7 States Join US DOJ To Block AT&T/T-Mobile Merger – Sprint Issues Satement


Early today, the U.S. Department of Justice announced that California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Washington joined the department’s lawsuit against the AT&T/T-Mobile merger. Sprint was quick to respond on the news saying,

“After a comprehensive review of the facts related to AT&T’s proposed takeover of T-Mobile, seven state attorneys general have reached the same conclusion as the U.S. Department of Justice: This proposed takeover violates antitrust law and would harm consumers, competition and our nation’s economy. This is a strong stand for American consumers, and Sprint commends this bipartisan group of state attorneys general for joining with the U.S. Justice Department to protect consumers, competition and American jobs.”

California, represent! This is good news for all those against the merger. I, personally would like somewhere affordable to take my 5 lines in case Sprint keeps raising prices (T-Mobile).

[Via Sprint]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Kick em where it hurts, Sprint!

  2. This doesnt sound very promising for AT&T! LMAO

    1. yea.. looks like ATT is gonna get their ass kicked in this deal.. something they deserve for effing over millions of customers year after year. I hope they have to pay t-mo those big bucks for effin up the deal too!

      1. wow all those MILLIONS of brainwashed people.
        Maybe its you.
        Maybe you cant afford them so now its ATT’s fault.
        Imagine if phuckin COMCAST buys tblow?
        That is probably 100 x’s worse than ATT

        1. LOL. easy stinger. its not about affordability (even if they are the biggest rip off in wireless), its about the countless dropped calls even in major metropolitan areas.

          1. well ok good point.
            I have never had a dropped call on tmobile.

        2. Comcast is getting out of the wireless business which is good because I actually hate Comcast more than AT&T . I would rather personally a Vondephone , WInd Mobile , or Rogers type . You are brainwashed or work for AT&T . This is a raw deal if it were to go through .

          1. Its Cumcast. Get it right.

        3. Well, since Comcast really doesn’t have cell tech at the moment ( I know they can go out and buy) It’s not nearly as bad a situation as AT&T merging companies. This merger is a bad idea for everyone not working for AT&T. It brings to mind the movie with Stallone, Bullock and Snipes called Demolition man. Where Taco Bell buys up all of the restaraunts and now every restaraunt is a Taco Bell.

  3. Uh oh…looks like its gotten a lil more serious…

  4. yay! i wanna stay with tmobile! 450mbs hspa+ :D two years from now

    1. Uh 450 Mbps? Yeah right…

      1. Not with HSPA+ at least…

    2. Really?
      You think if this is stopped you will be, “staying with tmobile”?
      You might want to do some very simple research.

      1. I wonder how Google will market T-Mobile if the deal doesn’t go through?

  5. Go Sprint! We need you (regardless of what carrier we’re on)!!

  6. Lets see how all you ATT haters feel when a phuckin cable company or Dish buys TMOBILE.
    They are some of the top contenders to buy tblow if this fails.

    1. would be great if Dish bought T-mo. their also known for affordibility

      1. I have Dish and ya hopefully if this att deal sinks Dish will buy TMobile. Much better than a cable company but still not as good IMHO as ATT

  7. @Chris Chavez, What’s a Satement? Is Sprint satiated?

  8. FU sprint, blocking this still wont save your arse- GO AT&T

    1. HAHAHA!!

    2. How would you top a comment like that? Crayon scribble would suffice.

  9. do you realize that those 7 states = 106.5 million people or about 1/3 or the US Population in 2011? Sorry AT&T. You aint gettin no Tmobile Lovin.

    1. That’s right AT&T leave T-Mobile alone. T-Mobile is affordable, flexible, and innovative. Many don’t realize just how much. Give them 2 years and maybe T-Mobile will be buying AT&T or what is left of it.

  10. This is very good. AT&T is such a horrible company.

  11. Everyone who is in favor don’t realize that there own provider ATT will raise there prices due to no competition.. It’s really that simple. DOS is in favor of competition. No one sees that it would open up Pandoras box if that merger goes thru. Just do a quick history search and you will see what limited competition does to the average person..

    1. Anyone* who is in favor doesn’t* realize that their* own provider, ATT,* will raise their* prices due to no competition.. It’s really that simple. DOJ* is in favor of competition. No one sees that it would open up Pandora’s* box if that merger goes through*. Just do a quick history search and you will see what limited competition does to the average person

      1. Anyone* who is in favor doesn’t* realize that their* own provider, ATT,* will raise their* prices due to no competition.. It’s really that simple. DOJ* is in favor of competition. No one sees that it would open up Pandora’s* box if that merger goes through*. Just do a quick history search and you will see what limited competition does to the average person.*

        1. favour* is English
          favor* is Spanish
          Both actually very nice languages.
          Me gustan las dos.

  12. I May be stuck on AT&T. But they deserve what they get. They shouldn’t purchase T-Mobile. it will lack our consumers interest. Plus AT&T will take away T-Mobile brand name

  13. Alright, I don’t give a shit about this merger. I am already an AT&T customer and I’m happy with their service.

    That said, I AM SICK AND FUCKING TIRED of these companies using the “bad economy” to drudge up press and get attention for themselves.

    “…to protect consumers, competition and American jobs.”

    Does anyone actually think Sprint gives a shit about “american jobs”? They aren’t the only one guilty of this or using the bad economy to make the dim witted follow them. They are doing this for press and to get attention people. It’s free publicity!

