Sep 15th, 2011

(Sigh) This was bound to happen. Yesterday we heard some not-so-wonderful news from the Sprint camp on policy changes and increased fees. Well, it looks like now Boost Mobile is following suit with an extra $5 they will be tacking onto their Android unlimited plans starting Oct 6th. Current subscribers will be grandfathered in without paying the extra fee, that is — until you upgrade your device. In which case, then you’re screwed. But hey, stick with Boost for more than 6 months and you negate that $5 increase thanks to their shrinking payment program. Here’s the full press release.

Android Monthly Unlimited with Shrinkage Offer Coming Oct. 6
Effective Oct. 6, Boost Mobile will add an additional $5 monthly charge for unlimited data
and messaging services offered on Android-powered devices. Like the existing Monthly
Unlimited plan, the new Android plan includes unlimited nationwide talk, text, Web, email
and calls to 411. In addition, the new Android Monthly Unlimited plan will still come with
shrinking payments where the longer you stay, the less you pay. For every six on-time
payments, the cost of a new customer’s Android Monthly Unlimited plan will shrink by $5,
eventually getting down to as low as $40 a month, only $5 more than the current Monthly
Unlimited with Shrinkage. Payments do not need to be consecutive to qualify for the next
savings milestone.

For our current Monthly Unlimited customers, we hear you! Existing $50 Monthly Unlimited
customers with Android devices as of Oct. 6 can keep their current price plan as long as
they don’t let their account expire. Existing Monthly Unlimited customers upgrading to a
CDMA Android-powered device on or after Oct. 6, will add a $5 monthly charge on their
current monthly payment without losing any of their accrued Shrinkage savings.

[Via Engadget]