Amazon Appstore Apparently Live for Europe


We’re not sure if this was a mistake on Amazon’s part, but reports are suggesting that users in Europe are able to access the Amazon Appstore despite withstanding warnings on their site that the Appstore is only available in the United States. EuroDroid reports that paid apps still show up in dollars but they are definitely able to download the paid app of the day without an issue. Go ahead and try it for yourself if you haven’t already been using the hacked .APK file.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Working in the UK :-)

  2. Yes it is working. I’m in UK and just downloaded free app of a day :-)

  3. I can confirm that it’s working in Italy with a account

  4. Working in the Slovakia…
    I guess I can now submit my apps also to Amazon appstore :D

  5. Is something wrong with me or something? I’m in the UK and used a random US account using a guide shown here before and have been downloading the app of the day every day for the past 3/4 months with no hacked APK. However, paid apps don’t work as I’m using a fake CC…

  6. same here is working, about time

  7. Confirmed working in the UK with a stock (unhacked) APK downloaded directly from Amazon.

  8. is it still working? just downloaded it fine but then it said had to enable a payment method for one click. Did that with usual payment method and downloaded again. Said that unable to download as appstore is not available in your region. Northern Ireland

  9. I have used Amazon app store for a week know

  10. Guys, what details did you put under the one click settings? It linked me to the US amazon website so I signed in. First tried using default details (UK). Said “sorry – not available in your region”. Then changed one click details to a USA address and again it is now saying not available in region.

    Are you guys using your countries addresses and phone numbers and card numbers or using false info for all?

  11. Hm… ‘s not working in Poland with account created at :/

  12. Not working for me in the UK on both my stock Gingerbread X10 and Gingerbread Galaxy Tab.

  13. No longer working it seems. I guess it was all part of some Amazon master plan to generate bad will.

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