Square Enix Set to Bring Classic RPG Chrono Trigger to Android


The Tokyo Game Show is going on and while we didn’t expect much coming out of Android, Square Enix had a few biggies to drop. They’ve revealed they’ll be bringing classic Super Nintendo RPG Chrono Trigger (one of my personal favorites) to Android. We’re also getting Dragon Quest Monsters and Ithadaki Street, likened to Pokemon and Monopoly.

We hope these will make their way out of Japan, but they didn’t give any insight into where these would be released. They simultaneously announced their own marketplace for Android but it looks like that one won’t make it too far out of the east. Fingers crossed that Square Enix localizes these titles for the rest of the world. But I’ll just go back to playing it on my PSP if they don’t. [via Droid Gamers]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I hope this is true

  2. Will it be one of the more modern releases with updated graphics and videos? I can already play the snes style original with an emulator which is better for a whole host of reasons I suspect.

    1. the Nintendo DS port had the cutscenes from the Playstation release as well as new content. I’m hoping we get something just as good here.

  3. It means a bit less when you can easily get a SNES emulator on Android so easily, but provided the price is sane, I’ll buy it just to show Square/Enix that Android is a viable market.

    1. Only thing that would make me excited about this is if they actually optimized it for a touchscreen, so I could just press the name of the command instead of using a stupid touchscreen d-pad to move a cursor up and down a list.

      I hate touchscreen directional pads.

      1. They did a really great job with the Nintendo DS port. I hope we see something just as great on Android. If they make an half-decent port I’m giving them my money without hesitation.

  4. This game was the shit and I hope it comes out. I’ll pay $6.99 for it.

  5. Do we really need another chrono trigger?

    Getting tired of all these re-releases, really. Make another chrono something, or an updated chrono cross instead. A sequel, even. Geez.

  6. If this is 99 cents it will be the greatest game ever.

  7. I just wet myself!

  8. Yeah I agree about just playing it on snes. I have already beat it once and am playing through game+ (awesome feature)

    But if it’s 1.99 – 5.99 it will be a good deal as the original game was 74.99 when it was released. Ouch

  9. I’ll buy it, just to encourage the idea, but it was one of the first things I played with my SNES emulator.

  10. I’ve been waiting for this news like forever, tried playing it via Fpsce, but it didn’t work well, so… let’s hope this game comes soon along with more games like Final Fantasy series… hint hint: Final Fantasy VII

    1. If you think ANY phone platform could handle the graphics cut aways that FFVII introduced when it was originally released, you have to be smoking some really good stuff. Its tough enough to get games like FF III (aka VI) and Shining Force II to come to the phone world… I would expect a FFVII game to come out… um not in the next decade.

      1. PSX4Droid on my G2 would like to have a word with you…

  11. Seems cool. Check out Android Academy.

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