NVIDIA Roadmap Leaks, Makes Mention of “Wayne” and “Grey” Chipsets for 2013


A new roadmap has leaked telling of two new chipsets and a beefed up Kal-El chipset. Two new chipsets we haven’t heard of, supposedly codenamed “Wayne” (Batman?) and “Grey” (X-Men?) Are said to be here late 2012, early 2013. It also suggests NVIDIA will be introducing a more powerful version of Kal-El in mid 2012.

If you don’t know, Kal-El, NVIDIA’s quad-core predecessor to Tegra 2, will be in tablets as early as the holiday season and in phones starting in 2012. Unfortunately the roadmap doesn’t reveal much of anything regarding the devices’ power. Kal-El+ and Wayne are tipped to be for tablets and Tegra+Icera for smartphones, but we’d be surprised if these didn’t blow the socks off of us as Tegra 2 has (and as Kal-El surely will) either way. [Fudzilla]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I hate pointing out grammatical errors so I won’t. Just fix it before 50 other people point it out and a few jerks chime in.

  2. oh man, yess! jean grey (aka best character EVAR) naming! ^^ i bet the chip will be the most powerful thing just like its namesake :D

  3. FYI Kal-El is Superman’s Kryptonian name while Wayne is the last name of Batman and one of the “Robins” last name was “Gray”(son). Kinda cool.

    1. Are you sure it isn’t Jean Grey aka The Phoenix?

      1. Ohh, could be! I didn’t even think about that. Thanks =)

  4. Yeh I assume it is named after Jean Grey, the phoenix, seeing as she is like UBER-powerfull as they want their chipset to be.

    But I doubt this was leaked….They like the attention and probably planted this somewhere for more free publicity. Everyone knows about tegra etc…but hardly anyone knows exynos, OMAP etc….

  5. Correction: ‘successor’ not ‘predecessor’.

  6. Do we NEED quad cores in phones? Maybe not. Do I WANT one? HELL YEA.

    1. The more active threads a processing unit has the less any single process can impact the user experience.

      The more cores those active processes are spread over the less any single process can chew up a whole piece of silicon.

      The less chances we have of a chip being chewed up = greater battery life.

      Yes, we need more cores.

  7. in my line of work i hear things i am most likely not supposed to and i have been hearing a rumour that Wayne could see more than just tablets, i have been hearing netbooks/notebooks with windows and possibly even a desktop solution :P CPU/GPU combination? could be cool. please notice how the road map shows Windows Phone AND Microsoft Windows

  8. Was I the ONLY one who thought of that John Wayne Bobbitt guy and the chic from The Girlfriend Experience? Sadly, I am truly depraved.

  9. I predict, as ‘Grey’ appears to indicate, that the feature phone market will be taken over by Android in the near future. It will be interesting if Android attempts to create or evolve an OS for PC’s (or whatever personal computing device takes their place). Apple has made a killing creating products — including software — in markets weakly defended by inadequate Microsoft offerings (tablets, windows mobile, etc), why not Android now that they have a huge consumer base well acquainted with their OS.

  10. i thought wayne’s been announced quite sometime back, along with logan and stark?

    but gray is new. so far, all the names in the image above is from DC. so…?

    anyway, Google search would already give you results showing the other names:

  11. Ill never buy nvidia BS ever again. I like my source thank you

  12. Please look up the meaning of the word “predecessor”.
    I think you mean successor unless you think Kal-EL came out before Tegra 2!

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