LG’s Upcoming LG U+ Caught In The Wild – Shows Off HD Display For The Camera


The guys over at PocketDroid came across these pics of LG’s upcoming U+ LTE (LU6200) showing off a clearer picture of what the “Galaxy S II killer” and its gorgeous 720p HD IPS display look like in the wild.

LG’s U+ LTE flagship device will feature the aforementioned 4.5-inch 720p IPS display along with a dual-core Snapdragon processor, 1GB of RAM, 4GB internal memory, 8MP camera with 1.3MP front facing cam and running on Android 2.3.5. According to MediaDaum, the device is also said to be Ice Cream Sandwich ready and will receive the update once Google releases it into the wild.

[MediaDaum via PocketDroid]

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  1. NFC? yuck a skin.

    1. Skins are easy to replace. That’s what LauncherPro is for.

  2. Hmm… I guess hard to tell from a pic but I gotta say that I’m a little disappointed! It may be 720p IPS but unlike SAMOLED+ the blacks seem kinda greyish…. on the SGS2 you can barely tell the screen from the bezel, but not here!
    Oh, and that’s not to even mention LG’s crappy second-rate TouchWiz wannabe skin! :(

  3. Despite the HD screen n all, I can’t see it being a Galaxy S 2 killer. Id still buy the SGS2 over n LG product :P Lg seem to be first out of the gate with all the newest bits n pieces, were first with a dual core phone on the market, first with 3D phone on the market (i can only speak for Australia on both those accounts, dunno bout the rest of the world) but with each of those, apparently didn’t do that well, my friend who works for a Telco here in Oz said that despite having those “firsts” featured on their phones, not too many shoppers were interested. The SGS has done very well here, but unlike the US, theres only 1 version across all the telcos, not one for each provider.
    Id be interested to see this in the flesh, I know id be wowed, but I think Samsung have been doing well as of late, and if rumours are true, theres not too long to wait till the unveiling of the New Nexus

  4. Only thing I see is that it has a higher resolution screen , not much of a sgs2 killer

  5. Coming from an early adopter of the g2x,i can say I will never buy another lg product again. I have had issues with the g2x for tmobile and after being told by tmobile to contact lg, I contract lg and all they say is they’ll document the issue. They don’t even attempt to fix the issue. Now I have sprint and love the galaxy s2. Lg will never create a galaxy killer. Their quality and support suck too much to do so.

    1. What was the issue?

      1. I was thinking the same thing. My G2X works perfectly fine, but I also got mine after the Gingerbread update =P

  6. I don’t understand how phones are “ICS ready” if they still have capacitive buttons. Isn’t ICS supposed to do away with them? I mean I guess it could put the buttons on the screen and the capacitives would be redundant… Or we could get some CM type customization options so we could change the actions for the buttons. That’d be pretty sick.

    1. ICS is designed to work with or without buttons. I’d guess that the buttons on older devices function much like they do on Gingerbread, with the new Honeycomb-esque buttons not displaying unless they’re required.

  7. For pete sake that is not the name of that device!!. U+ is the name for the LTE service offered by LG Telecom, a ‘telecom’ company, not an electronics maker. The actual name for that device is, believe it or not, the Optimus LTE, manufactured by LG Electronics. A different company within the LG group.

  8. i wouldnt buy an lg phone even if it was my mothers last dying wish

  9. It’s a gs2 killer because it’s capable of 75mbps on Verizon’s network once it’s upgraded

  10. can any one suggest me website where i can know all about android and latest release on the same??

  11. No led notification light then no thanks . Anyway I’m still waiting for gingerbread for the lg optimistic 2x

    LG+ HAS BEEN AROUND FOR YEARS its not the name of the phone…

  13. After using the internal version of the Samsung Galaxy S II last week, and again this week. Well…, the Samsung is still far better than this LG device. The 4.5 inch screen is too large. The Samsung GSII also has a wonderful battery, and mobile usage statistics. One can actually use the phone all day without worry of carrying a spare battery. Overall Samsung makes a better phone than LG. However, there are still two more phones to debut this year – the fifth generation iPhone, and the code name of Nexus Prime… fall 2011 is set to be an exacting last quarter for new, mobile technology!

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