Zynga Brings Hanging With Friends To The Android Market


The creative force behind the insanely popular Words with Friends has now released another one of their hits, Hanging with Friends, to the Android Market. The game is based of the classic “hangman” but thankfully with better visuals than that stick character you used to draw with pen and paper.

Like Word with Friends, you can play with up to 20 people simultaneously no matter if they’re rockin’ Android or iOS. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the game is available in all markets (couldn’t get it on my Evo 3D) but keep checking back as I’m sure Zynga will fix this issue soon enough. Click the Market link below and let us know in the comments if it’s working for you.

Thanks, Gregory!

[Market Link]

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  1. It’s not coming up in the market for me. OG Droid Incredible.

  2. Yeah, google market says I can’t install it in my country (USA). Darn it!

  3. It’s saying it’s not available on my Photon but it you click the “+” sign it says it’s not available in my country (the US). Also, on the right it says Android versions 2.1-2.3.3…

  4. This item cannot be installed in your device’s country.


  5. Same as everyone else…cannot be installed on my device. I have a Tbolt and XOOM

  6. Not available for Evo 4g

  7. “This app is incompatible with all of your devices.” Motorola Xoom and Evo 3D. Epic fail Zynga.

  8. can’t be installed in my device’s country. wtf.

  9. Not showing for Thunderbolt.

  10. Words with Friends was the buggiest piece of software I have ever seen. Hanging with Friends is not looking any better so far since it cannot even be installed.

  11. It’s incompatible with all devices. Well done Zynga. I wonder if this thing will have as many glitches as Words with Friends at initial release.

    1. very true..and I get the message that this isn’t even available in the US..

  12. It’s available for my Galaxy S II in Canada. Funny thing is, if you ask for all Zynga games it’s not in the list.

  13. What country do I have to emulate in order to install!!!

    1. Canada works

      1. I’m not able to get it to work. Anyone wanna upload it somewhere! :D You’d get brownie points from me lol

  14. Ugh. I was looking forward to this game coming to Android too. Hopefully they get it fixed soon.

  15. “Incompatible with all of your devices” Those being a Nexus S on stock 2.3.4 (Rooted), a Galaxy Tab 10.1 (stock TouchWiz UX), and a stock MyTouch 3g on 2.2 (the original wo headphone jack). Bravo.

    1. Same here. How they hell is an app incompatible with STOCK OS! lol

  16. I can’t install on any of my devices. Transformer and Bionic.

  17. I have a Droid, Droid 2 R2-D2, and a Xoom. Not a one can install it. Apparently it’s not available in America.

  18. Not searchable or downloadable on the Droid Charge.

  19. No go for Samsung Vibrant. :-

  20. I sent a ticket in for customer service, here’s the response I got:

    Thank you for contacting Zynga With Friends Customer Service.
    Words With Friends for Android devices requires the following system specifications:
    – Android operating system version 2.1 or greater
    – Screen Size equal to 480 x 320 or greater
    If you are unable to download Words With Friends from the Google Market, it is possible your device does not meet the minimum requirements. You can check the version of Android your device is using by going into Settings > About. To determine the screen size of your device, please refer to your device’s manufacturer technical specifications.
    Please let us know if we can be of further assistance with this matter.
    Thank you for playing Zynga With Friends games!

    funny, because i’m running 2.3.3 and i have a resolution over 480 x zynga.

  21. how long til it works? this is lame! haha

  22. I still don’t see it in the Android market :(

  23. this is an awful game

  24. Link opens but there is no install option.
    I have a rooted G2X running cm7

  25. For the lucky people who are able to download the game, I’ve put out a helper application “Hangman Helper for Friends”. Look it up in the market for click the link below.

  26. I have a working solution for all you guys that are rooted. Download the root app “market enabler.” Yes you need to be rooted. And then set the value to 302370. Then send your android phone the link to the market from this post.

    I might update this post with an actual link to the apk.

  27. Its shows in the market, but can’t downoad….Samsung infuse

  28. You would it would work on the nexus s before other phones… still can’t get it

  29. cant install in US on either 2.3.3 Evo or 3.2 Xoom. xygna, are you serious? please say there is an error and it actually is compatible with the most popular android phone…..

  30. This has been out for 2 months, lmao!! I’ve had it downloaded and it hasn’t worked once. They must of re released it but it is still crap according to others leaving reviews. It will be nice when it works.

    1. The version you downloaded was not created by Zynga. At best it can be classified as spam, at worst it’s malware.

  31. It’s available on my market on my Motorola Atrix but it says it costs 99 cents.

    1. Not created by Zynga. At best it can be classified as spam, at worst it’s malware.

  32. Not working on Epic 4G

  33. Downloaded from market link and working fine on original dinc!

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