Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch Is Now Available From Sprint


Rejoice! The time is finally here, folks. It’s a little past midnight on the east coast and Sprint’s website has finally made available the uber fast, uber amazing, uber sexy, Samsung Epic 4G Touch for sale! With it’s 4.52-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, 1.2GHz dual-core Exynos processor, 16GB of internal storage, 8MP rear/2MP front facing cameras, 1080p video recording, running Android 2.3.4… Who’s getting one!?

Oh, and don’t forget to hit up the Samsung Epic 4G Touch Forum for anything and everything on this device from deals, rooting and general praise. Cheers.

[Via Sprint]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Waiting impatiently for mine to get here from Wirefly.

  2. I was but I decided to switch to Verizon since we just got LTE today. Sprint has terrible data speeds here and no 4G availability. Figure I’ll get a Bionic and wait for the Prime ;).

    1. I love Sprint, but even I have to admit Sprint’s WiMax coverage is horrible.

      1. We all know that lol

      2. So very, very terrible. “4G” has been in South Florida for some months now, and it only works in certain pockets of an area. I’ve emailed Sprint many times, chatted with them online, and no one can tell me when they’re going to fix it. My guess is they’re gearing up for their LTE, but it’s still so annoying that they keep advertising and telling customers they’ll get 4G here, when that’s not the case at all.

        “I advised you that your area offers
        4G services however we are unable to guarantee indoor coverage. At this
        time we do not have a specific timeframe when further 4G enhancements
        will be implemented for your area. Sprint is continually working to
        improve and expand our coverage and services. I will forward your
        feedback regarding the 4G services to the appropriate department for

        1. Not to mention all the “4G” phones they’ve been selling since the Evo 4G use WiMax 4G and when they roll out LTE 4G our WiMax phones will not get the LTE signal. AND, WiMax expansion has been halted completely. Which means, if you have a WiMax phone now & aren’t getting 4G service; You probably never will. At least not until you get a new LTE phone.

    2. Great choice, i have the bionic and i am considering the prime if the device is not plastic. Prime with the build quality of the droid x will be the king and will take the throne from the bionic

  3. Was going to pass until we got more info on the Prime (more than happy with my Evo 3D) but my damn gadget obsession is making this REALLY hard.. =/

    1. Agreed, waiting on that Prime info as well. I almost gave into getting the SG2 knowing that as a Premier Gold I could get a Nexus next year, but with that program axed now that plan is out the window. I think buying this today would leave me in the “wait 22 months” group to upgrade, and I’m not locking into that on an Android 2.x phone with Ice Cream Sandwich just around the corner. If I knew Sammy would upgrade the OS then maybe, but seeing as the Epic 4G still doesn’t have Gingerbread it’s a bad sign.

      1. with the CyanogynMod Team already having a SG2 model in their hands and the founder of CyanogynMod now working for Sammy, odds are good that this will be rooted soon and well before I.C.S. comes out. Once ICS is out, then shortly after that CM8 (or will it be CM9 because of Honeycomb??) will be in nightly Roms.

  4. Im getting one

  5. ooooOoooooOOOOOoo!!!

  6. cant wait for morning! Work will have to wait!

    1. I know that’s right!

    2. ” This phone might tempt me but I have the evo3d which is the best phone on the planet, so this cant compete. It’s 3d and its an evo and its a dual core beast. I dont think Im being clear enough, the evo3d is the only thing on this earth that matters. dual. core. beast. Why is it a beast? because it has two cores. what a silly question. PS: Evo3d.” – RichardYarellRay

  7. Just ordered. Tired of waiting for a new WebOs device which will never be.

  8. Look at that, only 1 week and the Cryonic is no longer the top phone in the US.

    1. yea it is bionic blow this thing out of the water with all the features it has and LTE :)

      1. I guess you love your Cryonic. Your love is so deep that it is blinding. Name 1 feature the Cryonic has over this phone?

        Price: SGS2
        Display: SGS2
        Processor: SGS2
        Memory: wash
        4G: wash

        1. I am a current Sprint customer and saying 4G is a wash in comparing these to phones is ridiculous.

          700mhz LTE completely outclasses 2500mhz Wimax in every way (speed, coverage).

          1. especially with the lack of WiMax roll out. Only 1 city in all of Michigan has WiMax and it’s not Metro Detroit where the Big 3 Auto makers are nor is it Lansing, which is the capital of the State.
            The lack of 4G is keeping me from upgrading. T-Mobile now has cheaper unlimited plans, but there’s no way I’ll go there with the possibility of being sucked into AT&T.
            Roll Over it is until Sprints 4G LTE arrives or VZW comes up with a tempting plan…but 300 bucks for a new phone on a 2yr renewal is very annoying.

  9. I like the idea of this much better than the UK s2, which i don’t like having no search button.

    1. i agree

  10. Great phone. I have tested it and if I don’t have a phone yet, this would be clear choice for me.

  11. I want one so bad, but I upgraded to the EVO 3D when it released :(

    I’ll just have to wait for the Prime.

    1. sell it for 400, and save 100 for this one and you have yourself a beautiful phone for 100 bucks.

  12. …my GS2 will be here in 2-5 buisness days…d*mn right.

  13. Any word on a release date on AT&T yet?

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