    1. Angry much?

    2. I Sprint is putting that out there because at the last moment ATT said they would save 5,000 jobs to help the merger go through. If it’s the truth–say it.

  14. Originally, I didn’t want the merger to happen at all (and I was certain it would get blocked). But because AT&T took the whole “It’s very unlikely this will be blocked” stance, people started abandoning ship on T-Mobile.

    At this point, I want the merger to go through, because if it doesn’t, T-Mobile is fucked, especially if AT&T gets out of paying the $3 billion it promised. Who knows, maybe this was AT&T’s plan all along – make a $35 billion offer to buy T-Mobile that would never go through, get people to freak out and leave T-Mobile, then buy T-Mobile for cheap once it’s hemorrhaging money.

  15. Fuck at&t, I like t-mobile

  16. I don’t mind the merger but i strongly prefer T-Mobile to be separate. It is better than at&t fron experience. If t-Mobile were to be sold, i wish it were Vodafone. After all i heard how verizin wanted to buy out their share of Verizon wireless.

  17. I have At&t and am happy to hear this I do not want the.never to go through sorry At&t spend your.money on more towers not another company

    1. Another company does mean more towers…I think that’s part of the point

  18. I realy like t-mobile,cause they are a pretty company good service and good customer service.simple t-mobile it’s the best,sorry att you are a bad company.

  19. att sucks anyways

    tmo should join sprint lol..

  20. Sprint needs to worry about fixing their 4g ASAP instead of worrying about a Merger.

  21. I knew this deal wouldn’t go through. If it had I was going to Verizon. Tmo has great service and great phones, their coverage outside metro areas could be better. I never drop calls and I can always use the phone its the data coverage that suffers. I hope AT&T is forced to keep its word with Tmo, pays up and learns from it’s mistakes.

  22. I like this 2 im against it if they would merge it would force sprint to change and up the prices and then all the companies would really have the power over us

  23. This is nothing but BAD for the consumers. If AT&T buys T Mobile, they will no doubt raise prices, as you’ll have less carriers to choose from. AND WHAT KIND IF FUCKING MORON THINKS A MERGER CREATES JOBS!!?? Good god

  24. Well sprint is already changing into a att/ Verizon with raising fees, no more 1 year upgrades. Sad. They were doing so well compared to 2008 when t mobile could have bought them. Now only thing that really sets them apart are the still lower prices and unlimited data which who knows for how long. Now what would be the difference?

  25. I have never understood how taking two companies and making one company is good for the consumer …less choices … where is the incentive to be competitive?

  26. Don’t people realize that if AT&T buys Tmo, it’ll make AT&T a hella lot better, due to the fact that they both use GSM, so they can easily use the same Towers, they’ll be better rates since AT&T would have more towers to use meaning less bandwith. Correct me on that bandwith part, and I don’t mean the spelling. :P *bandwidth*

    I’m not saying I’m for it, but going with it doesn’t sound bad. People don’t seem to realize what a monopoly really is. If you need a hint, think Wal-Mart.

    If AT&T owns the network, then they can charge at a very low rate and still make money. That’s what Sprint is trying to prevent.

    Just thought I add my 2 little cents in there. Oh, and I’m not trolling, so please feel free to go against my argument. I’m interested in hearing non-fanboy reasons as to why not, or why AT&T would just skyrocket their prices, seeing as all other companies that became close to a monopoly dropped their prices.

    1. hahaha, a comedian here people.

    2. I am still pissed that they put a cap on dsl. I doubt they would lower prices on anything.

    3. The purpose of a business (especially one with shareholders) is to make as much money as possible. Yes, owning the network would reduce AT&Ts expenses. However, companies are always trying to maximize their prices while minimizing their costs. That means that the lowered expenses wouldn’t be transferred to the customers unless there was a good reason to believe it would make AT&T more money. Competition is what does that right now. If you kill competition, you kill any incentive they had to provide a good product at a good price. When it comes to a product like cell phones, where you almost can’t even exist in society without one, it’s not like you can just say “Oh they’re charging $200/mo for a single line? I’m not going to have a cell phone anymore then.” The only reason AT&T might lower their prices would be to undercut/destroy Verizon and Sprint so that they can go for the full monopoly. At which point, they would set the price as high as the sky.

    4. The word monopoly is being overused, it is called an oligopoly. Still bad! Wal-mart wouldn’t be the best example because the frequencies are limited and controlled by the government. Sorry to say this, but government has a necessary role. Sorry Tea-Baggers.

  27. I look at all this people against the merger but have no idea what going on. First you guys are acting like ATT is buying tmobile at force, no Tmobile is selling out guys. AT&T just took the chance. Someone else said that that they drop calls in there metropolitan area, thats because so many people are calling and there isnt enough spectrum, thats one reason why att wants tmobile. So imagine if tmobile just left the USA because the father company doesnt want it over here any more, downhill goes competition. If the deal goes through att already said they are selling 25% of tmobile that gives a chance of smaller carriers to buy that chunk and raise competition even more. Plus does 7 states that are against this have good reception from all big 4 carriers, there are other states for example that barely has any coverage from tmobile. Dont tell me i am brain washed by AT&T you got to look at the facts from both sides and fit there needs.

    Oh and if the deal goes through this means att can afford lower there prices. It will be dum to buy tmobile and raise prices. Eventually in 2 years they are going to be in a whole lot of trouble. Come on guys att has made tons of mistakes, but they will never make this kind of mistake and risk the entire company from fading away.

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