106 & Park App Now Available In The Android Market – Gives New Meaning To Full Featured


Fresh off the Android Market is BET’s official 106 & Park app. To say the app is full-featured would be an understatement. This app goes above and beyond what you would expect from a simple app based off of a hit television show. Besides watching clips from the show and the hottest music videos, users can also interact with one another through tweets, vote for their favorite videos with interactive record scratching function and even check out pics of their favorite artists. Also, if using the app while the show is on air, it’s possible to get a call from the show’s hosts, Terrence and Rocsi. Don’t forget you have a chance at winning prizes and unlocking secret content using the app’s built in barcode scanner to scan QR codes that are displayed while the show airs. Don’t feel like spectating from your living room or through your phone? You can also request show tickets from the app as well. BET Networks deserves a pat on the back for bringing a truly interactive television experience to Android. Check out the promo video and Market link below.

[Market Link]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Tried it last night, found it useless. There are tons of crappy video clips, but the charts themselves are not clickable, so no music videos. Some clips from the show (really, does anyone care for those?) were such horrible quality, they were like 10kbps. I have no idea how the app is getting so many 5-star comments.

    1. Yeah, I haven’t tried it (not a fan of hip-hop) but I read the Market comments and people were going crazy for it. LOL Figured I’d feature it here. =p

      1. Figured you did that, but I was so intrigued by the comments, I needed to check it out. I was disappointed.

      2. I’m not a fan of the show, but they do play other videos besides hip hop ones. Just an FYI…

  2. who ever isnt a fan of hip hop is a nerd…wait…

  3. well its nice the app is so fully loaded but it sucks I’ll never have a need for it

  4. Yeah, if you drive a car that sounds like a toy, wear your hat sideways and squint in the sun, paint your car metalic-lime green and have 90″ rims, sag your pants like an inmate, and use words like “yo” and “dat”. Sure, it’s a great app.

    For the rest of us, hip-hop is what Peter Cottontail does when he goes down the bunny trail.

    1. Thats kinda messed up….but funny at the same time.

    2. What to say….?
      What to say………?

      Nothing. Smh.

  5. So you feature a paragraph on the site about a “fresh”, “full featured” app that goes “beyond what you expect”, “based off a hit TV show”. Opine as if you actually tried it only to later post you haven’t after a few others post that it sucks, has horrible videos, or they don’t like hip hop. You either didn’t write the feature you put your name on, or your opinion is easily swayed by the comments of your readers…

  6. If only BET wasnt helping push the black race black 200 years with the buffoonery and coonery lol.

    But Grats to everybody who likes it.

    1. That discussion is a little too deep for this site.

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