Amazon Kindle Fire Impressions and Hands-on Video Roundup


Now that we’ve gotten all the juicy details on the Kindle Fire (specs, announcement, Silk Browser, TV advertisement) it’s time to check out some opinions and impressions. We weren’t able to attend the event ourselves, unfortunately, so we’ve rounded up impressions from some of the outlets that were.

  • BGR says it’s an incredibly compelling offer for $200, though a traditional Kindle + iPad or Honeycomb Tablet combination may be more appropriate.
  • Engadget mentions it’s a nice little device at $200.
  • SlashGear says the Kindle Fire hides its Android roots nicely.

Be sure to point out other hands-on impressions and videos that we have yet to find. Let us know if any of this is exciting you! (Note: several of the outlets linked above have mentioned that their video hands-on is coming soon. We’ll embed at least one so check back!)

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Here’s the First Amazon Kindle Fire Advertisement [Video]

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  1. Seriously? 5 articles this morning on this thing? I guess there isnt much going on with android today to report on. Please another 5 articles on the Amazon Fire-PLEASE


    1. Not like anyone is forcing you to read them. *eye roll*

    2. Whatever. Don’t read them then

    3. We like to be thorough in our reporting of new device announcements, and considering this is Amazon’s first we felt it deserved a deep-tissue massage. Mi apologias.

    4. Wow. How many people were holding guns to your head forcing you to read all of the articles?

  2. Why are you aplogizing? You are a reporter you report..I dont want to have to go to 20 different sites..We thank you senior Kennemer..

  3. The only thing appealing about this unit is that it will be rooted, allowing me to put Ice Cream on it. Other than that, it is just a proprietary piece of crap, just like the iPad. The entire reason for me owning Android products is that they allow me to choose which forms of media consumption I want. The Kindle and iPad force you to buy their media. That is not what Android is about.

  4. Just woke up. Jumped on Phandroid. And read every article on this little nugget. I love it. I think it’s going to make a killing this holiday season. Lovin’ it. =)

  5. It’s offical. The Blackberry Playbook is dead…and now we await the fire sale!

    1. Hehe. It’s actually on sale for $300 on right now.

  6. Wish it had cameras since I actually use them. But other than that i might just get one off craigslist or something once its runningg CM7 *crosses fingers*

  7. Never, EVER, EVER, source BGR. They are the most biased assholes ever. EVER.

  8. How about combining them all into 1 article in the future. I dont think there was this many articles in a row for any single android phone in the past is my point.

  9. I prefer turning pages.

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