Not Forgotten by Verizon, LG Enlighten Still “Coming Soon”


The LG Enlighten was rumored to launch on August 25th, but a few weeks later the handset remains absent from Verizon’s shelves. We wouldn’t have noticed either way. Though the mid-range slider seems forgettable, it is still set of a launch with Big Red. In an upcoming catalog, the carrier displays the handset along with a promise that it is “coming soon.” As a refresher, the Enlighten features a 3.2-inch display, Android 2.3, and 800MHz CPU.

[via Android Central]

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  1. Snore…

  2. wish they would forget about it.

  3. While the phone is a bit underpowered, it is essentially exactly what my gf is looking for. A small enough phone to fit into her clutch or stupid small girl pockets and has a slider qwerty keyboard. I would be happier with a dual core 1.0 ghz, or even a single core 1 ghz but will take what we can get.
    This phone may go the way of the HTC Merge though, be “released” but never actually available.

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