ZiiLABS Outs Super Slim Jaguar3 Reference Design Tablets


ZiiLABS has outed the latest reference design in their Honeycomb series of tablets, the Jaguar3. Based around the company’s ZMS series of chips, the slates measure in as some of the thinnest yet. The standard magnesium case measuring 8.1mm thick gives the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 a run for its money, but if you are willing to run with your own money the design can be tooled down to a mere 7.4mm. The 10.1-inch slate can be outfitedd with the 1.5GHz dual-core ZMS-20 CPU or a quad-core ZMS-40, and other specs include a customizable camera configuration maxing out at 12MP. The photo snapper can be coupled with software supporting HDR imagery and panoramic shots. Upgraded sound configurations are handled courtesy of Creative’s Sound Blaster.

The whole package isn’t designed as a direct-to-consumer slate but rather as a starting point for OEMs to leverage the ZMS CPUs integrated into the setup. When we could see our first street-legal version of the Android 3.2 Jaguar3 isn’t known at this point.

[via Engadget]

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  1. The entire reason this isnt intended to be a “direct-to-consumer” product is either:

    1: They cant actually mass produce them as this prototype wont actually cut it in the rela world
    2: Its all fluff and not real (i.e-vaporware)
    3: They are making up BS to get attention (sales, contracts, etc)

    I hate reading this crap! That literally sounds like it COULD BE a product that could dethrown Apple

    1. No…

      it doesn’t mean any of those things ( especially not vaporware, most misused word in tech blog comment sections). I’m mean #3 is the closest but that is generally the whole point of the reference design to begin with.

      There isn’t a chance of it “dethrowning the iPad” either. As we’ve seen it isn’t just a spec race.

  2. I don’t care who does it, but I got a chunk of change waiting for an Android tablet that’s quad-core and has over 10 hours of real world battery life. I’m looking at you Samsung.

  3. Has Creative made any money off of ZiiLABS? I’ve seen some cool ideas, but I’m not aware of any actual products.

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