Logitech Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Now Available for $100


It wasn’t but Mid-August that we learned about and were able to preorder Logitech’s keyboard case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The keyboard case is enabled via Bluetooth and essentially turns your tablet into a netbook either in portrait or landscape mode.

I’m sure this will be a hot commodity for many. It’s recently been taken out of preorder status and seems to be in shipping mode, according to their site. Throw down your $100 for one and see if they really are shipping them. Let us know if you are able to report the mission to be accomplished. [Logitech, Thanks Greg!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I received mine and like it a lot. It is easy to type on and communicates better with my tablet that the Logitech tablet keyboard. One thing to note – THIS IS NOT MADE FOR THE 4G VERSION. It is made for the Wi-fi version and covers/presses the power button and speakers on the 4G verson.

    1. Unfortunately, I noticed the issues with the LTE version only after I received mine. But I still like it better than toting around a separate bluetooth keyboard. I also wish that they had used the extra inch or so of space to expand the keyboard, as it is a tad cramped.

  2. has anyone looked at the ZAGGfolio Case? the logitech case is actually made by ZAGG also. i like the looks of the ZAGGfolio better because it combines the case and the keyboard in a unibody design. i also don’t like the way the tablet snaps into the logitech model.

    1. is the physical keys in Zagg branded is made by Zagg?

      I like the Logitech branded for the Logitech Keyboard quality

  3. this keyboard just reaffirms that tablets are a fad and people just want smaller laptops.

  4. I have mine and like it. I don’t know what the difference would be with the wifi over the LTE version (I have LTE) — It doesn’t stay in the case when using without the keyboard – I just put the keyboard piece back in my bag, so nothing is covered.

    As for use, not only is the keyboard more responsive than the offical samsung keyboard dock, but it allows me to use the tablet in the stand both portrait and landscape.

    Does anyone else notice though, that when hitting backspace in Browser, it actually backspaces twice per keystroke? Kindof annoying but I think its an Android thing, since the same thing happened with the keyboard dock.

  5. My god ! Only the keyboard for $100 is too expensive , i got a Bluetooth Keyboard leather Case only for $41.99 plus free shipping, the quality is also very good. Check here :

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