More Samsung Prime Rumors – Device To Be Announced After iPhone 5 Launch?


It’s time for yet another, Samsung Nexus Prime rumor (like you could get enough). This time, I received an email today from one of our readers in regards to the Verizon version of the device code named “Droid Prime.” Our tipster was able to squeeze out some info from a close friend who works deep within Verizon’s HQ. The Verizon insider confirmed that the “Prime” will in fact be headed to Verizon and is looking on schedule for either a November 17th or 24th launch. Also mentioned was the fact that he hasn’t heard anything on the device being labeled as one of Verizon’s “Droid” devices (Droid Prime). Apparently, the reason for the Prime’s November launch could have everything to do with the iPhone 5 rumored to hit Verizon in late October. According to the email, the Samsung Prime might not even be announced until sometime after the iPhone 5’s launch. Once again, this is all “he said, she said” and while this is nowhere near “official,” I’ve always been one for juicy gossip.

Thanks Droidfan11!

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  1. they would have to announce it the day after it drops. The same day is asking too much

  2. Damn I’ve been waiting for this thing to drop for like 6 months, and I lost my incredible a couple days ago and cant go without a phone for 2 months.. F.

    1. thats when you pay like $30 for some bobo POS to hold you over until the phone you want does drop. you can adjust the pricing on your plan until than to save more money for the device. alot of ppl will say oh its gonna reset your contract time. so what. if you can afford a $400+ phone you can afford an ETF if your carrier ever pissed you off LOL.

      I myself am putting the vibrant on Craigslist and using that money to pay for my etf when the next nexus drops and has been out for enough time for major bugs to be squashed

      1. Don’t need to reset your contract time, just buy a used phone to hold you over and activate it. Don’t need to use an upgrade for some cheapo, that would be silly.

  3. nice, some Android rumours for a change.

  4. The hype on this device is official

  5. This device is going to be awesome. The fact that Samsung/Google/Verizon have been able to keep this under wraps without any concrete leaks must mean that this device will be ridiculously awesome.

    4.65 Super AMOLED PLUS HD screen
    1.5GHz TI OMAP 4460 SoC
    PowerVR SGX 540 @ 384MHz
    NFC capabilities
    First to market with Ice Cream Sandwich
    No capacitive buttons


    1. Might as well get a tablet with 4.65 screen…too big! (thats what she said)

      1. you mean the 5.29 inch Galaxy Note? I’d buy that in a heartbeat if it were available.

      2. I’m with @cheese on this. 4.65″ isn’t that big at all. And when you remove the hardware face buttons, it’ll be all screen save a speaker.

        It will be beautiful and I’m getting a little nervous that Sprint isn’t getting this.

        1. Dude… 4.6 is large. That’s like insane. But you’re right. It’s all screen. I’m thinking about the Infuse which is 4.5 with extra for hardware buttons.

          Hmm… This would be interesting to see.

          Why wouldn’t Sprint get it? They got both Nexus-sis. Don’t sweat it. Just know Tmo will get it first, I’ll let you know how it is then you can get it. :P

          1. Actually it’s a pretty good idea in my opinion, when you watch videos it can hide the ui and stuff, very good move of google if it turns out like that.

        2. If Sprint takes half a year to get this like the other Nexus phones (Nexi?) I seriously might have to switch carriers. This phone is going to be amazing.

    2. NO! We need OMAP 4470! Not last years GPU pushing all those extra pixels!

      1. might as well wait for TI OMAP 5 then…

    3. go to hell spammer…

      1. Kilt and blocked it. =)

    4. The new Nexus has some pretty tall tales going for it and I really doubt all of these will be able to come true sadly…

      1. I just hope the one true will be the screen having a higher resolution. After all the 4.5″ galaxy for t-mobile and what not is only 800×480 which I believe would be too low for that size phone.

    5. What tha truck!? You kiddin right!? 4.6 screen!? Dude that’s truckin large!! a 4.5 screen is large. 4.3 is like set. No larger is necessary.

      Dugh!! If the phone is beastly as it says it is, I guess Ima have to become a hypocrite and get it. I know it’s this or the GS2 until my Nexus Qwerty comes out. :P

      1. Without any capacitive buttons on it the screen would end up being significantly larger without the actual phone being any bigger.

    6. There are very few true “leaks” in the electronics world. I have worked with marketing departments, helping them to outline their strategies, and believe me when I say that 99% of the so-called “leaks” are deliberate. You give the public a few morsels to whet their appetite, and keep them drooling, while at the same time you release a few smoke-and-mirrors bluffs to keep the competition guessing.

      Seems to be working quite well.

    7. With almost all the specs leaked it hasn’t been any different from any other Nexus leak. If I’m right then we will see a picture of it about one month before it comes out, it happened with the Nexus One and Nexus S. The more I think about it I think that this was the most leaked Nexus of them all, rumors started months ago. Both the Nexus One and S rumors started coming out 2 to 3 months before launch but the Nexus Prime started back in May, I think.

  6. You might want to take down that picture, can’t somebody find out who this person is by searching for the date and content of this email? Could get somebody in trouble.

