Apps of the Day: Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack, Teddy Tumble and More


Wouldn’t you be frightened if a gun were in your pocket? I mean, I know I’m sane enough to not take it out and shoot anyone, but the idea that I can possibly shoot myself while looking for a dollar for the soda machine doesn’t really bode well with me. Of course, Plaxico Burress ended up surviving but I’m sure those two years he spent in jail for being so awesomely stupid could have better gone to other things (such as convincing the world that he’s not a one hit wonder). Apps of the day!

Messy Pocket – Ever wanted a pocket on your phone even if your phone should really be in your pocket? Messy Pocket simulates, well, a pocket. Not that it’s the most exciting simulation in the world, but you can put many things inside. You can put anything from the common stuff like coins, keys, photos and candies to the you-might-be-crazy-if-you-have-this-stuff-in-your-pocket stuff like guns, bullets and condoms. It’s a free download – try it out and see if you can’t get that last one out of your pocket. [Market]

Teddy Tumble – What a unique puzzle game this is. One of your cheery stuffed teddy bears are stuck in a washing machine, and instead of crying about it he’s willing to help you scrub those clothes clean. Guide him around 90 levels inside the washing machine so he can collect all the detergent he needs. Once you get it, help him get to the clothes so you can start your laundry. It looked weird at first, but you won’t want to put it down after trying it. It’s free, too. [Market]

Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack – Need a helping of Serious Sam on your Android phone? The folks at DevolverDigital have released it in the Android market for a low $.99. Here’s one of the sale lines in the market: “Direct your kamikaze horde toward certain death in more than 40 levels of mobile action. Either fall at the hands of Serious Sam’s bombs and rockets or go out in an honorable blaze of glory in the service of Lord Mental. ” That alone should do it for you. Get going! [Market]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Serious Sam is a great game

  2. Kamikaze Attack. I say this not sarcastically or out of political correctness but completely seriously and literally…I can’t wait for the day when we can develop a game called “Suicide Bomber” and not have it put a pit in my stomach when I hear it. Probably won’t happen for 70 more years…

  3. Teddy Tumble is a cool game but I can’t find the full version in the Market

    1. There is an In-App-Purchase. Just hit one of “Full Game” buttons in the section select menu.

  4. Hehehe. “One hit wonder”

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