GameStop Cooking Up an Android Tablet


For a while now, we here at Phandroid have been discussing the future of GameStop and its plans to jump into mobile. At one point or another we fully expected them to jump into the mobile space be it through applications or hardware of their own.

Looks like the latter will be the case as they’re rumored to be coming out with an own-branded tablet. Presumably, Android will run on it and GameStop will look to provide service comparable to that of OnLive’s.

Evidence of GameStop gearing up to offer a games on-demand service surfaced when GameStop admitted to taking coupons for OnLive’s service out of Eidos’ Deus Ex: Human Revolution. GameStop purports the opened the new games to remove the coupons because Eidos didn’t disclose that they had included those

GameStop may play it off, but it’s clear they’re targeting OnLive as a competitor as they get ready to enter this space. We’d hope for the GameStop tablet to be a dual or quad-core beast, but it’s plausible they could be introducing an affordable tablet with less-than-stellar specs.

OnLive proved you could play demanding games on weak hardware and GameStop may have found a way to employ that same technique. I haven’t been moved to buy anything GameStop branded in the gaming sector but do you guys see yourselves seriously considering whatever GameStop may be bringing to the forefront? [ via TIMN]

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  1. I don’t trust game stop at all. I don’t even buy used games from them anymore, let alone a possible major purchase, or giving them my credit card number for a monthly service.

  2. I only go to Gamestop as a means to kill time. The last thing I bought there was probably SSFIV. I felt like crap for buying it there, but wanted the game quick. I don’t think I would buy whatever hardware they come out with.

  3. doesnt sound like a good thing for consumers whatsoever but at least android had penetrated these assholes

    1. The last and third to last words in your comment… XD

  4. spam how do i mark this as spam?

    1. You can use the little flag that appears beside the time at the bottom of the message. However it does not appear if you’re using Internet Explorer.

  5. I don’t know about a gamestop tablet, but we’ll be carrying the xoom this holiday season with kongregate preinstalled iirc. Test stores will also be selling and trading apple products too. Onlive is probably a competitor of sorts, but steam is what gamestop has their eyes on. I know it’s in their crosshairs to buy.

  6. They will probally sell it for $499 new, an $489 used! But you could trade in 99 xbox 360 games an get maybe $10 dollars knocked of the price of the used one LOL F%#$ Gamestop!

  7. Gamestop tablet will surely have a dedicated controller wich stores easily along with the tablet. I liked my xperia play gaming.

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