Google TV Apps Begin Populating the Android Market


Though the release of the Honeycomb-based update for Google TV is up in the air, a number of apps tailored to the device have begun to make their way to the Android Market. A quick search of the term reveals apps including Fox News, TNT, CNN and more. Games, utilities, and music app Napster can also be found. We know Google has been making a recent push to get Google TV-ready apps in the Market. The apps could indicate we are even closer to the release of the update that will grant Android Market access on currently existing devices.

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  1. I’m going home and forcing my Revue to check for updates every 15min

  2. Actually viewing this on my revue… Not getting my hopes up but I have only had it a few weeks and its way overdue. Apps will make this thing so much sweeter. The $99 price tag was already too good to pass up, Honeycomb and a market would be instant win.

  3. Seriously, Phandroid can you guys do some digging? I want a software hack or a real timeline on this update. My Revue just came in today and I’m about to leave work to begin setting it up. I want moar already!

    1. You can download the Honeycomb beta on your revue a couple weeks ago.

      1. But that actually kills netflix and possibly your ability to get updates from logitec in the future. Im waiting for the official build.

        1. Same here. I can wait. I’m not killing my Netflix to have the few market apps that are on there today

  4. Actually these have been available for a week or two. I have the leaked HC on my Revue, and already have most installed.

    1. Revue review?

  5. Its been populating the android market for almost a month now! Check my post about it.

  6. So how does the revue work? Does it come with a special remote or app for your phone to link em together??

    1. Yes and yes, comes with a wireless keyboard/mouse combo and a remote app with voice search for android phones

  7. Question, can I use the Revue without having it connected to my directv box? It doesn’t have an hd spot on the box so I can’t connect it to the Revue…but I can connect the Revue to my hdtv and ethernet…

    1. Yes. But if you’re not feeding cable or satellite through it, it’s just a netflix streamer and a browser. Not that that’s a bad thing.

      1. sounds good so far…does the browser play flash and stream like it does on a desktop or laptop?

        1. Most of the time it’s flawless, but there are some sites (Hulu, major networks, etc) that specifically block their content on GTV. But, for example, I’m a cord-cutter, but I watched the debate last night through CNN’s livestream from their website with absolutely no hiccups.

        2. Yes. You can play streaming video, and even games on it. My sister was playing a flash based crossword puzzle on mine. I’ve heard you can even play Farmville. (Ugh)

          it also plays beautifully off of a flash drive or from your media server through a DLNA app such as Serviio.

  8. Actually Logitech verified multiple times on their twitter feed that the Honeycomb Revue update should be pushed out near the end of this month.

    1. Actually the feed you site says only that they intend to “launch the product in the weeks ahead.” Logitech never said anything about the end of this month. I certainly hope that’s what they meant, but as I think we all know, “weeks ahead” could mean virtually anything inside of a year.

      CORRECTION: Sorry – apparently you were right. I was only looking at more recent tweets. In a tweet from 16 days ago, they did in fact say GTV with Honeycomb 3.1 “is expected later this month.”

  9. hi everyone, just got mine tonight, all excited. problem, i have regular cable on my tv (no external receiver). my cable hooks directly on the back of tv. i use the input button to change from tv to hdmi1 .(hdmi1 is where logitec is connected. but on my home page i see black screen when i choose tv. how can i fix this? all help is great…anne everything else works except regular tv…

  10. I can’t wait to put my slingmedia player onto the GoogleTVs in my house! It’s a great media feature on the tablet but should be fabulous on the GTV!

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