7 Inch Motorola Tablet Spotted in Testing Lab?


The folks at This is My Next, AKA The Verge, have apparently gotten their hands on video footage of a tablet device from Motorola running Honeycomb. This one’s shell is white and apparently looks to be 7 inches (though I see it being closer to 10 if these images alone are to be judged). Not much else is known but that, but at least we know Motorola’s cooking up something. Now, how about the actual video? :)

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Measure a bic pen with the cap on the top like the one in that picture.that will give a good idea on the size.

    1. Papermate

  2. I have a 7″ tablet, and it’s about the same width as the length of a 4.2″ phone.

    Using my phone as a comparison to the phone in the picture there, that tablet looks to be a little larger than 7″, but not a full 10″.

    That might be an 8-9 inch display; if so, That would make me very happy. I’m looking for something slightly larger than 7″. (I’m finding that reading comics on a 7″ screen is just no fun.)

  3. Ah I didn’t even notice the pen up top. Looks like it could definitely be closer to 7

  4. if its a regular sized pen, then with the cap it should be about 6″ so looks like its bigger than 7″ appears to be quite thin too but hard to judge from the white background..

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