Samsung Airs One Minute Samsung Galaxy S II Ad for US Launch [Video]


Needed something to convince you to buy the Samsung Galaxy S II this fall? Samsung’s got the first ad and while we’re not sure it may convince you to open your wallets, it does get us excited knowing that the launch of the first US model – Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G Touch – will be out in 4 short days. It’s a one minute ad so take a quickie out of your day to take a look above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. a thousand times better than any Verizon “droid” commercial. the ad actually shows the device and what it can do.

    1. yeah….great commercial….only it lies about one thing…..well not yet, but it will be lying soon….

      When I grab my hairbrush and pretend to be the tambourine person in front of my mirror :P

      (Am so gonna do it…for 2 seconds lol :P)

  2. Isn’t that the voice of the guy from the 1800 tequila ads? lol

    1. it sounds like hte guy from the 1999 “song” thats starts out with “wear sunscreen”

  3. CANT WAIT!! Smash it Pete!!!

  4. Props for including the one armed surfer girl in the video. She has an inspiring story.

  5. Very well done commercial.

  6. i gotta watch that again….. gave me chills

  7. Why would they advertise it as a SGS2 when no one is selling it under that name in the US?

    1. Because that’s what it is, no matter what the individual carrier name is. They’re still trying to sell a brand. If you get the one on T-Mobile or Sprint, it’s still the Galaxy S II you’re dealing with.

      1. I get that, but Joe Consumer doesn’t. And I wish it was sold as the SGS2 on all the carriers. I hate all this carrier branding BS.

    2. That’s not exactly true Amblin. Look at Sprint’s page for the Galaxy S II. It says “Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch.” And on the back of the device it still says “Galaxy S II”:


      1. My point still holds that is not a SGS2 it’s some long name that also includes SGS2. Simple names and brand recognition, this is not.

      2. When the Iphone comes to Sprint, it will still be called the Iphone, not some Epic 4G Iphone 5. We need to beat Apple, this is not how it is done.

    3. at&t is just “samsung galaxy sII”. its not “attain”. source is from at&t official website

      1. Link please, cause it that is great if they are.

  8. …”im ready.”- SPONGEBOB SQUARE PANTS

  9. I don’t care who it is, whether it’s an Android OEM or Apple, but it should be illegal to simulate screen images in a commercial or ad, even if there is a disclaimer at the bottom of the video that says “Screen images simulated.” It’s straight up false advertisement.

    1. They have a legitimate claim when its for a commercial and time is of the essence.

    2. And if you don’t simulate screen images, views may barely be able to see what’s going on on the real screen.

  10. I actually saw this on TV last night.

  11. As bad as T-Mo people may be, you have to realize that you are #3 out of 4 for the phone. Remember, VZW doesn’t even get it. All we have is the Cryonic. I saw the screen on it and it made me cry at how bad it is compared to phones months older.

  12. Why am I getting goosebumps?

  13. Um. Excuse me for pointing this out. But did I just see a Sprint logo on the top of that SGS2 at 0:58? O_O NO ME GUSTA!

  14. thats how im wired..or going to be..ooooh yeah baby.

  15. Major props for using ATHF!!!! <3 Master Shake!!!

  16. This is nothing but a ripoff from the Apple commercials. I also agree with the name issue. Why does Sprint have to give the phone such a ridicuously long name? Not only that, but then all the carriers have to go load it with all of their BS carrier bloatware.

  17. Dugh!! I want this, but I also want to wait for the Nexus Prime since that’s being made by Samsung and I still get that Samsung Camera and screen. Dugh!!

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