Samsung Shows Off New 1.5GHz Exynos 4212 Dual-core Processor


Samsung introduced the latest fruits of their labor in the form of a new Exynos System-on-chip (SOC) mobile processor built using a new 32nm process that is 30% more power efficient. The Exynos 4212 is a similar dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 just like their older model but this time clocked to a screaming 1.5GHz. However, where the Exynos 4212 really shines is in its GPU which is now capable of delivering 50% faster 3D graphics rendering, as well as the usual 1080p HD video recording/playback and HDMI 1.4 support.

Samsung will be supplying their new 4212 SOC to OEM’s in Q4 of this year and can be found in their own Galaxy S II LTE as well as the Galaxy S II HD. Word on the street is this could very well be the processor powering the upcoming Samsung Nexus Prime which will be unveiled this year at CTIA in October.

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  1. I thought the consensus was a TI OMap 4430 as the 4460 were in short supply for the prime?

    Eitherway win.. old Exynos is faster than 4430 & 4460 and the new one should be screaming…

    1. It was rumored to have the TI OMAP4 but the good ones got pushed back to next year so rather then delay the Nexus release, Samsung/Google MAY HAVE gone with the Exynos instead?

      We’ll be finding out soon enough!!! xD

      1. It’s only sampling in Q4. I wouldn’t expect it to be used in phones until Q1 next year at the earliest. The Qualcomm S4 has been sampling for a couple of months already and they’ll probably only just make the end of the year for a consumer release.

    2. No, the consensus on Prime was 1.5Ghz OMAP 4460, not 4430. And new faster 4470 won’t be ready by end of year. But I don’t mind Prime getting the Exynos instead. Exynos is still the AP king on android phones.

      1. I don’t like that it takes a Exynos chip to make TouchWiz phones fast. Good thing that Samsung hired Cyanogen.

    3. The old exynos wasn’t faster T_T

      1. Yeah it was… almost in every benchmark: Look at Anandtech for detailed benchmarks.

      2. The original Exynos found in SgsII is still faster than anything else out there. The new exynos will be screaming. So much for quad core cpus.
        The screen and hardware tech is why Samsung has been king for the past two years or so.

  2. I was counting on not seeing this for the N….P…. Now lets hope this makes it to the NP and Verizon. This is going to be a tough holiday season trying to convince myself that I don’t need a Prime, a Vigor and a Droid RAZR because they all sound awesome.

  3. I am surely that this SOC is pretty much cooler that last Exynus one which is slow in response. With its GPU’s has been upgraded, I’m totally excited for it. But I’m on its web icons where in it attracted me most.

  4. Okay, now this makes perfect sense! The Nexus line (as per Eric Schmidt) is supposed to push the hardware platform for mobile. It seemed the Prime was going to have to compromise with either getting the Exynos 4210 with kickass GPU but lower 1.2GHz cpu, or the 1.5GHz from whomever but with not-as-powerful GPU.

    Now, with this 4212, there is no more compromise.

    …I can’t help but to already have pangs towards quad-core though. It’s not like it’s some promised technology for some eventual time in the future. Chinese company, ZTE, showed a tablet that’s going to have it (their T98). So the quad-core is real, it’s imminent and its’ got me anxious about the longevity of the Nexus Prime.

    Then again the dual-core is really only just starting to hit high gear and hardly in overdrive and high miles like the single-cores are.

  5. i’m still gonna wait to the first KAL-EL smartphone
    any one knows if it’s gonna hit the market this year ?

    1. Pretty sure Nvidia said not until next year. I wouldn’t expect one until spring.

  6. Samsung’s Exynos processors wipe the floor with everyone else anyway, so I’ll be glad if they don’t use a TI processor in the Nexus Prime and this update makes it even sweeter.

  7. Can this freaking PLEASE be in the Samsung phone coming to VZW. Whatever they are going to call it.

  8. There is some confusion in this article.
    Félix, no the Nexus S i9020A was updated to 2.3.6 weeks prior to the Nexus One.
    was a botched attempt to fix the capacitive buttons (specifically the
    search button) firing on their own in low 3G signal areas. This update
    was pushed to i9020A and not only did it NOT fix the button issue, it
    broke tethering.
    So now, the i9020T is getting the 2.3.6
    Meanwhile, the i9020A still sits with the
    so-called “voice search” bug AND broken tethering.
    The only reason
    I continue to point all this out is if you’re a i9020A Nexus S user
    with no root access on your phone, Google’s handling of this situation
    is ATROCIOUS and the Android tech blogs need to be taking them to task
    on it as a loud voice for the users.

  9. This if true just nailed it for me. Nexus Prime it is for my next phone.
    thank you Samsung!

  10. If the Prime has this processor, I may be tempted to cut my sprint contract a little short…

  11. All this is nice and dandy. Im still waiting for 22nm and 15nm technology. Imagine what laptops will be able to do in the next 3 years. They will be razor thin if the damn SSD dector would increase in tech like everything else is!

  12. So…hopefully this compatible with TMo’s network…=(

  13. Awh, and I was thinking the Prime would get Tegra 3…. I guess I will just wait until the first quad-core phone comes out instead of getting the Prime..

  14. Now I can truly play on streaming games with my Samsung now that it’s GPU has been upgraded. I have lots of 3D toolbar icons here and games.

  15. Making it to 4G would be nice for me, super smooth on streaming videos and movies, and having a great speed download and uploads. You won’t resist to buy this now, what about today’s iPhones development?

  16. Aw nice, this sounds good for streaming movies and videos. With its highly installed processor my most 3D icons for windows will make it more beautiful and smoother. Thanks Samsung!

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