Samsung Illusion For Verizon Is Revealed Via Flickr


Samsung let the cat out the bag today when they posted an image of their upcoming Illusion handset coming soon to Verizon Wireless. The image of the device was posted on their Flickr account along with some information confirming the model number (SCH-I110) and showing off their “green” award for the Illusion. Although no other specs were revealed for the Samsung Illusion, we can expect this to be a 3G only device (judging by the pic) and rumored specs are placing it with a budget friendly 800MHz processor, 3MP camera and more than likely featuring a 480×320 display. Oh yeah — and it’s “green.”

[Via Electronista]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Out of the bag ;)

    1. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet…

  2. Just because its mid range doesn’t mean it should still run Froyo…

  3. Lol No worries, sometimes Spellcheck doesn’t quite get it :D

    1. Bad. Bag. They’re so close! xD

  4. Consumers have somewhat unwillingly moved from feature phones to smartphones in the last couple years. Expect to see a trend back to feature (mid-range smart) phones in the next year or two by some. As the mid-range smartphones have good performance, the Android Market, and OS familiarity, many will no longer feel the need to fork over two to four hundred dollars for a new phone every two years. And even before the smartphone craze, Verizon and others were putting mandatory data fees on feature phones.

  5. Midrange? This is junk. Might as well activate a Droid Eris on your account. Maybe suitable for prepaid..but when my original incredible has better stats and its ancient.. get with it.

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