Samsung Epic 4G Touch Already Rooted


They say Samsung phones are easiest to root, and if the Samsung Epic 4G Touch (Sprint’s Galaxy S II) is anything to go by, we’d say that folktale holds up nicely. The job was done by Zedomax and the ACS. Download links and full instructions can be had at XDA and Zedomax’s new site for all things Epic 4G Touch root (links are ahead). Be careful when flashing and know that your phone is your own responsibility. If your flash goes successfully be sure to come back with your impressions and thoughts! [XDA via Epic4GTouchRoot.com]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. WOOHOO good news. I <3 Samsung

  2. Did you expect anything less? Samsung phones don’t have locked or encrypted bootloaders. Heck, Samsung has gotten so friendly to the developer community that they sent a CM7 developer a free SGS II so they could get CM7 support on it quickly. Motorola, if you think the Bionic has any chance of putting my dollars in your pocket, think again.

    1. Cyanogen works for Samsung now.

      1. Oh yeah, that happened too. The free SGS II came before that happened though. =)

    2. I’m sure they don’t care considering we are about .00001% of the market.

    3. actually it wasnt as simple as they make it out to be, since you have to have the ramdisk (initramfs) to compile a kernel that boots. the only way to get that is by having root, see the problem? chicken or the egg all over again :P thankfully enough the sgs2 kernel booted and at least gave them root (at teh cost of their radios)

      1. I’m sure it’s never as simple as it seems, but from everything I’ve heard, it’s still a lot easier than phones from other OEMs, what with all the locked bootloaders, signed kernels, etc.

  3. This is why I want a Samsung for my next phone. Being very developer friendly is the only thing that got me 2 years with my OG Droid. It’s even worse now. It’s really going to be up to the dev community to extend the lives of phones at the rate they are improving.

  4. I’m getting my epic touch next week. I love touchwiz but I still plan to root. The only reason I want to rot is for work around to get tegra only apps on my phone. I have plenty tegra games, including the awesome riptide and I want my epic to play those games

    1. Do you really need root for that? Can’t you just enable install of non market apps?

      1. No you need chainfire3D which will only work once the phone is rooted.

        NVidia games like Riptide GP runs p.e.r.f.e.c.t on my SGSII (int ver)

  5. Nice!!

  6. still thinking about snagging this device

  7. Just came from an iPhone so glad I got the epic 4g touch now it’s no restrictions Like that damn crapple device I used to have.

  8. Good stuff!

  9. For those of you on the fence, I would just like to say, as objectively as I possibly can, this phone is an absolute monster. It is so fast and smooth. The stock UI (which may be a surprise) is actually very intuitive, the colors on this screen absolutely pop off the screen. Stick that giant “X” Nexus wallpaper on your desktop with the red,yellow,blue and green, crank the brightness to even 50% and people will be stopping you left and right asking about the thing. It’s simply phenomenal. That’s all there is to say.

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