earl!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. oh this is badass. i really think this is one of the best sport games on Android

  2. That is awesome! Will do!

  3. Went to download on the Thunderbolt and still wants me to pay for it.

    1. Maybe because it’s only Sept 30?!? I’m assuming when they say October 1st through 3rd, we won’t be able to download it for free until midnight tonight at the very earliest.

    2. B/c it’s not October 1st yet!

  4. Maybe I’m missing something but how do I get it? Will it just be free when I do to download it and does it have to be the one under the Verizon section?

    Nevermind….I read right past the date lol.

  5. Too bad I bought it. I hope they update it soon. There are a few bugs that need to be fixed, especially to use it on older devices. It by default resets to medium graphics which makes it unusable on my Moto Droid, even overclocked. Have to go in everytime i go into the game to change it in the main menu.

  6. It’s asking you to pay because today is not Oct.1st – Oct. 3rd

    1. Today is Oct 1 and it’s still asking me to pay. What’s the deal?

      1. Look in your app drawer and locate an app that is called apps, it will have a verizon symbol on it. It is called vcast apps, open it and update the app if you are asked. Then navigate to games inside the vcast apps app and find madden, download it for free.

        1. Thanks for the information. One question: where exactly is Madden in “VCast Apps”? I cant find it by browsing or by searching for “Madden”

          1. After I updated the V Cast Apps market (I didn’t even know about it) Madden was a featured app at the top. I just clicked on the icon and it took me to the free download.

        2. I’m just not finding it. I have the Droid Bionic.

  7. Market Enabler should help you root users download this for free.

  8. so when you pre-register (**MADDEN and get the text with the link) it says phone not supported on the Thunderbolt hopefully it will change after midnight. No way i will pay for another EA game after losing the Sims3 and N4S Shift

  9. Are you ready for some football….

  10. Lol, yeah it helps to know what today is… Just thought it was another disappointment from the Thunderbolt

  11. For those not wanting to navigate to another web site, you dial **MADDEN (that’s two asterisks at the beginning) in order to get the information for downloading the game. As indicated above, wait until October 1st though.

  12. Anybody have any ideas how to make this work on Droid Bionic? The txt from big red says only available through the VCast store.

  13. Same bullshit here… Device not supported. What a crock of shit! I hate when they do bogus promotions that don’t even work. As if I didn’t hate EA enough already. Dinc 2

  14. getting vcast errors, wont even open

  15. After getting the text and clicking the link, my Droid Bionic is not a supported phone.

  16. Bunch of crap, can not dl the game on the thunderbolt because of the gb update. Verizon just was like sorry bad timing.

    1. Yea, you can still download it for free.

  17. Droid incredible 1 not supported. Not sure what it takes to get the game. This phone has enough bloatware on it I thought for sure it would work. That’a a sweet promotion for a game that no one can get

  18. Ok guys, for the people who haven’t figured it out. On your phone, if you haven’t hidden the icon is a app called apps, its vcast apps. Open that go to games and find madden and download it for free. You phone is supported your just not in the right place yet.

  19. not working on my droid x2

  20. Verizon did a horrible job explaining how to download the app for free. It is free and for pretty much every device, look at my other posts in the comment section.

  21. Can anyone tell me how to find this game…searched and searched on vzw app store can’t find it…… any help….?

  22. Have droid x2 with 2.3.3. Doesn’t work.
    Only phones supported are:
    Incredible,Vortex 2.2 , Continum, thunderbolt 2.2, droid pro 2.2, fascinate 2.2
    Incredible 2.2.2, Commando, droid charge, revolution 2.2, droid x2 2.2, droid x 2.3

  23. Pathetic… Doesnt work on my Thunderbolt.. I tried following Brandon Arrigo’s instructions, but the Madden game isnt even listed under the “sports” section in the “App” app… Oh, and it said my phone wasnt supported. I have the “limbo” android version of Gingerbread 2.3.4 on my Thunderbolt. If someone figures it out, please post how to get it.

  24. Not finding it either by searching the vcast apps

  25. Have a thunderbolt with gingerbread update and finally got madden 12 went to featured tab and it was there and downloaded successfully

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