Google Goggles Updated, Automatically Searches Every Picture You Take


Google Goggles has been updated to version 1.6 with a feature that aims to make your smartphone camera “smarter.” With a new opt-in feature, Goggles will now automatically perform a search on any image you take with your camera, whether you snap the picture using the app or not. The search takes place in the background, and, should any useful results such as paintings or landmarks be returned, a notification will be pushed.

Many might be hesitant of the new feature, viewing it as just one more way for Google to collect information on its users, and Google no doubt hopes to gain from whatever data they uncover, but the feature is stressed as opt-in only. Goggles won’t be googling your images without your knowledge. Automatic image searches could certainly come in handy when it comes to uncovering fun facts or interesting threads of information related to the objects and places you photograph, but for now it still doesn’t do much to elevate Goggles into an app useful on a daily basis. Head over to the Android Market to download or update Goggle now.

Android Market Link: Google Goggles

[via Google]

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  1. Just don’t set it, forget you set it, then take naked pics of yourself… please don’t. Unless you’re a hot chic.

  2. Uninstalled

    1. wow….overreacting much…its opt-in…but o well…too carefull is at least carefull

  3. the beginning of the human facial recognition database (aluminum foil hat comment).

  4. I’m gonna hack your Google account and oogle all your Goggled pics QQ

  5. pics taken with app=awesome
    pics taken with regular camera=data mining
    pics taken of Google headquarters=infinite bootloop

  6. I don’t even use that app anymore because it never really tries to search what I take a pic of…

  7. So… took a picture of a T-Mobile sign and the closest match was Deutch Telekom (close – sort of). Took a picture of the Google logo – no results… Really? A picture of a friends face returned a picture of a bug – like a grasshopper I think… Took a picture of a Blackberry bold 9870 (arguably the easiest handset to recognize) and returned pictures of cardboard boxes – well, ok I suppose. Oh and a picture of an LG G-Slate? Returns a whole slew of iPads <>

    Picture after picture is the same thing. I’m thinking they should take this one back to development before they ruin an otherwise good name. Google Goggles huh? yeah, like beer goggles.

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