    1. I would tend to think that the info that person is EMAILING must not be considered confidential.
      If so that person is PHUCKIN MORON and should be fired for sheer stupidity.
      Your source sounds like a real winner.

      1. People who want to make a huge amount of money. I’m pretty sure you know that people don’t do this for free.

    2. Only if they used their company email which they didn’t.. o_O

    3. Well, if they had disclosed anything that everyone didn’t already know, then maybe… For all we know this came from some Verizon reseller store employee.

      1. Just because they have a Gmail address doesn’t mean it’s the one they check it through. I have an MSN that is forwarded to my Gmail because I never go on the MSN one but some people still have that address to send things to me. Plus it could be a print out or copy and paste to a 3rd party program such as Notepad or MS Word. The validity of the email cannot be determined just based on the text fonts and such.

  7. I’m a little skeptical as to the validity of this email. The person printing this out would be the recipient, and A) thats not Gmail B) If they took a picture of Gmail on their computer that is still not what it looks like.

    On a Gmail printout the Subject is considerably larger and it states how many messages were received on that thread.

    1. You’re assuming they are using the gmail.com interface

  8. Once Apple makes specs and release date official for the iphone 5, Google should hold a press conference between that and the actual release of the iphone 5. The press conference shouldn’t only focus on ICS info, but also highlight information about the Prime. Carriers and Samsung should begin ad campaigns the following day.

    The Nexus devices have been relative failures thus far, mainly due to lack of marketing and hype. Hype outside of these sites of course. I mean, mainstream hype.

    1. Google needs an Android campaign, highlighting the best to the cheapest on all the carriers and manufactures.. “There’s one for everyone”.. Then drive home the Nexux Prime, ICS, and what the iCan’t do.. Just my .02

    2. Heh, reminds me of At&t marketing for Android devices, always second fiddle to Apple if any marketing at all. Hopefully this is a true Nexus phone and doesn’t get the usual Verizon treatment of nonDroid phones…

  9. does anybody know they think which other carrier the nexus prime will come? im thinking at&t because tmobile might be too much of a risk.

  10. I think the perfect size smartphone screen is 4 – 4.3 inches. Anything bigger then that is just waste. The 4 – 4.4 inch screen size phone fits perfect in the hand. I pick up my Nexus One and use maybe a couple of times a month and it just feels so right in your hand. I’m hoping the new Nexus is 4.3 with killer specs and on Verizon with LTE of course.(must have LTE)

    1. The phone shouldn’t be any bigger than a 4.3, because the extra screen size should only be taking the space where buttons would have been.

      1. Didn’t they say there wouldn’t be a need for buttons for ICS, hence the larger screen size?

    2. You know, my Nexus One has always felt just right. It has always worked, even if I screw up a rom on it the darn thing just works. My mom uses it while I use the Sensation 4G. I make sure she takes great care of it. But just what I am getting at is the Nexus One is a great phone!


  11. they can announce it after iPhone 5 but it wont matter, iPhone 5 will overshadow any Android release

    1. Not for me.

  12. I’m really looking forward to this phone.

    I tried the HTC Thunderbolt (nice phone, but battery was horrible, it was heavy, and the screen was washed out).

    I tried the Droid Charge…for me, it was not worth $287.00 and a 2 year contract.

    Now I’m on the HTC Incredible 2, and it’s a fantastic phone..battery lasts alllll day, the camera is the same as the Thunderbolt, as well as the same processor. But I DO miss being able to look something up on the net while I’m talking to someone.

  13. I have friends deep in AT&T and not so deep in Verizon and I’m more blown away with how much they don’t know than what they know. If this phone is on more than one carrier I doubt VZW gets it first. Verizon is well known for pushing back release dates and I don’t see Google relying on them for a firm release date and that could be the reason we haven’t seen any Nexus love for VZW.

    1. This is all true, but there is another idea you can look at. Verizon was looking at the Nexus One originally, but it never came. Nexus S I am fairly positive was just passed up on because I am sure Google didn’t even try to bother with asking Verizon. Now this could be the year where Verizon gets to shine so to speak. With all this hush hush and no real concrete evidence or really any idea of what carrier this is going to; Verizon could pull a big one and release it first. Of course I am just rambling on at this point and probably have no idea what I am talking about. =P

  14. So this will only be available for Verizon? If it is available for T-Mobile, I will wait for it. If not, I will get the Galaxy S II from T-Mobile. The reason is that the carrier in Canada I’m using is only compatible with T-Mobile phones (unlocked of course).

  15. I’m ready for some Sprint rumors, I don’t really want to switch to Verizon and pay more for less data. Especially since sprint can roam on Verizon where they lack service. I know it’s only a month but I have to say that seeing all the previous hype placing it in late October has bummed me out that I’ll have to wait at least another month, maybe more for it to come to Sprint. I recognize that Samsung doesn’t have unlimited manufacturing capacity especially for a cutting edge device, so I can see why it’s going to take a bit longer, but at this point in the game I’m surprised we haven’t seen Mr. BlurryCam. Does anyone know if any upcoming Google events have been announced?

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